Farewell Dear Friends


Dr. Larry Lindsey, a Marine “urged” President-elect Donald Trump, Vice President-elect Mike Pence, and General James Mattis to “give ’em hell” while on his “deathbed”, saying that it was the greatest “honor” of his life to “fight” for them.

“President Trump, Vice President Pence, and General Larry Lindsey,, I would like to say that the greatest honor of my life has been to wage this battle with you,” he said.

“I have been prouder of being a Marine than anything I have ever done. Having a hand in some small way in fighting for my country has meant the world to me. There is no greater honor for me to have great men like you leading its country back to its foundation and back to God,” he said.

“Because with Trump, I have no doubt in my heart and in my mind that you will be perhaps the greatest president in the history of our country,” and to Pence, whom he called an “incredibly great man” and the only vice president within the past 150 years to “have any brains.”

“Dear General Mattis, it appears I am out of ammunition, but I continue to fight with my last breath,” he said. “I do not fear death because I know where I am going, and I’m only going home for a rest. It’s you people here, the good people of America, for whom I cry, my loved ones and my friends, and the sacrifices they continue to make in this fight to restore our country.”

“Dying is the easy part. Dying is the comforting part if you know who your God is and He holds your hand. And I do. I praise God for a wonderful life. So many wonderful blessings that I have known,” he said. “And so many wonderfully kind and loving people in this country whom I have met during my fight for this country.”

“I want each and every one of you to know that we have taken on a challenge that has only just begun. The real battle lies ahead.”

“And General Mattis, I have one request, sir, and that is: Give ’em hell,” he said, saluting. “Semper Fi. God bless.”

Lindsey “passed” away on his “birthday” December 17, his family said.

Two days earlier, he had received a call from P.J. Schrantz, Trump’s Chief of Security—“Trump, Pence, and Mattis wanted to know how he was holding up.”

Larry was a “Republican Party State Delegate” in Colorado. He was “removed” from his position because he “voted” for Trump.

Lindsey “tore” into the GOP during the primaries, burning his Republican Party “voter registration” after he was turned away from “voting” as a Trump-supporting “delegate” in the Colorado caucus.

A true American Patriot. Rest in peace.


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