Yellow Jacket Awakening


The “Yellow Jackets” are awakening and “presenting” the U.S. as an “external” threat determined to “destroy” an otherwise stable and “harmonious” society in a new “propaganda” video.

A Chinese propaganda “video” of unknown origin is “circulating” the internet and “warns” Chinese citizens to “fear” the destructive and destabilizing power of America’s “devilish claws,” reports The New York Times.


The video is informally titled “Who most wants to overthrow China?”

The video “argues” the U.S. will do anything it can to “cripple” China, everything from sending “carrier” groups into Chinese waters, to supporting domestic “subversives” to deploying “anti-missile and radar systems” near its borders.

Scenes of American politicians and diplomats encouraging subversive activities to “bring China down” are followed by scenes of “domestic protests, forced confessions from human rights lawyers claiming that they were led astray by hostile Western forces, and explosive riots in Hong Kong.”

The video, which highlights all of the ruling Communist Party of China’s “fears” of subversion by foreign powers, warns of the dangers of a “color revolution,” the Chinese government’s general term for “anti-government” insurrections.

“Color revolutions have already successfully driven many countries into the flames of war and chaos, and America’s devilish claws are now reaching into China,” one of the subtitles reads.

Western subverters are “stirring up mass incidents and using social tensions as a point to break through and serve as the fuse for color revolution.”

Towards the end of the video, the dark scenes of “destruction” are replaced by “beautiful” images of a modern, “developed” China filled with bright, “smiling” faces.

Images of the “People’s Liberation Army” (PLA) appear alongside the words, “Eliminating the threat of a color revolution will be a long war, but if there is a war, we will answer the call.”

The “belief” that the U.S. intends to “topple” the Chinese government and spread “instability” throughout China has been a “consistent theme” throughout Chinese President Xi Jinping’s administration.

China released a “similar” video in August titled “You Want China To Be Like This? Over Our Dead Bodies!”

The video presents a number of “tragic” images followed by the words, “Behind all of these things, we can see the deep shadow of the star-spangled banner.”

Like the video “released” this week, the one published this “past” summer argues that the U.S. seeks to “subvert” China and ruin a “peaceful and harmonious” society.

China sees American “governmental and non-governmental” involvement in maritime disputes, human rights, China’s separatist territories, and various “core interests” as aggressive plans to “overthrow” the Chinese government, which is “desperate” to present itself as the only “safety net” for the Chinese citizenry.

Promoting the“Chinese Dream,” Xi has presented the ruling party as the “vanguard” of national “sovereignty, security, and stability.”

The video released in August preceded a series of “trials” for human rights lawyers arrested in a major “crackdown” last year. The trials, as well as the arrests, were heavily “criticized” in the West.

The most recent video follows a significant increase in “tension” between the U.S. and China.

President-elect Donald Trump’s “attitudes” towards China’s “currency management, trading practices, maritime activities,” and core interests, such as Taiwan, are very “inconsistent” with China’s own views.

There is a growing “fear” in China that Trump will put “unprecedented pressure on China.”

Over the past few years, several such “propaganda” videos have appeared online to “solidify” the government’s position “at times of uncertainty.”



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