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Brexit Article 50 Letter

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Theresa May has officially delivered “Brexit Article 50 Letter” informing the “European Council” of Britain’s intention to “leave” the European Union.

On 23 June last year, the people of the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union.  As I have said before, that decision was no rejection of the values we share as fellow Europeans.  Nor was it an attempt to do harm to the European Union or any of the remaining member states.  On the contrary, the United Kingdom wants the European Union to succeed and prosper.  Instead, the referendum was a vote to restore, as we see it, our national self-determination. We are leaving the European Union, but we are not leaving Europe – and we want to remain committed partners and allies to our friends across the continent.

Earlier this month, the United Kingdom Parliament confirmed the result of the referendum by voting with clear and convincing majorities in both of its Houses for the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill.  The Bill was passed by Parliament on 13 March and it received Royal Assent from Her Majesty The Queen and became an Act of Parliament on 16 March.

Today, therefore, I am writing to give effect to the democratic decision of the people of the United Kingdom. I hereby notify the European Council in accordance with Article 50(2) of the Treaty on European Union of the United Kingdom’s intention to withdraw from the European Union.  In addition, in accordance with the same Article 50(2) as applied by Article 106a of the Treaty Establishing the European Atomic Energy Community, I hereby notify the European Council of the United Kingdom’s intention to withdraw from the European Atomic Energy Community. References in this letter to the European Union should therefore be taken to include a reference to the European Atomic Energy Community.

This letter sets out the approach of Her Majesty’s Government to the discussions we will have about the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union and about the deep and special partnership we hope to enjoy – as your closest friend and neighbor – with the European Union once we leave.  We believe that these objectives are in the interests not only of the United Kingdom but of the European Union and the wider world too.  

It is in the best interests of both the United Kingdom and the European Union that we should use the forthcoming process to deliver these objectives in a fair and orderly manner, and with as little disruption as possible on each side. We want to make sure that Europe remains strong and prosperous and is capable of projecting its values, leading in the world, and defending itself from security threats. We want the United Kingdom, through a new deep and special partnership with a strong European Union, to play its full part in achieving these goals. We therefore believe it is necessary to agree the terms of our future partnership alongside those of our withdrawal from the European Union.

The Government wants to approach our discussions with ambition, giving citizens and businesses in the United Kingdom and the European Union – and indeed from third countries around the world – as much certainty as possible, as early as possible.

I would like to propose some principles that may help to shape our coming discussions, but before I do so, I should update you on the process we will be undertaking at home, in the United Kingdom.

The process in the United Kingdom

As I have announced already, the Government will bring forward legislation that will repeal the Act of Parliament – the European Communities Act 1972 – that gives effect to EU law in our country.  This legislation will, wherever practical and appropriate, in effect convert the body of existing European Union law (the “acquis”) into UK law.  This means there will be certainty for UK citizens and for anybody from the European Union who does business in the United Kingdom.

The Government will consult on how we design and implement this legislation, and we will publish a White Paper tomorrow. We also intend to bring forward several other pieces of legislation that address specific issues relating to our departure from the European Union, also with a view to ensuring continuity and certainty, in particular for businesses.

We will of course continue to fulfill our responsibilities as a member state while we remain a member of the European Union, and the legislation we propose will not come into effect until we leave.

From the start and throughout the discussions, we will negotiate as one United Kingdom, taking due account of the specific interests of every nation and region of the UK as we do so.  When it comes to the return of powers back to the United Kingdom, we will consult fully on which powers should reside in Westminster and which should be devolved to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.  But it is the expectation of the Government that the outcome of this process will be a significant increase in the decision-making power of each devolved administration.

Negotiations between the United Kingdom and the European Union

The United Kingdom wants to agree with the European Union a deep and special partnership that takes in both economic and security cooperation.

To achieve this, we believe it is necessary to agree the terms of our future partnership alongside those of our withdrawal from the EU.

If, however, we leave the European Union without an agreement the default position is that we would have to trade on World Trade Organization terms. In security terms a failure to reach agreement would mean our cooperation in the fight against crime and terrorism would be weakened.

In this kind of scenario, both the United Kingdom and the European Union would of course cope with the change, but it is not the outcome that either side should seek. We must therefore work hard to avoid that outcome.

