Weekly Muslim Invader Updates


Jan 13 2017
LEFTISTS IN PANIC MODE as the Trump effect spreads around the world.
Sit back and enjoy watching the growing Leftist meltdown as they foresee a future where their pro-Socialist Utopian policies are losing out to good old-fashioned patriotism and support for national sovereignty.

Jan 13 2017
President Trump will have the ability to shut down ALL refugee/immigrant resettlement in the U.S. for certain groups.
Religious organizations involved in Refugee Resettlement have been taking in billions of taxpayer dollars from the government and flooding the country with so-called refugees (many of whom aren’t) and economic migrants mostly from Muslim countries over the past 8 years. That’s about to change.

Jan 13 2017
UK: Home Secretary Amber Rudd’s speech to the Conservative party conference has been designated by police as a “hate incident” after Oxford academic made a complaint about its anti-immigrant message.
Police investigated Professor Joshua Silver’s complaint and have determined that Ms Rudd’s pro-British workers speech will now be recorded in official statistics as a “non-crime hate incident.”

Jan 13 2017
NEVER HIRE A MUSLIM (especially not a Palestinian Muslim) Reason #165.
A litigation jihad battle between a Hunterdon Central Regional High School in New Jersey and Sireen Hashem, a former teacher there is getting even uglier.  She says that she was fired because she is a Palestinian Muslim and her religion “causes trouble.”

Jan 13 2017
Trump nominee Mike Pompeo must be a good choice for CIA Director if designated terrorist group CAIR is whining about him.
According to the uber Alt-Left news site, SLATE, quoted by CAIR, Trump’s pick for CIA Director, Mike Pompeo, sees “foreign policy as a vehicle for holy war.” It is a holy war that Muslims have been waging against the West since Islam’s inception in the 7th Century.

Jan 13 2017
Yet another horrific story about Sweden’s Muslim immigrant rape culture.
Sweden, now considered the “rape capital of the West” due to its leftist agenda of admitting an inexhaustible supply of Muslim rapists posing as refugees, is reporting yet another victim of multi-Muslim-cultural ism. Even worse, Swedish feminism seem to have no problem with the soaring rape crisis perpetuated by Muslim invaders.

Jan 12 2017
SEBASTIAN GORKA: “Barack Hussein Obama’s farewell speech was like Alice in Wonderland. It was a wilderness of mirrors. It was spin and narrative over truth.”
“Don’t try and take the bravery of our military and wrap yourself in it, when we have ISIS become the largest insurgent jihadi group in modern history, and when we have the SITE Intelligence Group say outside of Iraq and Syria, we have had a jihadi attack every 83 hours. Not 83 days, every 83 hours. 65 million refugees in the world, in most part thanks to jihadi extremism. If that’s a success story, I have a bridge to sell you,” Gorka said.

Jan 12 2017
UN-AMERICAN! Newly elected Somali Muslim representative from Minnesotastan takes oath of office on a gigantic Qur’an.
Why is she allowed to take the oath of office on a holy book that calls for the killing of unbelievers (Jews and Christians), promotes wife-beating, allows forced child marriage and advocates execution of homosexuals and apostates, not to mention the overthrow of non-Islamic  governments? Why is a woman who allegedly engaged in marriage and immigration fraud allowed to serve in the House of Representatives? This is the result of Barack Hussein Obama’s policy of using taxpayer money to fund the import of tens of thousands of Muslims from terrorist nations like Somalia.

Jan 12 2017
Outraged German man rails against the government for flooding Germany with illegal alien Muslim freeloaders, rapists, and criminals from North Africa. Words are cheap, let’s see some action.

Jan 12 2017
Designated terrorist group CAIR’s executive director, Nihad Awad, demands that Obama close Gitmo and release all the remaining Muslim terrorists.
Standing on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court, surrounded by useful leftist idiots dressed up as Gitmo prisoners, Awad also demands that President-elect Trump respect the human rights of Muslim terrorists who are being “held against their will in Guantanamo Bay,” while accusing the United States of being the world’s biggest human rights violator. Funny how he keeps making references to “our government” as if being a Muslim in America makes him an American. Muslim loyalty is to

Jan 11 2017
‘CALIPHORNIA’ MUSLIM phone store salesman caught pulling a gun on customers who came in asking for refund after being sold “used” iPhones.
Basel Mohammad Farha, the salesman, was arrested and booked on suspicion of brandishing a weapon, making threats, and assault with a deadly weapon after the incident was caught on video.

