Trump’s Muslim Ban


Iran on Saturday “condemned” the U.S. visa ban against Tehran and “six” other majority Muslim countries as an “open affront against the Muslim world and the Iranian nation” and vowed to retaliate.

Saudi Arabia will continue to “block” US Citizens to visit on “tourist” visas.


Libya, Yemen and other countries are vowing to “stop” American tourists from “visiting” their countries.


Americans are for the time being still “welcome” to come to the UK unless you are on the “ban” list, although I’ve heard wearing a “burqa” gets you waved straight through customs with no “visa” checks.


Remember to say to as many people in the airport as possible “Islam is a religion of peace” and you should be “allowed” in no problem.


If they ask “how many heads have you chopped off” it’s not a trick question, it’s just for their “records,” as in moderate Britain, “decapitation” is not a reason for refusing “entry” to the county.


Upsetting UK “Muslims” is the only “surefire” way to guarantee entry “refusal.”

Well, disappointing to “lose” my deposit on our Yemeni “beachfront” condo. Last year a “drone” strike and now this.


Spring Break “just isn’t going to be the same.”

This “madness” must be stopped! Sadly, the correct “understanding” of multi-cultural and multi-gender “equality” among the toiling masses is at an “all-time low.”


I hope Air force One  has “retractable” balls or it’s going to be a “painful” landing unless they are made of “solid brass.”

It seems Barack the “Weak and Feckless” has been replaced by Donald the “Bold Warrior.”


Onward to “stamp out” Islamic hegemony! Let the great patriotic “War Part III” begin.

Bill Clinton is a “racist and bigoted” Trump lover judging from this short clip. Who knew? Is anything “sacred” anymore?

The “correct” answer is, of course, that this “truth” is no longer deemed current.




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