Rape Capital Awards


Wandering through the “streets” of the bigger European cities, one cannot help but notice the “stressful” atmosphere.

The annual European “Rape Capita Awards” are due in two weeks, on January 2nd, and these are the last days to “win points in the contest.”

City Mayors and “representatives” all over Europe  are making a final “push” to make sure their own cities can “claim” the prestigious award.


Last year’s winner, the “proud city of Cologne”, is once more in the running for victory.

Abu Hamza al-Kolonji, the city’s cultural “diversity” officer, is certain of their “upcoming” victory.

Translated from “Arabic” with a slight German “accent” he proclaimed:

“We not only have the experience to organize these kinds of large-scale rapes, but also the complete cooperation of the local press to keep their silence so nothing will hinder the festivities. We expect everything to go flawless, like last year, and claim this prestigious prize once more. The Germans are so keen on obtaining this award, that their politicians are even lying about being raped themselves by our refugees.”


But not all Europeans are “happy” with the current German winning streak.

The French were so successful in destroying their own culture, that now entire city districts in Paris have become no-go zones where not a woman dares to venture.


This “creates” difficulties in finding young Western “girls” to rape. The French “Minister of Cultural Suicide” feels cheated:

“It’s not fair. We have worked decades to create safe rape zones for Muslim illegal’s and immigrants. Now these Germans open their borders and try to surpass us in one year time.”


The French are now officially “accusing” the Germans of feeding their so called “Muslim refugees” with high protein “diets” and training schedules consisting of 12 hours per day mandatory “porn” watching, effectively turning them into illegal “rapefugee training camps” for the upcoming open “Taharrush” hunting season.

Apart from the accusations of “unfair” competition, opinions differ among European “progressive” governments about what “values” are important to win the Muslim Rape Awards:  “Is it just about the numbers, or should there be points for style and brutality?”


In Austria officials noted that although mass raping is not yet at a “Cologne” level, the fact that young children can “partake” is also a good reason for “victory” consideration in this competition.

A recent court decision ruled that a child rapist can get a “retrial” because he did not understand a 10 year old boy’s “cries to stop the abuse” since the rapist didn’t “speak” Austrian.

This will surely “add” to the Austrian branch of “cultural rape enrichment.”

As “New Year Eve” approaches, the tensions in Europe rises: “which country will sacrifice the most of its vulnerable boys and girls on the golden altar of cultural rape enrichment?”

Local European governments competing for the prestigious “Rape Capital Award” title should introduce “incentives” similar to “You Can Do It In Finland” where you will not be “punished.”

Better yet, Sweden’s incentive “Rape one, get another one free”  looks even more promising. The “possibilities” are endless.


Volunteers for this program can be “recruited” from among American sex-starved feminists who are currently creating “rape hoaxes” on college campuses.

I’m sure they’ll be “happy” to participate in a mutually beneficial “fact finding mission” that will result in “cultural rape enrichment” for both parties.


It will also “provide” them with “rich” material for their “fake news narrative” when they get home.


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