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Chill Out Moments

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Chill Out Moments 00“Hot Italian News Host” 

Forget she was sitting at a glass desk.

“Mechanical Bull”


“The Great Richard Pryor”

A legendary trailblazer.

“Bohemian Rhapsody”

Wayne’s World.

“Friend Falling Through Thin Ice”

Friend Laughs Her Ass Off While Recording Her.

“Jealous Pups”

Needing Attention.

“Brady Pull Me Closer”

Closer Parody.

“Jumpsuit Fashion”

How to stuff Guitars down your pants.

“The Voices Of Mario Luigi”

And others completely ruined Video shows for me.

“Believe In Ryp”

Untimely death of Rick Recipient.

“Dog Saving Another Dog”

From a rushing river.

“On The Road Again”

Cool Willie Nelson.

“The Usual Suspects”

The ending.

“All Star Hockey Games”

Best Moments.

“Power Bombing”

Off A Stage.

“Super Bowl Commercial”

Mr. Clean is setting people up to have a little sex.

“Bill Burr about Arnold Schwarzenegger”

And his Maid.

“WWE Royal Rumble Match History”

BEST and OMG Moments.

“Drew Carey’s son Connor”

Setting Fire and yelling Screw Our President.


Help the Obama’s

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Did you think the Obama’s would “leave you alone” after exiting the White House?

Not so fast!


Right after they “boarded” the government helicopter for the last time leaving the White House, they “recorded and posted” this video on, pleading for your “help” while on the way to play “golf” in Palm Springs using their “new” iPhones.

Hillary Broke 03

As we all know, Democratic presidents “traditionally” leave the White House completely “broke and impoverished,” which is why they set up various “foundations” with their names on them and ask for “donations,” which allows them to continue “living on public assistance.”

But even more than “money,” they need to you to “unite” together and “help” them build the “Presidential Center and Library” on the South Side of Chicago.

Barack Obama ended his “final” press conference by extolling his “confidence” that the mainstream media will help him “fight” for his post-presidential agenda.

Believing America will be “okay” after Donald Trump “displaces” him from the White House, Obama said, “This is not just a matter of ‘no drama Obama,’ this is what I really believe.”

He continued, “It is true behind closed doors I curse more than I do publicly. And sometimes I get mad and frustrated like everybody else does. But at my core? I think we’re going to be okay. We just have to fight for it. We have to work for it and not take it for granted,” Obama said of his values and policy agenda.

“And I know you will help us do that,” he said to the assembled room of reporters. “Thank you very much press corps,” he concluded.

“The Obama Foundation will be a living, working startup for citizenship – an ongoing project for us to shape, together, what it means to be a good citizen in the 21st century. We are based in the South Side of Chicago and will have projects all over the city, the country, and the world. We want to hear from you. Send us your ideas, your hopes, your beliefs about what we can achieve together. This will be your Foundation just as much as it is ours, so share your voice at”

Their biggest plan for the future: “building the Barack Obama Center at the University of Chicago. To help raise funds for his presidential library, they launched The Obama Foundation.”

Ask and you shall receive.

Obama was asked if he plans on “running” for office again. After all, there’s nothing in the Constitution “stopping” him from running for Senate or the House.

“I’m not going to be running for anything anytime soon,” Obama said. He hopes to stay out of the “limelight” for the most part.

However, if he sees “our core values” at stake, he will “speak” up. For example, if people are “disenfranchised” or if there are attempts to “silence” the press, he will speak up.

If Trump deports the children of “illegal” immigrants who grew up in the U.S., Obama plans to “say” something about it:

“There’s difference between that normal functioning of politics and certain issues or certain moments where I think our core values may be at stake. I put in that category, if I saw systematic discrimination being ratified in some fashion. I’d put in that category, explicit or functional obstacles to people being able to vote, to exercise their franchise. I’d put in that category, institutional efforts to silence dissent or the press. And for me, at least, I would put in that category, efforts to round-up kids who have grown up here and for all practical purposes are American kids and send them someplace else when they love this country; they are our kids’ friends and their classmates, and are now entering into community colleges or, in some cases, serving in our military. The notion that we would just arbitrarily, or because of politics, punish those kids when they didn’t do anything wrong themselves I think would be something that would merit me speaking out. It doesn’t mean that I would get on the ballot anywhere.”

Obama further indicated that “Immigration is not something to fear. We don’t have to wall ourselves off from those who may not look like us right now, or pray like we do, or have a different last name because being an American is about something more than that.”

It turns out the Obama’s now do “believe” in building protective “walls” for themselves.


Photos were recently published showing crews “erecting” brick pillars walls around the Northwest DC property the former First Family will “inhabit” for the next two years so Sasha can “finish” High School.

One photo shows a six-foot “wall of bricks” and fence with an opening for the driveway. Another shows crews diligently constructing the “security” measures to keep the “undesirable” deplorables at a “safe” distance from the Obama’s.


The Obama’s, of course, are not the only “liberal” politicians to “oppose” a wall for America’s protection, but “erect” one for their own security.