Jan 11 2017
MUSLIM HATE CRIME HOAXES now being exposed by British police, too, but (unlike the New York City police), they won’t reveal the false accuser’s face or full name.
A Muslim woman who claimed she was assaulted for wearing an Islamic headbag (hijab) days after the Paris attacks has been fined after CCTV footage proved she had made the whole thing up.

Jan 11 2017
SPAIN! MUSLIM TERRORIST shouting “Allahu Akbar” opens fire in supermarket while wearing suicide vest filled with gasoline and gunpowder.
The Muslim attacker walked into the Mercadona shop, in the As Lagoas region of the northwestern region Ourense, before opening firing shots into the air. Several shoppers were inside the supermarket when the man entered and fired several shots into the air, causing emergency services to swoop on the building.

Jan 11 2017
FRANCE: Gruesome aftermath of the Muslim terrorist truck jihad attack in Nice that the media refused to show you.
And, as promised by the Islamic State, coming soon to a European or an American city near you. And there’s nothing you can do to stop it…short of deporting all Muslims from your country.

Jan 11 2017
Is there a Muslim school (madrassa) in your neighborhood?
This is where young Islamic terrorists-in-training learn how to hate.

Jan 11 2017
‘Judenratte’ Democrat Senator Richard Blumenthal tries to get Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions to disavow his support for anti-Islam activist David Horowitz.
On the first day of his attorney general confirmation hearing, Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama vigorously defended his association with David Horowitz, termed “the godfather of the modern anti-Muslim movement” by the infamous far left-wing CAIR mouthpiece, Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

Jan 11 2017
Isn’t ‘Muslim Beauty Shop’ an oxymoron?
Why do Muslim women need a beauty shop/hair salon when they keep their hair covered all the time and some keep their faces covered all the time?

Jan 11 2017
Hey, CAIR, this is the last time you will hear an American president claim that Muslims in America are “just as patriotic as we are.”
Or see a paid audience of Obama shills giving thunderous applause to this despicable lie.

Jan 11 2017
CAREFUL! Dead Muslim terrorists can be just as dangerous as live Muslim terrorists
A booby-trapped corpse exploded inside the morgue of a hospital in al-Sadr City, east of Baghdad, a security source told Alsumaria on Sunday.

Jan 11 2017
SEVERAL Black pastors rally in support of Senator Jeff Sessions, president-elect Trump’s nominee for Attorney General.
BUT, BUT BUT…Isn’t this the same Jeff Sessions who is being called a “racist” by the left and an “Islamophobe” by radical Muslim groups like CAIR?

Jan 11 2017
European Court of Human Rights rules that Muslim girls in Switzerland MUST ATTEND swimming classes with boys.
The decision comes after a Muslim couple refused on religious grounds to allow their two young daughters to take part and were fined 1300 euros.

Jan 11 2017
GERMANY OR NOTHING! Syrian Muslim freeloaders say: “If we can’t stay in Germany (where the welfare benefits are better), we’d rather go back to Syria.”
Bye Bye

Jan 10 2017
AUSTRALIA: Muslim migrant mob of savages brutally beat two workers.
The terrifying ordeal unfolded when the gang of African Muslim teenagers began destroying fencing outside the St Kilda Life Saving Club on the famous Melbourne beach, Australia. Two landscape gardeners working on the site yelled at the men who responded by unleashing a brutal onslaught.

Jan 10 2017
MUSLIM ‘CLOCKBOY’ defamation lawsuit thrown out of court by judge.
Following a nearly three-hour hearing held yesterday in Dallas, Texas, newly appointed District Court Judge Maricela Moore dismissed a defamation lawsuit filed by Mohamed Mohamed on his own behalf and on behalf of his 15-year old son, Ahmed Mohamed (‘clock boy’).

Jan 10 2017
MUSLIMS’ FAVORITE SPECTATOR SPORT: Watching homosexuals get thrown off the roof of a building.
The Islamic State’s (ISIS) reign of terror in Iraq continued last week, with their terrorists throwing a man off the roof of a building for allegedly being a “homosexual.”

Jan 10 2017
AFGHAN MUSLIM savage who beheaded a woman in Holland allowed to enter Britain where he then brutally attacked two police officers with a hammer.
A convicted Muslim murderer from Holland was able to waltz right through Britain’s porous borders without any screening or background checks and quickly went on to attack two police officers with a claw-hammer. Afghan-born Jamshid Piruz was allowed to enter the UK unchallenged despite having been sentenced to 12 years in jail in Holland, but released after seven, for cutting off the head of his female tenant in cold-blood after watching a Taliban beheading video.

