Weekly Muslim Invader Updates


Mar 2 2017
For the umpteenth time, CAIR thugs try stop former FBI special agent John Guandolo from conducting counter-terrorism training sessions for law enforcement.
MORE about CAIR’S relentless attempts to keep law enforcement officials from learning the truth about Islam. Always under fire from designated terrorist group CAIR, former FBI agent and counter-terrorism expert, John Guandolo, is the go-to person for training law enforcement officers about the growing threat Islam poses to America.

Mar 2 2017
Designated terrorist group CAIR calls for firing of City Clerk who posted article about a Muslim woman who only lasted 8 days in the Trump White House.
Plymouth City Clerk Linda Langmesser is currently facing an internal investigation for a Facebook post targeting a Muslim woman who left her job at the White House after only 8 days of the Trump Administration. Langmesser’s post claimed that the former White House staffer was being deceitful “because that’s what they do in their culture” and that she “should be sent back to where she can worship the Koran.”

Mar 2 2017
Look at all the media coverage CAIR is getting for anti-Muslim ‘hate’ cartoon allegedly sent to a few mosques.
Reminds me of the other FAKE anti-Muslim “hate” letter obviously penned by a Muslim, photocopied, and sent to several mosques around the country.

Mar 1 2017
Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit…
The Mainstream Media actually gave Donald Trump high praise for his speech to the joint session of Congress last night.

Mar 1 2017
Is there any living creature on earth that Muslims don’t enjoy stoning to death?
In the Muslim country of Tunisia, a group of visitors at a Tunis zoo stoned a crocodile to death, authorities in the capital said, denouncing the “savage” act.

Mar 1 2017
WEST VIRGINIA: ANOTHER High School Muslim harassment hoax?
The Muslim student alleges he was harassed by other students who called him a “suicide bomber” and chanted “Allahu Akbar” (Allah is greater) at him. So I guess if shouting “Allahu Akbar” is considered harassment, does this mean we can claim Muslims are harassing us every time they shout it in our faces, which is often several times a day?

Mar 1 2017
Former FBI Special Agent John Guandolo shares my fears about Trump’s new National Security Advisor, Gen. McMaster.
However, I don’t agree with his putting Dr. Sebastian Gorka in the same category as he does in this video.

Mar 1 2017
Did you hear the moaning and groaning from Democrats when Trump announced he was setting up an office to support victims of immigrant crimes?
The new office is called VOICE (Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement) which will focus on illegal alien crimes and apparently, legal immigrant crimes, too…which caused Leftists to start screaming that “this is how genocides begin!”

Mar 1 2017
SEETHING because the President did not mention alleged anti-Muslim hate crimes in his speech before Congress, Muslims now claim to be targeted by hate mail from Europe.
Maybe that way, it will be harder for police to expose many of their hate crime allegations as hoaxes…but they can still get all the media attention they crave.

Mar 1 2017
‘DEAD MUSLIMS’ still stirring up trouble in small Texas town.
Despite fierce opposition from local residents, planning and zoning commission members unanimously approved the final concept plans for a 34-acre Muslim cemetery in Farmersville, TX, a Christian town of only about 3,000 people.

Mar 1 2017
The Trump effect has definitely been an influence on Dutch voters.
With just over two weeks to go before the Dutch election for Prime Minister, anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders is still leading in the polls. But the Parliamentary system makes it seem unlikely he will be able to govern even if he gets the most votes because he won’t be able to form a coalition from other parties. Very sad, indeed, if that happens.

Mar 1 2017
FLORIDA: MUSLIM man who confessed to murdering his wife and son, and shooting 3 others, asks judge for time off to make a pilgrimage to Mecca.
Fadel Jabado was ready to plead guilty to killing his wife Bassima and son Ahmed, as well as shooting at 2 police officers and an attorney 5 times. But before entering his plea, he wanted the judge to allow him out of prison while serving his sentence or so he could make a pilgrimage to Mecca. The judge told him he would have to wait until he finished his life sentence.

Mar 1 2017
Designated Terrorist Group CAIR spokes baghead, Zahra Bilious, says lawyers will fight Trump’s next Muslim ban, too.
This is the same Muslim traitor who trashes the American military every Memorial Day.