During the presidential campaign, the Clinton’s also build a “huge” wall around their Chappaqua, New York property. The “security guard” in this photo gives it some perspective — “it must be at least 10 feet high.”


Even Millionaire Paul Ryan, who has a two-decade-long history of promoting “open border immigration policies,” seems to support border “fences” for himself, even as he “denies” American people those same “protections.”


Liberals and the “mainstream” media in America may be “giving” the Obama’s and Clinton’s a “glowing” send-off, but others around the world are “celebrating” in a different kind of way.

A video shows “activists” approaching the U.S. embassy in Moscow, Russia “unfurling” a gigantic banner reading, “Obama, burn in hell.”

With their faces “concealed” they lit red flares, chanted and threw down the “fireworks and banner” and ran. News service Ruptly didn’t say what “cause” they were promoting.

They, too, need your input!

The Obama’s home town bids farewell to its president
Contributions to the Obama Presidential Library: Help Wanted

Stalking them YouTubers

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Stalking You Tubers 02

MSNBC: Trump Inauguration Speech “Sounded Like Hitler”


Service Members in Afghanistan Congratulate Trump…




Obama leaving the White House…


UNCENSORED: CNN broadcasts vulgar Madonna’s repeated f-bombs…


The Third Jihad – History and Religious war…


This gentleman from Germany made a video on what happened with Trump’s grandparents and Fred Trump, his father. In it, he totally blows John Oliver’s “Drumpf” line out of the water and also tells how the Trump organization changed hands.

Just an interesting video.




Worst. Hijab. Ever.



Feminist scientists are working on averting the coming disaster through this amazing contraption.




Remember when there was no such thing as political correctness?…


Anti-Trump Protestor lights a girl’s hair on fire!…


President Trump Meets with Union Leaders…


Is racy “Madame X” in Trump book Maggie Trudeau?…



A Bad Lip Reading of Donald Trump’s Inauguration.


Our Children Heard the Crudeness of the Women’s March Speakers…


God bless Donald J. Trump’s America…


Priest out after objecting to Muslim prayer in church…


Josef Joffe – Trump Mord im Weissen Haus…

Josef Joffe, the editor-publisher of German weekly Die Zeit, suggests the easiest way to end the “Trump catastrophe” is to murder the president in the White House.

Joffe joined panel show ARD-Presseclub to answer questions from the public. A viewer called in to ask if it was possible to impeach President Donald Trump and end the “catastrophe.”

“There has to be a qualified two-thirds majority of the Senate in order for a removal of office to take place,” a female panelist responded. “These are politically and legally pretty high hurdles, a lot would have to happen for it, we’re far away from that.”

Joffe then jumped in with a calm response. “Murder in the White House, for example,” he said.

Let’s hope he will be never allowed to come to America.


FedEx Driver breaks up Burning of US Flag in Iowa City…


Kellyanne Conway Speech at March for Life -Washington,DC…


Women’s March DC: “Impeach Trump for Rape!”…

Gathered to rally against the newly minted US President and so-called “rape culture,” many donned pink knitted hats coined “pussyhats.”

I asked them if they would help fight for one woman, Juanita Broaddrick, who claims she was raped in the late 1970s by President Bill Clinton.

Their answers reveal the hypocrisy and double standards rampant on the radical feminist Left, in utter denial that Donald J Trump is their president!


What the Hell Happened to the Left?


VP Mike Pence addresses 2017 March for Life…

Weekly Muslim Invader Updates

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Jan 27 2017
Suspicious anti-Muslim ‘hate’ note left at Colorado refugee center.
Designated terrorist group CAIR demands FBI investigation of possible ‘hate’ crime where a threatening note was allegedly left at a Colorado refugee center serving mainly Muslim invaders. Chance are, this is yet another hate crime ‘hoax’ as many of these alleged hate crimes have been…often with Muslims writing these threatening notes and letters themselves, in order get sympathy from the media.

Jan 27 2017
Designated Terrorist Group CAIR accuses Texas lawmakers of “intolerance” for holding a “Defending Against Islamic Terrorism in Texas” event.
As Republican lawmakers met for a “Homeland Security Summit,” Muslim leaders said state Rep. Kyle Biedermann discriminated against them in sending a letter to poll their beliefs.

Jan 27 2017
Yes, but what if the Muslim family in the neighborhood actually IS funding terrorism?
The media (pressured by CAIR) are quick to condemn someone who placed flyers in neighborhood mailboxes, accusing a Muslim family of supporting terrorism. Why isn’t the FBI investigating the claim? After all, buying halal (Islam-approved) food is indirectly aiding and abetting terrorists.

Jan 27 2017
Airline passenger allegedly attacks headbag-wearing Muslim employee at JFK
Give the guy a break. He probably panicked at seeing someone who could be a potential terrorist so close to the plane he was about to board.

Jan 27 2017
Designated Terrorist Group CAIR should be kissing Donald Trump’s feet.
After all, look at all the opportunities he has given them to play the ‘victim’ game, a favorite pastime of the Left, who are providing an endless supply of useful idiots ready and willing to support the same Muslims who hate everything else the Left stands for.