It is for these reasons that we want to be able to agree a deep and special partnership, taking in both economic and security cooperation, but it is also because we want to play our part in making sure that Europe remains strong and prosperous and able to lead in the world, projecting its values and defending itself from security threats.  And we want the United Kingdom to play its full part in realizing that vision for our continent.

Proposed principles for our discussions

Looking ahead to the discussions which we will soon begin, I would like to suggest some principles that we might agree to help make sure that the process is as smooth and successful as possible.

  1. We should engage with one another constructively and respectfully, in a spirit of sincere cooperation.  Since I became Prime Minister of the United Kingdom I have listened carefully to you, to my fellow EU Heads of Government and the Presidents of the European Commission and Parliament.  That is why the United Kingdom does not seek membership of the single market: we understand and respect your position that the four freedoms of the single market are indivisible and there can be no “cherry picking”.  We also understand that there will be consequences for the UK of leaving the EU: we know that we will lose influence over the rules that affect the European economy.  We also know that UK companies will, as they trade within the EU, have to align with rules  agreed by institutions of which we are no longer a part  – just as UK companies do in other overseas markets.
  1. We should always put our citizens first.  There is obvious complexity in the discussions we are about to undertake, but we should remember that at the heart of our talks are the interests of all our citizens.  There are, for example, many citizens of the remaining member states living in the United Kingdom, and UK citizens living elsewhere in the European Union, and we should aim to strike an early agreement about their rights.
  1. We should work towards securing a comprehensive agreement.  We want to agree a deep and special partnership between the UK and the EU, taking in both economic and security cooperation. We will need to discuss how we determine a fair settlement of the UK’s rights and obligations as a departing member state, in accordance with the law and in the spirit of the United Kingdom’s continuing partnership with the EU.  But we believe it is necessary to agree the terms of our future partnership alongside those of our withdrawal from the EU.
  1. We should work together to minimize disruption and give as much certainty as possible.  Investors, businesses and citizens in both the UK and across the remaining 27 member states – and those from third countries around the world – want to be able to plan.  In order to avoid any cliff-edge as we move from our current relationship to our future partnership, people and businesses in both the UK and the EU would benefit from implementation periods to adjust in a smooth and orderly way to new arrangements.  It would help both sides to minimize unnecessary disruption if we agree this principle early in the process.
  1. In particular, we must pay attention to the UK’s unique relationship with the Republic of Ireland and the importance of the peace process in Northern Ireland.  The Republic of Ireland is the only EU member state with a land border with the United Kingdom.  We want to avoid a return to a hard border between our two countries, to be able to maintain the Common Travel Area between us, and to make sure that the UK’s withdrawal from the EU does not harm the Republic of Ireland.  We also have an important responsibility to make sure that nothing is done to jeopardize the peace process in Northern Ireland, and to continue to uphold the Belfast Agreement.
  1. We should begin technical talks on detailed policy areas as soon as possible, but we should prioritize the biggest challenges. Agreeing a high-level approach to the issues arising from our withdrawal will of course be an early priority.  But we also propose a bold and ambitious Free Trade Agreement between the United Kingdom and the European Union. This should be of greater scope and ambition than any such agreement before it so that it covers sectors crucial to our linked economies such as financial services and network industries.  This will require detailed technical talks, but as the UK is an existing EU member state, both sides have regulatory frameworks and standards that already match.  We should therefore prioritize how we manage the evolution of our regulatory frameworks to maintain a fair and open trading environment, and how we resolve disputes.  On the scope of the partnership between us – on both economic and security matters – my officials will put forward detailed proposals for deep, broad and dynamic cooperation.
  1. We should continue to work together to advance and protect our shared European values.  Perhaps now more than ever, the world needs the liberal, democratic values of Europe.  We want to play our part to ensure that Europe remains strong and prosperous and able to lead in the world, projecting its values and defending itself from security threats.

The task before us

As I have said, the Government of the United Kingdom wants to agree a deep and special partnership between the UK and the EU, taking in both economic and security cooperation.  At a time when the growth of global trade is slowing and there are signs that protectionist instincts are on the rise in many parts of the world, Europe has a responsibility to stand up for free trade in the interest of all our citizens.

Likewise, Europe’s security is more fragile today than at any time since the end of the Cold War. Weakening our cooperation for the prosperity and protection of our citizens would be a costly mistake. The United Kingdom’s objectives for our future partnership remain those set out in my Lancaster House speech of 17 January and the subsequent White Paper published on 2 February. 