Mar 1 2017
PAT CONDELL on the rampant Muslim immigrant rape culture attacking European women and children.
Where is the outrage? Why are the rabid feminazis virtually silent on this devastating “women’s” issue when Muslims are the perpetrators? Does every politician’s daughter have to be gang- raped by Muslims for them to address this issue?

Mar 1 2017
“I see London, I see France, I see an ISIS guy’s underpants.”
Check out the ISIS flogger in green.

Mar 1 2017
SHOCKER! Some of Donald Trump’s biggest fans are New York Jews – descendants of Soviet bloc Jewish immigrants.
Considering that about 70% of American Jews are die-hard democrats/leftists, especially in NYC, it’s nice to see a large contingent of NYC Jews, all of whom are first generation immigrants, supporting Donald Trump.

Mar 1 2017
MUST SEE!!! Ex-Muslim woman who fled Saudi Arabia for Canada screams “Justin Trudeau has betrayed Canada” with the M-103 anti-Islamophobia directive.
Waving a Quran in her hand, she desperately tries to warn the Canadian audience that M-103 is the first step toward sharia and pleads with them to stop rulings like M-103 which could lead to Islamic blasphemy laws that kill people for criticism of Islam. She gets thrown out by security.

Feb 28 2017
300 of the most ignorant, gullible (Christian, Jewish) people in Charlottesville willingly visited a mosque.
While there, they were fed a diet of lies, propaganda, and barbarically-slaughtered halal food, which of course, none of them realized.

Feb 28 2017
SEXUAL SLAVERY…alive and well and thriving in Saudi Arabia.
Yes, the same Saudi Arabia that has served as Chairman of the UN Human Rights Council.

Feb 28 2017
MOCKING the Western idiots who buy into the crap sandwich that Muslims were responsible for so many (1,001) wonderful inventions given to the world.
See why else Douglas Murray is right to mock them in this link: they-came-they-saw-they-plagiarized-1001-so-called-muslim-inventions-virtually-none-of-which-were-actually-invented-by-muslims

Feb 28 2017
CALIPHORNIA man’s ‘Pro-America Anti-Islam’ banner only has one critic.
An Ontario, CA man was defending an anti-Islam banner he posted outside his home which reads “God bless America, keep America safe.” It has symbols for Christianity, Judaism and the word “Islam” in the middle, with a line slashed through it.

Feb 28 2017
Germans are mocking President Donald Trump now…but he will have the last laugh.
German parade shows Trump raping the Statue of Liberty and getting beheaded, likely by a Muslim, when it is the German people who are losing their freedoms and are under attack from their own government, all because of mass Muslim migration.

Feb 28 2017
SECRET plan to carve out a separate Islamic state/caliphate with its own government right inside Australia.
Just 2.2% of the Australian population is Muslim, but plans are to import and breed millions more. This is not pie in the sky, there is already a small Islamic enclave within Sydney which lives by sharia rules. Several Muslim leaders who see this as a fundamentalist takeover financed by Saudi Arabian wahhabists, claim to be opposed to this plan…and are getting death threats because of it…or so they say.

Feb 28 2017
THE REBEL’s Ezra Levant exclusive interview with Dutch Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders.
Many have called him the Donald Trump of the Netherlands…for good reason. The election for Prime Minister is only three weeks away.

Feb 28 2017
FOLLOW DA MONEY…the SOROS money…to see why Canada is being overrun with Muslim invaders now, too.
There’s a reason Canada approved the anti-Islamophobia M-103 directive against criticism of Islam (erroneously called ‘Islamophobia’)…it’s the camel’s nose under the tent…the first step toward making sharia law the law of the land…and it’s being financed by one of the richest, most far left subversives on earth- George Soros.

Feb 28 2017
Leader of next anti-Trump women’s march is ‘Palestinian’ terrorist who killed 2 Israeli students in Jerusalem.
A convicted former ‘Palestinian’ terrorist, Rasmea Odeh, is among the Women’s March activists who urged American women to join a day of “striking, marching and blocking roads” next month, highlighting President Donald Trump as “aggressively misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic and racist.”

Feb 27 2017
Islamic State (ISIS) terror handbook reveals jihadis being taught to eat their enemies
A handbook from the terrorist group’s training school has been found by a British counter-extremism think tank, Quilliam, revealing the horrifying new stance of the jihadis.

