Chill Out Moments

Chill Out Moments 00“Hot Italian News Host” 

Forget she was sitting at a glass desk.

“Mechanical Bull”


“The Great Richard Pryor”

A legendary trailblazer.

“Bohemian Rhapsody”

Wayne’s World.

“Friend Falling Through Thin Ice”

Friend Laughs Her Ass Off While Recording Her.

“Jealous Pups”

Needing Attention.

“Brady Pull Me Closer”

Closer Parody.

“Jumpsuit Fashion”

How to stuff Guitars down your pants.

“The Voices Of Mario Luigi”

And others completely ruined Video shows for me.

“Believe In Ryp”

Untimely death of Rick Recipient.

“Dog Saving Another Dog”

From a rushing river.

“On The Road Again”

Cool Willie Nelson.

“The Usual Suspects”

The ending.

“All Star Hockey Games”

Best Moments.

“Power Bombing”

Off A Stage.

“Super Bowl Commercial”

Mr. Clean is setting people up to have a little sex.

“Bill Burr about Arnold Schwarzenegger”

And his Maid.

“WWE Royal Rumble Match History”

BEST and OMG Moments.

“Drew Carey’s son Connor”

Setting Fire and yelling Screw Our President.


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