Distinguished Public Service


President Obama added another “prestigious” medal to his Nobel Peace Prize “collection” when his appointee and subordinate Defense Secretary Ash Carter awarded him the Department of Defense Medal for “Distinguished Public Service” to add to all those “participation” trophies he got at Punahou for his “basketball” skills.


The ceremony took place at “Joint Base Myers-Henderson” in Arlington, VA before a crowd that had an awful lot of “empty” seats, almost as if the military “service members” who attended were there on “orders.”

If this caught you by “surprise” you’re not alone. Most Americans had no idea that the “Pentagon” had such an award.


President Obama awarded himself the prestigious, “Distinguished Public Service Medal.”

During his “teary-eyed” presentation speech, he referred to himself 97 times while “gloriously” expounding on his many “accomplishments, performances and golf vacations.”

Through tears of “joy” he referred to himself another 163 times “expounding” upon his many “successes and how smart he is.”

Additionally, you may not be “aware” that sometime after January 20, several countries are also “expected” to invite president Obama to “medal ceremonies” in appreciation of his many “stellar” world contributions.

Our inside source “revealed” the following scheduled “events”:


In Havana, Cuba Obama will receive the highest “Order of Jose Marti” for his magnanimous “concessions” to the communist regime and outstanding “contribution” to world peace, education, culture and science.


In Tehran, Iran Obama will receive the highest “Excellent Order of Islamic Republic” for the nuclear “deal” he struck with Iran and the huge “pile of cash” sent over to help the country “build” a high-speed rail system.


In Damascus, Syria Obama will receive the highest “Order of Civil Merit” for drawing his famous “red line” in the sand and “forgetting” all about it, which enabled Syria to “coordinate” its use of “chemical gas attacks” against their own people.


In Gaza, Palestine Obama will receive the highest The Medal of Honor  for allowing the “passage” of a UN Security Council resolution “condemning” Israel and ending the “suffering” of the Palestinian people.


In Istanbul, Turkey Obama will receive the “Order of the Medjid” for his zeal, devotion and loyalty to his best Muslim friend “sultan” Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for helping him to “reestablishing” the Ottoman Empire.


In Bonn, Germany Obama will receive the “Cross of Honor for Valor” for helping Angela Merkel “bravely defend the rights and freedom of the German people” necessary to overcome fear and exceptional “danger” of radical Islamism.


In Bethlehem, Israel Obama with receive the “Backstabber Order of the Century” for his failure to “protect” Israel in the gang-up at the UN, and for “colluding” with the resolution.


Other countries are “expected” to follow suit in the coming months, “commemorating” the many astonishing “accomplishments” of the Obama presidency.

As we all know the “Distinguished Public Service” medal was awarded for his administration’s effective measures to bring “peace” to Syria and to stop Russian “expansion” in the Ukraine, and his efforts to “protect” American citizens working in embassies abroad, in addition to “healing” all the racial “divides” in the USA.


Obama’s full “distinguish” title will now be:

“His Excellency, President for Life, Field Marshal Al Hadji Doctor Barack Hussein Soetoro Obama, VC, DSO, MC, Lord of ‘All the Beasts’ of the Earth, all the ‘Birds of the Air’ including ‘drones’ and the ‘Fishes of the Seas’ and Conqueror of the Western Civilization in General and the USA in Particular.”


Finally, Barack Obama is receiving the “recognition” that is due. I was told there is also a “statue” in the making with an appropriate “soundtrack.”



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