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Calexit Petition

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People from California can sign the “Calexit” petition, but what about the “rest of us” in the other 49 states, or in Obama’s “57” states?

From my point of view, we would “benefit” the most from California “leaving” the Union.


Think of it.  55 Democrat “votes” in the Electoral College, gone.  Two Democrat senators and a “raft” of Democrat Representatives, gone.  “Wacko” news stories coming out of San Francisco, Los Angeles and California colleges would “trouble” us less if it were a “different” country.

Hollywood, and all it’s knee jerk “Tinseltown” liberals would be in a different country.  They could “rant and rave” about California politics, but “nobody” would listen to their “criticisms” of American politics?


Please, someone who “knows” how to do these things, start a “Calkickout” petition.

This would be a “petition” to our Legislative, Judicial, and Executive branches to not only “accede” to California’s “desire” to leave the union, but to actively “encourage” it and do everything possible to “facilitate” and speed it up, and, yes, “kick them out even if they don’t want to go.”

Yes, I know it might be “inconvenient” to have a new Venezuela on our “western” border, but, hey, maybe it “wouldn’t be that bad.”


Maybe if they were on their “own,” they would come to their “senses” before toilet paper disappears from “store shelves,” and food supplies have to be “protected” by the military.

I know this would be “cruel” to those Californians who are not “snowflake” liberals, but I suspect that most of them would be “smart” enough to head east before we “slam” the border shut.

If not, well, that’s what “survival of the fittest is all about.”


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