Jan 10 2017
OUTRAGEOUS! British schoolboy forced to attend a counter-Islamic terrorism DE-radicalization program for saying “Muslim women should not be allowed to wear burqas.”
The 14-year-old Christian schoolboy was dragged into a mosque and ordered to spend time with an imam after he made comments in school about Muslims “trying to take over the country” according to local reports. Gee, why he would think that?

Jan 10 2017
SUDANESE MUSLIM Diplomat busted for groping a woman in NYC subway, goes free.
It’s called ‘Diplomatic Immunity’ and it allows top foreign diplomats who may also be perverts, rapists, or common criminals to commit virtually any kind of crime and avoid prosecution. Yet another reason for kicking the United Nations out of New York City.

Jan 9 2017
EXCELLENT! Senior Palestinian thug says: “If Donald Trump makes good on his promise to move the American Embassy to the capital of Israel in Jerusalem it is declaration of war on all Muslims.”
Palestinian Authority’s supreme Sharia judge Mahmoud Al-Habbash declared on Friday: “When something harms our faith and our existence, we cannot stand by and do nothing,” Habbash, who also serves as a senior aide to Abbas, said.

Jan 9 2017
How do you know all those cute little Syrian Muslim ‘refugee’ children Obama’s been dumping into the U.S. weren’t part of the Caliphate Cubs trained by ISIS?
You don’t. So don’t be shocked when one of these newly arrived junior jihadis at your child’s school pulls out a knife or a gun on the playground to demonstrate his newly honed skills.

Jan 9 2017
GERMANY…where mocking headbag-wearing Muslim women could get you thrown in jail.
Nice to know there are still some Germans with a sense of humor in the midst of the never-ending Muslim invasion.

Jan 9 2017
PRICELESS! Muslim women wearing headbags attempt to learn self-defense against potential headbag-grabbers.
Since the election of Donald Trump, Muslim women (encouraged by designated terrorist group CAIR) have been trying to gain public sympathy and media attention by alleging a “sharp rise” in headbag-grabbing attacks by strangers in the street/subway, etc. Most have been exposed by police as hoaxes, lacking any witnesses or video evidence.

Jan 9 2017
Police accused of “stealing” blankets from illegal alien Muslim invaders squatting in the streets of Paris.
Police in Paris are allegedly threatening the lives of homeless Muslim illegals by stealing their blankets as temperatures drop to freezing. It is all part of a campaign of harassment aimed at getting unwanted Muslim invaders posing as refugees off the streets of the French capital. Police said they were under orders to keep the city free of squatters’ camps.

Jan 9 2017
PARTY TIME! Arab Muslims hand out candies in the streets of Israel in celebration of the truck jihad in Jerusalem that killed 4 Israeli soldiers, wounded 15.
This time-honored tradition, which came to our attention following the Islamic terrorist attacks on 9/11, is especially sweet (thus the candies) when Israelis and Americans are slaughtered. Not to worry, Trump will be dishing out his own brand of sweet revenge very soon.

Jan 8 2017
HEY, TEXAS! Time to start playing ‘Cowboys and Muslims’ with this pathetic Muslim-sympathizing, ignorant Texas cowboy.
Don’t see any other Texas cowboys parading around with this moronic anti-American sign.

Jan 8 2017
The best reason for telling your senators to support confirmation of Senator Jeff Sessions’ nomination for Attorney General?
Designated terrorist group CAIR is virulently opposed to him because of his past statements on the threat of Islam and troubling views on issues impacting American Muslims, said sharia law-supporting CAIR National Executive Director  Nihad Awad.

Jan 8 2017
OKLAHOMA teacher under fire from designated terrorist group CAIR for anti-Muslim Facebook posts.
An Oklahoma teacher is accused of taking to social media and urging support for Donald Trump so that Muslims can be “butchered.”

Jan 8 2017
TEXAS: Mosque under construction destroyed by fire.
The Travis County Fire Marshal’s is investigating a fire that completely destroyed a mosque two months from completion near Lake Travis.

Jan 8 2017
DONALD TRUMP will have a ‘Judeo-Christian’ inauguration ceremony…no Muslim clergy in sight…thank God!
President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremony is going to be blessed by the presence of a group of religious leaders much bigger in number than any time before in American history. Sources have revealed the list of religious leaders who will be blessing the new president of the U.S.A., and it includes pastors and priests from a diverse range of religions and sects…but noticeably, none from Islam.

Jan 8 2017
GERMANY: Muslim invaders commit one crime every two minutes.
MUSLIM invaders, many of whom are illegal aliens, in Germany committed one crime every two minutes during the first nine months of 2016, including at least 366 murders/attempted murders, and 214,600 other serious crimes, or 32 crimes every hour, 787 per day, and 23,844 every month, a police report has revealed.