We recognize that it will be a challenge to reach such a comprehensive agreement within the two-year period set out for withdrawal discussions in the Treaty. But we believe it is necessary to agree the terms of our future partnership alongside those of our withdrawal from the EU.

We start from a unique position in these discussions – close regulatory alignment, trust in one another’s institutions, and a spirit of cooperation stretching back decades.  It is for these reasons, and because the future partnership between the UK and the EU is of such importance to both sides, that I am sure it can be agreed in the time period set out by the Treaty.

The task before us is momentous but it should not be beyond us.  After all, the institutions and the leaders of the European Union have succeeded in bringing together a continent blighted by war into a union of peaceful nations, and supported the transition of dictatorships to democracy.

Together, I know we are capable of reaching an agreement about the UK’s rights and obligations as a departing member state, while establishing a deep and special partnership that contributes towards the prosperity, security and global power of our continent.

Now all is “needed” for the other 27 members to “leave” the European Union and get “rid of globalization.”


Chill Out Moments

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“Happy 69th Birthday”

To The Greatest Hockey Player Ever.

“STD’s Never Get Old”

Rap Doctor Teaches Old People About STD’s.

“Chinese Zookeeper “


“Swimsuit Calendar”

Fashion or Soft Porn?

“Brutal Bike Crash”

The hardest of Hardos.

“Doctor Rub His Nuts”

On A Sleeping Patient’s Face.

“Brain Freeze Contest”

Chick collapsed and Host calls Paramedics.

“Truck Crashing Into A Bus”

Miracle nobody died in that crash.

“Like a Rolling Stone”

Wake Up With Bob Dylan

“The Korean Zombie”

One of the more entertaining fighters.

“Boxer Wins Big Fight”

Promptly Knocked Out By Flying Ice Bucket While Celebrating.

“Uber Drivers”

Relentless, Psycho Robots.

“Auston Matthews Rap Song”

Deserves a Grammy.

“Kurt Cobain”

February 20th, would have been Kurt Cobain’s 50th birthday.

“Venezuelans Haven’t Quite Mastered Skiing Yet”

Giving credit where credit is due.

“Tom Brady”

Everybody Panic.

“Runner Is About To Win A Race”

Inspiring to say at least.

“The Most Iconic Photo In American History”

Was Taken On Iwo Jima.

“A Giraffe About To Give Birth”

“Richard Simmons”

This video is from sometime around 2010.

“Kid Having A Mental Breakdown”

Over Call Of Duty

“France Is Using Trained, Bad ass Eagles”

To Combat ISIS Flown Drones.

“Driver arrested after doing cartwheels”

Well, give her a “10” for effort.

“Austin Street Fight With A Bunch Of Chicks”

Who Have

Their Lady Bits Flopping All Over The Damn Place

“Sumo Wrestlers”

But His Efforts To Stay In The Game Are Admirable.

“Dukes Of Hazzard”

Those Duke boys are at it again.

“Heckler doesn’t stand a chance”

“Bill Burr on Motherhood”

“Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2”

Has Arrived!!

“Munenori Kawasaki Commercial”

For Japanese and American Beers

“Jimmy Kimmel Explains What Happened”

During The Oscars Best Picture Disaster.

“Camera Guy To Film Three Street Fights At Once”

While Providing Commentary Gets An A+ For Effort And Execution.

“The Broken Hardy Brothers”

May Be Headed Back To WWE.

“AHL Fights Breaking Out In The Locker Room Tunnels”

Is Exactly What We Need To Make Hockey Violent Again.

“A Big-Assed Bikini Model Got Groped Twice By A Host”

Smacked Him In The Mouth And Tore Up The Set.

“Viola Davis Oscars Speech for Fences”

Outstanding Performance in a Smug Acceptance.

“Medieval Knockout”

Just What I Needed Today.

“My Suicidal Dog”

As reckless as he is cute.

“Led Zeppelin”

Dazed and Confused.

“Stanley Cup Commercials”

NHL playoffs are the best in all of sports..

“The Legend Of Zelda”

Nothing Short Of Perfection.

“I’m Goin’ Down”

Jam on jam on jam.

“Russian Politicians”

Wants To Make Hooligan Fighting A Sport.

“My Unusual Vagina”

Extraordinary Bodies

“Ultimate Workout”

Be motivated by this video.

“Watch An African Python”

Throw Up An Entire 12 Foot Buck.


