Chill Out Moments

Chill Out Moments 00“Russian Guy Does A Front Flip”

In Front Of A Train.

“The Office”

Andy Bernard Goes Hardcore Parkour

“A Bully Get One-Punched To Hell”

Boy Do I Have Just The Video For You!

“Male Professor Strips On The Subway”

As A Response To The ‘Plus Sized’ Model That Did The Same.

“Guy Takes His Girlfriend To The Go Kart Track”

While she takes the pedal to the metal.

“Playing With Wolves Seems Great”

Until One Tries To Bite Your Face Off.

“I Have A Ton Of Respect For This 49ers Nerd”

Who Got His Ass Kicked In This Fight.

“Cops in McDonald’s”

Dimpus Burger.

“One Finger Selfie Challenge”

Latest Trend Posting Pictures Of Yourself Naked

“Japanese Amusement Park Spa”

Asians Doing Weird Shit.

“Dude Escaping The Gatlinburg Fires”

Is Absolutely Insane.

“Three Little Birds”

Every Little Thing is Gonna Be Alright.

“Wake Up With Pink Floyd”

And his Money.

“Jennifer Aniston Admits”

She’s Had a 4-way in the Cockpit of a Plane

“Rhode Island Guy Films  Himself Driving 115 MPH”

Things Go Poorly From There.

“60 Days In Jail”

Seven People Volunteer to do Jail.

“Calling Michelle Obama A Monkey Face”

Isn’t Racist, it’s Just Calling It Like It Is.

“Tiger is back on the course”

…making  golf swearing cool again.

“Bill Gates Lost To The Chess World Champion in 71 Seconds”

But At Least He’s Still Bill Gates.

“The Jimmy V Classic”

1-800-4JimmyV or to donate.

“Talking About Beavers”

Maybe I’ve seen my beavers in the wrong place.

“Tom Brady 201 GOAT”

Greatest quarter back ever.

“Apple iPhone”

Jobs might have died in vain.

“Pistachio Girl”

Has been fired from her job as a food vendor.

“Cooking Ribs”

Finally, a cause we can all get behind.

“Buddy the Elf”

One of my favorite time of Christmas.

“Blac Youngsta Nigger”

The money-phone-to-the-head rapper.

“Jon Jones Failed His Drug Test”

Because of his Penis and the drugs needed to get it stiff.

“The Best Weed Of His Life”

May your weed be as good as his tears.

“Beautiful Women Eating Burgers”

It’s very American.

“Bad Santa”

Reindeer, Jingle Bells, Mistletoe and Holly.

“Christmas Songs”

This the season for Christmas music.

“Shaq Thinks It’s A Shorter Flight “

To The Moon Than To California.

“Grinch Runs Up On An Inflatable Snowman”

Then Stabs Him Dead.

“Kim Kardashian Commercial”

Feels like an acid trip.

“Christmas Light Show”

2016 Johnson Family Dubstep EDM Christmas Light Show

“21 Golden Retriever Puppies”

Frolicking in a field.

“Delivery Guy Peeing In The Elevator”

Before Dropping Off The Food.

“Santa Isn’t Real “

But Jesus is.

“Wonder Woman”

“Fat Bitch Gets Dragged Off Delta Flight”

Because She Tried To Board Early To Get Overhead Bin Space.

“Unusual Proposal”

Motorcycle Dude Proposes To His Chick.

“Presented Without Interruption”

Gorgeous Fitness Model Squats Her Smokestack Of Sister

“Jennifer Lawrence And Chris Pratt Insult Each Other”

That’s A Boring Headline But Trust Me, It’s V Funny.

“Old Time Hockey”

Is About To Be The Hottest Video Game Of 2017 Ever

“Cop Dancing To 24K Magic”

While Ringing The Salvation Army Bell.

“Carpool Karaoke”

With Bruno Mars and Mariah Carey.

“Guy Trying To Rob A Store”

12-Year-Old Kid Throws A Karate Neck Punch.

“Two Hot Chicks”

And a Guy from Idaho stuck in an Uber.

“Bernard Hopkins vs. Joe Smith Jr.”

Time to hang it up.

“Santa Claus Is Coming To Town”

Before he squeezes down the chimney.

“Human Flying Drone”

You build it I fly it.

“Brother Coming Home From Afghanistan”

Great Reunion.

“Austin Powers”

Battles The Fem bots.

“Old Curmudgeon”

Cringe worthy Jerry Lewis.

“Silent Night”

While Riding A Vibrator.

Have a Happy and Healthy New Year.


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