Jan 8 2017
CZECH President Milos Zeman tells citizens how to fight against Muslim jihadists: “Shoot them yourselves.”
WHAT? No running and hiding? No sheltering in place? No see something, say something?

Jan 8 2017
BRITISH WOMAN: “I was forced to be a sex slave for Muslims for 13 years.”
She was 15-year-old schoolgirl when she met Muslim taxi driver, Malik, and thought he was “nice guy.” He brought her to his home allegedly to meet his family. Instead she became a sex slave for him and his friends, held captive and subjected to sadistic sexual and psychological abuse for the next 13 years, during which she gave birth to 4 babies, none of whom she was able to keep.

Jan 8 2017
ISLAMIC TRUCK JIHAD massacre, killing 4 Israeli soldiers, injuring 15, hits Jerusalem.
First Nice, then Ohio State, then Berlin, now Jerusalem, in what is becoming a favorite jihadi tactic of the Islamic State (ISIS) and ISIS wannabes, an Arab Muslim truck driver mows down 4 soldiers, then backs up over them, killing four and wounding 15 others.

Jan 7 2017
FORT LAUDERDALE JIHAD? Turns out the terrorist Esteban Santiago had joined MySpace under the Muslim name – “Asshiq Hammad” – 3 years before being deployed to Iraq.
Esteban Santiago registered on MySpace under the name “Aashiq Hammad” and recorded Islamic religious music on the site, 3 years before he ever deployed to Iraq as a U.S. soldier, destroying the lying mainstream media’s narrative that he was just a mentally disturbed veteran and that “Islam had nothing to do with it.”

Jan 7 2017
GERMANY: Muslim invader posing as a refugee rapes grandmother in the park, then says he did it because “she wanted it.”
The 24-year-old Muslim rapist – identified only as Ayoub L. (with face hidden)– raped the woman in the German region of Saxony. But he told a court the victim, 62, “wanted sex” because she “put her hand on my thigh.”

Jan 7 2017
Was the Ft. Lauderdale Airport massacre Islamic terrorism or the new favorite Muslim/Media defense – “mental issues?”
We’re already hearing the media throwing around the “mental issues” excuse…but time will tell…and hopefully with Donald Trump in office, the left won’t be able to bury the Islam connection to terrorism.

Jan 7 2017
HUNGARIAN expert on Islam says “Muslims are here for only one reason – to convert us, NOT to integrate with us.
Says Miklos Maroth: With Muslims, there is no expectation of mutual respect. They will never integrate with Western culture or society.  They will never be tolerant of other religions. And once their population numbers are sufficient (20 – 30%), they will begin persecuting the native population, at first by demanding that all symbols of Christianity be removed from the public domain…and secular Europe will only be too happy to comply.

Jan 7 2017
MEDIA BLACKOUT as yet another Somali Muslim so-called ‘refugee’ is convicted of attempting to sexually assault a special-needs disabled woman.
Liban Mohamed, 39, was in the the United States for only about a week when he tried to force himself on a 31-year-old woman with severe disabilities in Aberdeen, South Dakota. He is not a U.S. citizen, but whether he will be deported in the wake of his conviction remains unclear.

Jan 7 2017
Designated terrorist group CAIR-Arizona leader calls on Obama to pardon Muslims convicted in the largest Islamic terrorism financing trial in American history.
A petition calling for President Barack Obama to use his powers of clemency to secure an early release for terror financiers is circulating online. It gained the support of Imran Siddique, the executive-director of the Arizona chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

Jan 7 2017
NORWEGIAN HAIRDRESSER stands by her decision: “To me, the Islamic headbag (hijab) is the same as the ISIS flag” and I will refuse service to anyone wearing it.
A hairdresser who was slapped with a £900 fine by the courts after throwing a headbag-wearing Muslim woman out of her salon has appealed the ruling saying “the hijab is the same as an Isis flag.”

Jan 7 2017
Further evidence that Arabs posing as ‘Palestinians’ don’t want a two state solution and never did.
They want a one state solution for Muslims only, with Jerusalem as their capital and their capital alone.

Jan 7 2017
YAWN: Once again, designated terrorist group CAIR demands “local AND state AND federal hate crime” investigation of hate graffiti on a Muslim’s car.
The Michigan chapter of the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-MI) today called on LOCAL, state, and federal law enforcement authorities to investigate the apparent bias motive for vandalism targeting the car of a Muslim man of South Asian heritage.


Coming soon to a City near you. Courtesy of the Obama Administration and unvetted immigration policies.



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