Out Of The Woods

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Why was Hillary Clinton in the woods?

Here are some of the leading “theories” floating around the Internet.

She was filming an episode of “Naked, Unafraid, and Drunk” in the woods.

Bill told her to take a “hiatus” in the woods while he was having a “secret” meeting with Loretta Lynch.

Hillary came out of the woods to give speeches for a half-a-million a pop and to let everyone know you can still buy influence. It’s all about 2020.

She got fed too much of the happy drugs and got lost in the woods.

She heard there was a bar in the middle of the woods.

Podesta “wrote” to staffer Jennifer Palmieri about Hillary making an “afternoon call” to aide Cheryl Mills, saying: “I think you should call her and sober her up some.”

Amy Chozick about Hillary: “She likes to drink. We were on the campaign trail in 2008, and the press thought she was just taking shots to pander to voters in Pennsylvania. Um, no.”

Top staffers reported that they began the presidential campaign by secretly planning a “stint in rehab” for Hillary! The stress of her political career, the never-ending scandals and her worsening health all plunged her into a life-threatening booze hell.”

A close friend added: “Hillary has been drinking heavily for years to forget her miserable marriage to serial cheater Bill. She’s also hit the bottle to cope with other stress, as well as the boredom of flying all over the world when she was Secretary of State. She turned to drink to drown her fears. Hillary tries to hide her drinking problem, like she lies about so many things.”

Let’s remember that “another” great leader, Vladimir Lenin, also hid in a modest forest hut in the early years of the “revolution.”

Secret Service Detail: Hillary Clinton Was Drunk Morning of Campaign
Hillary Clinton: I Am Ready to ‘Come Out of the Woods’
Robby Mook Won’t Rule Out Hillary Clinton Running in 2020

Iranian Gender Equality

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An Iranian woman walks past a giant poster showing supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei (R) and the founder of Iran’s Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini (L).

Feminists will be “thrilled” with what Iran’s Supreme Leader just said about “Gender Equality.”

In a statement made on Iran’s “National Women’s and Mother’s Day,” Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei explained the “dangers” associated with “gender equality.”

According to Khamenei, the idea of “elevating” women outside of the “household” is part of a “Zionist plot” aimed at “undermining” Islamic society.

In essence, women should “obey the men, cook, clean, have babies, raise them and be unseen, not heard!”

“These aberrant and neglectful people humiliate the role of a housewife while a housewife is actually in charge of raising and educating the most valuable product, which is a human being,” Khamenei explained.

“Unfortunately, sometimes inside the country and in some Islamic environments, tasks and expectations are ascribed to women that in fact collapse and humiliate their roles.”

“Despite sharing similar goals like rising to spiritual positions, leadership and the ability to guide human beings, men and women are different when it comes to responsibilities in management of life,” he added.

Khamenei even went so far as claiming that “Western scholars and those who pursue issues like gender equality all regret their actions for the corruption they caused.”

Feminists will “ignore” this and “clamor” to bring more Muslims to the US.

They will also ignore the “honor killings, genital mutilation, second class status and rape” that seems to “accompany” Muslims wherever they go.

“Gotta love those mullahs….they hate women, they hate Israel, and they hate America….but they fight to the death for goat and sheep equality.”

Linda Sarsour said “Zionism and Feminism” are incompatible. Now Ayatollah Khamenei claims that “Islam and Feminism” are incompatible.

I wonder what the “pink pussy” hat screaming “riot squad” of Faux Pocahontas, Pelosi, Cankles, Madonna, Ashley, Scarlett and the rest of the chattering “yentas” have to say about “genital mutilation, rape, acid attacks, stoning and honor killings.”

How come they are not over in Iran “demonstrating” against the controlling and “debasing” terms in which Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei “explained” women’s place in Iranian society “dominated” by males?

The Ayatollah should be the “next” leader for the “feminist” movement.

His “tenure” has been the “hallmark” of systematic “oppression” against women, workers, college students, writers, journalists, dissident bloggers; imposing “poverty and unemployment” on a majority of Iranians; continuous “threats” against the media and punishment of “political prisoners.”

During his human rights “violations” an average of “three or more” people have been “executed” on a “daily” basis, not to mention the thousands of “gay crane hangings.”