Feb 27 2017
COVER-UP? Heidelberg police charge “German” man with murder in vehicular jihad-like attack on pedestrians…won’t reveal name, motive, but deny terrorism link.
The man who drove a car into pedestrians in Heidelberg, killing one and injuring two, is to be kept in custody, accused of murder and attempted murder. Police release more details, saying he is a 35-year old student without a migrant background which doesn’t prove he isn’t Muslim. They won’t reveal his name, ethnicity, or religion. WHY NOT?

Feb 27 2017
“DENIAL”…No, it isn’t a river in Egypt, it’s a mental condition afflicting Sweden and other parts of Europe.
Even though police statistics prove that Sweden has become the undisputed rape capital of Europe – a direct result of mass Muslim immigration – a majority of Swedes will tell you they don’t want to change their open-door immigration policy.

Feb 27 2017
NEW DNC Chairman, Tom Perez, is as Islamofascist-friendly as Muslim congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN).
Tom Perez may have defeated Rep. Keith Ellison in the race to become chairman of the Democratic National Committee, but he chose Ellison as his deputy chairman.

Feb 27 2017
Gee, will ALL the democrat crybabies have bagheads on their arms at the Presidential address to congress tomorrow?
17-year-old Muslim baghead Samia Abdul-Qadir (right) was invited by U.S. Rep. Bill Foster (D-IL), after the Naperville North High School junior participated in Foster’s recent community discussion at the Islamic Center of Naperville on the local effects of the president’s attempts to ban travel from several Muslim-majority countries.

Feb 27 2017
DONALD TRUMP considers pulling the U.S. out of the corrupt UN Human Rights Council due to its anti-Israel bias.
The Trump administration may soon back Israel on its claim of UN bias and pull out of the organization’s Human Rights Council, as it regards the Council as being inherently anti-Israel, the main reason for the consideration of pulling out of the international body.

Feb 27 2017
OHIO State Treasurer Josh Mandel accuses CAIR of being a front for terrorism.
Finally! After 8 years of exposing CAIR by BNI and fellow anti-Islam bloggers, the truth about this designated terrorist front group CAIR is hitting the mainstream media.

Feb 27 2017
Muslims demand to know: Will Trump condemn alleged anti-Muslim attacks as he did actual anti-Jewish attacks (more than a little likely carried out by Muslims)?

Feb 26 2017
President Trump brought a class of Green Beret candidates into the Oval Office for the first time in the course’s history.
When the media got wind of it, they characterized the meeting as a “photo op” for the president to “once again, wrap himself in the flag of the military.” Yet NOT a single photo from the event was allowed to be distributed to the media.

Feb 26 2017
UK MUSLIM RACIST who spit in a baby’s face while shouting “white people shouldn’t breed,” avoids any jail time.
Rezzas Abdulla left little Layla-Jean, who was just nine months old and in her stroller, covered in saliva after the shocking street attack in South Shields last January. The baby’s mother, hairdresser Rebecca Telford, 25, was out walking with the baby when this Muslim vermin approached without warning.

Feb 26 2017
In case you still don’t believe Donald Trump when he says “Sweden is having problems they never thought possible because of Muslim immigration.”
Would you believe it when a Swedish citizen (whose family immigrated to Sweden) says it?

Feb 26 2017
Oh, BOO HOO…’Caliphornia’ elected official under fire for posting ‘hurtful’ truth tweets about Muslims.
A local elected official is accused of being hurtful and hateful towards Muslims in a series of tweets. Hector Gastelum, elected to the board of directors at the Otay Water District, posted tweets such as “Let’s pressure our legislators to prevent #subhuman #scum from #USA  to #MAGA” (Make America Great Again).

Feb 26 2017
There’s no future for Jews in Sweden.
Not looking much better for Christians either…thanks to mass Muslim immigration.

Feb 26 2017
“ARE YOU A MUSLIM?” Nice to know the TSA is doing its job again…no matter what the far left appeals courts have to say.
Muhammad Ali Jr. was detained for 2 hours at the Fort Lauderdale International Airport … and he’s ready to sue because he thinks it’s because he’s Muslim.

Feb 26 2017
THANK YOU AGAIN, General Mattis: Pentagon ditches Obama’s onerous Rules of Engagement for our troops in Iraq.
Iraqi forces and U.S. coalition troops are no longer burdened by the previous administration’s restrictive rules of engagement, which some say have turned firepower requests into bureaucratic nightmares.

