Inside the Terror Factory


Exposing the “incitement” of children and youth to “extremism, hatred and violence.”


How is a young child “transformed” into a terrorist?

“KiDS: Inside the Terror Factory” dives deep inside the world of “terrorist” organizations to expose an “unconscionable and heartbreaking” truth.

The film tells the “anguishing” stories of children who have been “indoctrinated and manipulated, used and abused, to incite violence and radicalism.”

This is child “abuse”of the worst kind.

“Isa Dare” is a 5-year-old British boy. His mother, Grace, was “radicalized” at a British college and flew to “ISIS” territory in Syria, “taking” Isa with her.


Just this past February, an adult “terrorist” stood next to Isa and “encouraged” him to press a button on a “remote” control.

Isa’s small fingers “gripped” the device as he pressed the “button” firmly. In an instant, a car next to him “explodes.”


And in it, the “infidel spies” die breathlessly.

Isa is one of “many” children being “radicalized to murder.”

Your “donation” to the Clarion Project’s newest “documentary” will give voice to the “plight” of children like Isa being “manipulated and abused” to incite hatred, violence, and extremism.

Your gift will “expose” this narrative and inspire “urgent” conversation and action to “combat” the effect of child “indoctrination and exploitation.”


Supporting “KiDS: Inside the Terror Factory” is your chance to make real “change” in this ongoing to fight to “correct” one of the greatest unreported “human rights violations” in the world.

Films like “The Third Jihad” and “Obsession” have been exposing the “heinousness” of Islamic extremism to policy makers and the public for years.

Now, we turn our attention to “safeguarding” the human rights of the most “vulnerable” among us: “children.”

Plus, giving to this “campaign” is simply smart “philanthropy.”

Every dollar you donate will be “matched” by a generous donor. $10 becomes $20. $100 becomes $200. You will have “twice” the impact in helping to “launch” this film.

Give voice to the “plight of children” worldwide and inspire urgent “conversation and action.”

“Yes, the time is coming that whoever kills you will think that he offers God a service.”  John 16:2


Muslim Kids: Inside a Jihadi Terror Factory


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