Marching, Blood, Death

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As we all know, if Hillary had won, sleazy Loretta Lynch was likely to have been able to “retain” her role as Attorney General. Many speculate that a “deal” was struck in her completely “inappropriate” airplane private meeting with Bill Clinton.

She is now “extremely” bitter, and her true “radical” racial colors are showing.

From RickWells…

Is Loretta Lynch “rolling” out the next phase in the “Obama War On America and the American people, “prepping” for the return of the “evil one” that Eric Holder promised was imminent?

Is this the next “salvo” in their ever expanding community organizing “chaos” creation designed to “rip” our nation apart?

Is it an overt “threat” to the Trump administration not to “pursue” the criminal investigations into “Hillary Clinton, Obama, PizzaGate pedophilia, the Muslim Brotherhood connections, the new Obama spying revelations or the countless other assaults on our nation by this foreign agent and his affiliates?”

Whatever it is, it isn’t “subtle.” Loretta Lynch makes general “proclamations” of things somehow becoming “worse for black people” in the six weeks since Trump took office, “a flagrant lie.”

She’s calling for “demonstrations and blood” in the streets. She’s clearly adding her “voice” to that of Obama, Holder, and the Mooch. The “racial” overtones are obvious and undoubtedly “intended” to be taken that way by both “black and white” Americans.

Lynch opens by saying, “I know that this is a time of great fear and uncertainty for so many people.”

If her boss hadn’t been trying to “destroy” America for eight years that wouldn’t be the “case,” but he has, so it is.

The “racist” hag says her people “see our rights being assailed, being trampled on and even being rolled back.”

No specifics are “offered,” there’s nothing to “back up” her claims, just “racism” is sufficient, nothing but “unmitigated” racism.

She says, “I know that this is difficult,” without ever mentioning specifically what “this” is. She reminds the “racists” buying into her “vulgar” presentation that “this has never been easy.”

What’s been so “hard” for you, Lynch? You walked into one of the “best jobs” in the country and continued to “lead” it in a direction of “racist oppression against white people.”

There’s nothing “hard or dangerous” in what you do. You just ran around the country “threatening” other people and using the “power” of your position against them. What’s so “tough” about that?

She talks as if without “black” people America would be in the “stone ages” and that white people had “nothing” to do with its success, saying, “We have always had to work to move this country forward.”

White folks have to “work” too, even harder over the last fifty or sixty years because of your “racist affirmative action laws” that made us “second class” citizens behind “black supremacists” such as yourself.

She encourages individuals, ordinary people, to band together, to “march, bleed and die in the streets.”

Sounding like her “speech” was written by the same “ass clown” who writes Mooch’s “compelling orations,” she says, “This is hard, every good thing is. We have done this before, we can do this again.”

Get ready for the “riots and the race wars,” folks.

She’s calling for a “black revolution,” teamed up with Obama, Holder, Jarrett, Clinton, Soros, and any of the rest of the “riff raff” that can be put behind “bars” before it gets “out of hand.”

This brings me to something “truly” extraordinary: “an attorney general, just weeks out of office, posted a video calling for marching, blood, and death.”

The “chief law enforcement officer” of the United States calling for“political violence!” Why would she do that, and why now?

Clarice Feldman suggested that the “denials” of any knowledge of “wiretapping” by James Comey and James Clapper “leave” Loretta Lynch exposed. Somebody gave the nod. And met “secretly” with Bill Clinton in her “private jet” at Phoenix Airport.

So what does the “barely” former AG do?  She plays the “race card.”

It is still too early to have a lot of “confidence” in this reading of the “murky” waters of the Democrats’ “internal” power plays,  but it does “fit the pieces” together pretty well.

Time to “convene” the grand juries now.

Snake Angela Merkel

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been “preparing” for her U.S. visit for months. She’s left no “stone” unturned studying and formulating an “effective” game plan for her “inaugural” meeting with “The Donald.”

She “grilled” Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau just a few days after his “trip to DC. She wanted to “know” everything. She’s been “dissecting” all of Trump’s speeches, statements, interviews, everything.

She’s even been studying “Playboy” for this occasion.

“Merkel studied Trump’s past comments in ‘Playboy’ magazine ahead of her visit, policy expert says” — CNBC (@CNBC) March 17, 2017

Finally she shows up, “plops” down in the Oval Office for a “photo op,” and asks for a “handshake” from President Trump.

But “The Donald” won’t even look at her.