Feb 26 2017
Not Kerry’s “DAESH.” Not Obama’s “ISIL.” Not “IS.” Pentagon has announced that the Islamic State will officially be called “ISIS.”
In other words, references to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) will no longer hide its “Islamic” roots as American and European leaders have been trying to do. Thank you, General Mattis.

Feb 26 2017
GERMANY: Syrian so-called ‘refugees’ attack security staff with iron bars and knives at refugee home in Staufen.
Gee, did somebody burn a Quran again? Or serve them food that wasn’t halal (Islam-approved)? NAH…probably just Muslims being Muslims.

Feb 26 2017
YES WE CAN? Barack Hussein Obama for president…OF FRANCE!
Oh, no you can’t…but we Americans so wish you leftist moon bats could. We’d even spring for his airfare to France, anything to get his smug face out of ours.

Feb 25 2017
DONALD Trump’s first dangerous and misguided cabinet appointment: National Security Advisor, Lt. General H.R. McMaster.
Where did he find this guy…in the Obama swamp? President Trump’s newly appointed national security adviser, Lt. Gen. H. R. McMaster, has told his staff that Muslims who commit terrorist acts are perverting their religion, rejecting a key ideological view of other senior Trump advisers and signaling a potentially more moderate Obama regime-like approach to the Islamic world.

Feb 25 2017
TEXAS supporters of Trump immigration executive order come out to protest against creeping ‘civilization jihad.’
Trump supporters who are concerned about the “civilization jihad” waged by open borders globalists, protested in Houston at an event put on by one of the non-profits they say receive millions of taxpayer dollars for resettling Muslim refugees in American communities.

Feb 25 2017
IRAQ: Islamic State (ISIS) using dogs as suicide bombers.
DISTURBING new footage has appeared online of a tiny dog being fitted with a custom-made suicide bomb vest in Iraq. Considering that most Muslims consider dogs to be “filth” because Mohammed didn’t like them, ISIS jihadists get a twofer from using them as suicide bombers – killing several people while getting rid of the dogs at the same time.

Feb 25 2017
Gee, I wonder what kind of vermin would use a car to deliberately run over a teenage girl on the sidewalk in the Muslim ‘NO-GO’ zone of Birmingham, UK?
Police video shows a driver deliberately running his car up on the pavement mowing down an unsuspecting teenage girl on a shopping trip with her mother. The 17-year-old was left with serious head and neck injuries following the attack on Bromsgrove Street, Birmingham City Center on Jan. 28th.

Feb 25 2017
GERMANY: Knife-wielding (Muslim?) man deliberately ploughs his car into pedestrians in Heidelberg.
Initial reports believe it was a deliberate attack by the driver, who was hunted down and shot by police during a standoff in a street in front of terrified witnesses. Motive unknown, media try to blame it on “mental issues.” One of the victims remains in a serious condition in hospital after the attack.

Feb 25 2017
WHO DUNNIT? Arson suspected in fire that tore through Hamburg refugee center set to house 300 Muslim freeloaders in March.
Thomas Knaut, Spokesperson for Bautzen police: “During the firefighting operations there were several onlookers shouting at police and firefighters and seemed to be quite happy that the building was on fire and would not house refugees anytime soon.”

Feb 25 2017
A SIGHT FOR SORE EYES: Iraqi Christians re-erect cross torn down and replaced with the black flag of jihad by ISIS.
Last weekend, the Chaldean Catholic Patriarch of Baghdad, Louis Raphael Sako, visited the site and blessed the new cross in the village of Telekuf-Tesqopa, 17 miles from Mosul.

Feb 25 2017
Even the Associated Press is publishing FAKE NEWS that covers up the tanking tourist business in Paris.
Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo, France’s foreign minister and an American cinema luminary pushed back at U.S. President Donald Trump for insulting the City of Light in a speech, by correctly noting how tourism has taken a dive because of all the Muslim migrant terrorism, crime, and rape.

Feb 24 2017
STARBUCKS takes a big hit for its decision to hire 10,000 refugees and offer free legal advice to illegal aliens.
About a month ago, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz decided to “take a stand” in defiance of Trump’s immigration executive order, which temporarily banned travel from seven Muslim countries and indefinitely banned refugees from Syria, by penning a message to the world vowing to hire 10,000 refugees over the next five years, giving priority to Muslim refugees over Americans and veterans.


Coming soon to a City near you. Courtesy of the Obama Administration and unvetted immigration policies.



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