President Trump’s “comments” during the joint press conference  were equally “brilliant” and his “timing and delivery” spot on when heard in the full “context” of the question.

A German reporter asked President Trump two questions, the first being, “Government officials in London today rejected White House claims that the alleged wiretapping on you, on Trump Tower, on the Trump organization or on members of your campaign, was, that British Intelligence was either responsible for it or involved it in.”

Trump Defends Wiretapping Claims

President Trump replied with an “honest” statement, “We said nothing. All we did was quote a very talented legal mind who was the one responsible for saying that on television. I didn’t make an opinion on it. That was a statement made by a very talented lawyer and former NJ Superior Court Judge on Fox. And so you shouldn’t be talking to me, you should be talking to Fox.”

As Merkel looks on the reporter asks, “Are there from time to time tweets that you regret?” President Trump responds “immediately,” almost before another word is “uttered” in the question, “Very seldom. Very seldom, probably wouldn’t be here right now without the tweets, but very seldom.”

He continues, “I have a tremendous group of people that listen and I can get around the media when the media doesn’t tell the truth, so I like that. As far as wiretapping, I guess, by, you know, this past administration, at least we have something in common perhaps,” pointing with an open hand over towards Chancellor Merkel.

The line was delivered “perfectly,” with the same “precision” timing that Johnny Carson used to “deliver” his lines, “waiting” for people in the audience to “catch up” to the joke. It was “funny” and the expression “on his face” matched perfectly. He was “Carnac,” without the envelope or the chair cushion turned “turban” on his head.

The “liberal” propagandists attempted to “portray” this as being an “awkward” moment. That’s the “humor” that was lost on them in their “fury” to find something “nefarious” in everything Trump does.

Merkel, perhaps not “catching” the translation or in “awe” of the American newcomer, “shuffled” her papers with a “did he just say what I think he said,” look on her face. Yes, he “did” Chancellor. Our President goes “off script,” that’s how he gets “things” done. You’ll get “used” to it.

He is not like your “Macarena” boy Barack Obama.

Germany is in total “unrest.” Women are being “raped and killed” by Muslim immigrants.  Merkel is being “threatened” by her opposition party as being “out of touch” with the German people.

What “does” she do? She continues with her “insane” immigration policy without “screening or vetting.”

Angela Merkel is “viewed” today by most Germans as the person “primarily” responsible for killing their “heritage, culture, and people” by knowingly importing non-refugee “refugees,” able-bodied young Muslim men, not women and children, who are “wreaking havoc” everywhere.

Merkel is like the “the snake charmer” who is as “venomous” as the snakes she’s “brought” into Germany who are “finishing” the job Hitler started.

The lyrics to the 1968 song, “The Snake,” sung by Al Wilson, best “describes” Germany’s “self-destruction.”

Here is President Trump “reciting” the lyrics of the inspired Aesop’s Fable of “The Farmer and the Viper” in reference to the “alleged” dangers of allowing “unvetted” Syrian refugees to enter the United States and the “Islamification” of the European Union.

On her way to work one morning
Down the path alongside the lake
A tender hearted woman saw a poor half frozen snake
His pretty colored skin had been all frosted with the dew
“Poor thing,” she cried, “I’ll take you in and I’ll take care of you”
“Take me in tender woman
Take me in, for heaven’s sake

Take me in, tender woman,” sighed the snake.
She wrapped him all cozy in a comforter of silk
And laid him by her fireside with some honey and some milk
She hurried home from work that night and soon as she arrived
She found that pretty snake she’d taken to had been revived
“Take me in, tender woman
Take me in, for heaven’s sake

Take me in, tender woman,” sighed the snake.
She clutched him to her bosom, “You’re so beautiful,” she cried
“But if I hadn’t brought you in by now you might have died”
She stroked his pretty skin again and kissed and held him tight
Instead of saying thanks, the snake gave her a vicious bite
“Take me in, tender woman
Take me in, for heaven’s sake

Take me in, tender woman,” sighed the snake
“I saved you,” cried the woman
“And you’ve bitten me, but why?
You know your bite is poisonous and now I’m going to die”
“Oh shut up, silly woman,” said the reptile with a grin
“You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in

Angela Merkel’s Lewd Bikini Snake Dance in Greece…

Unless “removed” from power “Snake” Angela Merkel will “destroy” the Western World!

She is a Nazi in reverse. She has her own “ethnic” group she wishes to “exterminate” and that happens to be the “Germans.”

Germany Rejects Trump’s Claims It Owes NATO ‘Vast Sums Of Money’
Trump Kicks The ‘Fake Media’ Right In The Face During Merkel Meeting
Mr. President, Meet Frau Merkel
Angela Merkel looks away as female dancers perform
Angela Merkel Can Flat Out Snake Dance

Swamp Snakes

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Anyone who “doubts” whether Reince Priebus is on the side of the “American” people or if he truly is in bed with Paul Ryan, as many believe, should watch his “behavior” in the immediate aftermath of the “rejection” by conservatives and moderates of the Republican “suicide” pact that was “RyanCare.”

Not only are they in “bed” together, they’ve got “matching” jammies.

Priebus isn’t properly “identifying” the establishment representative, the political “prostitute” masquerading as a Speaker, Paul Ryan, as being “at fault.”

He’s solely the one who served up the “RyanCare” disaster as the only option, with no “regular order or debate,” in what is truly “amateurish and horrible” form for a Speaker.

Yet his “buddy” Reince has apparently been successful in “convincing” President Trump that conservatives who held their “commitment” to  the people of America in “higher regard” than their own “favor” with the President, are being “vilified.”

President Trump has “indicated,” through Chief of Staff Priebus and by “tweet,” that he will consider courting Democrats more aggressively in order to “bypass” conservatives if necessary in order to “pass legislation.”

Apparently the quality of the “legislation” is less of an issue than putting one in the “win” column.

It’s a line of “thinking” and a potential “course of action” that President Trump should consider very “carefully” before he ventures in.

If he loses the “support” of the American people, the “silent” majority that put him into office, things will turn “very ugly, very quickly.”

Ryan mirrored his fellow “globalist” Nancy Pelosi in the manner he attempted to push “RyanCare” upon the nation. It wasn’t “worth passing.”

It was political “suicide,” damaging to the nation and even worse for the Republican Party. It could have easily “resulted” in any imaginable types of Democrat “victories.”

It still could in some “form” before all is said and done. It doesn’t have to, but “overture” to the Democrats indicate that doors that should have remained “padlocked and chained” have been left standing ajar.

The “Freedom Caucus” stood their ground and did the “country” and President Trump a “great service,” whether or not he realizes it yet.

Passing a “bill” for the sake of saying “you did something” is how things operated before “someone” came to Washington with “promises” of draining the swamp.

We’re supposed to be “beyond” that type of “swamp thing” now.

On Fox News Sunday, Priebus told Republicans, “This president is not going to be a partisan president. I think it’s time for our folks to come together, I also think it’s time to potentially get a few moderate Democrats on board as well.”

Is this “what it looks like,” that President Trump, with Reince Priebus providing the “grease or possibly the Vaseline” to the skids, is embracing Paul Ryan, the most “disloyal, disruptive anti-Trump RINO” in the federal government?

The one who brought forth a “doomed” or worse if passed “disaster of a bill” is seen favorably while the “patriots” in the Freedom Caucus and conservatives who made him President are “disrespected” and threatened with being “cut out of the process?”

Why is President Trump “listening” to Priebus and how can someone who seems so “savvy” allow himself to be “misled” by such a conniving snake? Something doesn’t quite “smell” right here.

President Trump tweeted a vindictive, “Democrats are smiling in D.C. that the Freedom Caucus, with the help of Club for Growth and Heritage, have saved Planned Parenthood & ObamaCare!”

The President was also sending “mixed” signals g tweeting, “watch @JudgeJeanine on @FoxNews tonight at 9:00 P.M.”

Judge Pirro’s open act was a “call” for Speaker Ryan to step “down” from his position. She “accused” Ryan of having “sold” the inexperienced President “a bill of goods” with the “RyanCare” bill.

Priebus also “professed” to Wallace that the “call” for Ryan to step down being the “focus” of her broadcast was just “coincidental.” Obviously, most of us aren’t “dumb” enough to believe that.

Whatever is “going on,” President Trump needs to bear in mind: “We understand and the country needs him; but he needs to remember he needs us as well, all of us.”

His apparently “lack of fidelity to the American patriots and his willingness to “form” an alliance with the “welfare parasite” Democrats, in league with Priebus and Ryan is “rightfully” very concerning.

He shouldn’t be too willing to “abandon” his base in the interest of getting a “Win.”

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