Jan 27 2017
What’s the difference between Western Europe and Eastern Europe?
One has an average Muslim population of 8% and the other has a Muslim population of 1%.

Jan 27 2017
Expect a lot more of this nonsense from CAIR and their useful idiots – Christians and Jews – ignorant of the growing threat Muslims in America represent.
You can be sure whenever you see designated terrorist group CAIR whining about something they perceive as discriminatory against Muslims, you’ll see Christian and Jewish leftist shills lining up to back them.

Jan 27 2017
COMING OUT! The danger, death threats, and alienation Muslims face when they decide to leave Islam.
Here are some stories of ex-Muslims who have come out and as a result, risk being killed, maimed, or at best, being disowned by their families.

Jan 26 2017
GERMANY: Are welfare scammers the kind of ‘professional’ Muslim migrants Angela Merkel was so happy to welcome?
Fewer than 3% of the 1.2 million Muslim migrants who came to Germany in the last two years have found employment, which means the other 97% live on welfare benefits. Now, it seems, many of those welfare queens are collecting benefits under multiple names.

Jan 26 2017
“My religion commands I wear a ski mask with a swastika on it, so I want a religious exemption to go to school that way.”
MONTREAL SCHOOL is agonizing over whether to allow a 15-year-old Muslim student to come to class in a full face-covering Islamic supremacist body bag. They should tell her: dress like a normal person, not a religious freak, or go back to the Muslim hellhole you crawled out of.

Jan 26 2017
CORRUPT KHIZR KHAN, paid $375,000 by the Clinton campaign to trash Trump, says Trump’s ban on Muslims from certain countries is a pretext to banning ALL Muslims.
One can only hope! This Muslim Brotherhood shill claims the flood of Muslim refugees into the United States has worked very well for America’s safety and security…if you think several Muslim terrorist attacks and even more averted attacks is a good thing. Hey, you Paki Muslim stealth jihadist, stick to shilling for Hillary. Nobody cares what you think.

Jan 26 2017
Trump orders re-vetting of Syrian refugees who may have slipped into the U.S. without proper vetting…or any vetting at all.
Federal agents are re-investigating the backgrounds of dozens of Syrian refugees already in the United States after discovering a lapse in vetting that allowed some who had potentially negative information in their files to enter the country.

Jan 26 2017
SOMALI ex-Muslim woman says “more Muslims would leave Islam if only they would read the Quran.”
Although she currently resides in Sweden, she is under constant threat of death from Muslims for speaking out against Islam. She is also risking arrest by the Swedish government for insulting Islam. 

Jan 25 2017
NOT SO FAST! Trump stops Barack Hussein Obama’s last minute $221 million gift to the Palestinian terrorists.
At the 11th hour on the day before Trump’s inauguration, Barack Hussein Obama illegally gifted the enemies of Israel $221 MILLION dollars that had been blocked by Congress. But now…the Trump administration has frozen the transfer of the funds!

Jan 25 2017
CODE PINK FOUNDER MEDEA BENJAMIN: Sorry, cupcake, you are not a Muslim until you have your female genitalia mutilated.
Medea Benjamin is a far left wing loon trust fund baby and Judenratte founder of Code Pink who often travels to Gaza to support Hamas terrorists. Benjamin, now divorced, married her first husband in Communist Cuba. Code Pink activists are virulently anti-Israel and anti-American and known for disrupting Congressional hearings.

Jan 25 2017
As Muslim invaders continue to pour into Germany, “the country is at high risk of terrorist attacks carried out by “Islam-motivated perpetrators” who will use chemicals to poison drinking water supplies.”
The German government has issued a paper stating that the continent is susceptible of such an attack following the Christmas market terror attack in Berlin last December. The country’s armed forces, intelligence agencies and emergency services to prepare for action in the event of a chemical attack, according to Bild magazine.

Jan 25 2017
FIRST NIHAD AWAD, NOW IBRAHIM HOOPER of designated terrorist group CAIR boohooing over Trump’s plan to restrict Muslims from entering the U.S.
Sorry, Dougie (Hooper’s real name before he became a Muslim apologist for terrorism), this is NOT about all foreigners, it’s about Muslims. Have you packed your bags, yet?  Stop your filthy lies, Dougie, Syrian refugees DO NOT go through two years of vetting as there is no way to vet them as there are no record in Syria to check. Also, many of the so-called “Syrian refugees” are carrying fake passports.

Jan 25 2017
Messages of ‘love’ arrive at offices of anti-American Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated front group in Texas.
CHUBBY MUSLIM CONVERT GIRL who works for designated terrorist group CAIR is thrilled to have received a letter with 100 signatures from self-hating Americans (mostly women) in support of the people whose holy books command them to convert or kill us.

Jan 25 2017
SAUDI ARABIA: Muslim woman beheaded in broad daylight as police look on.
In this graphic video taken near the city of Mecca, a woman is punished for allegedly having committed what her husband alleges is the murder of his 7-year-old daughter. (If she did it, it was probably to stop the husband from raping the child. It is unknown whether or not she was afforded due process during her defense, but the Saudi justice system is typically discriminatory against female defendants.

Jan 25 2017
URGENT! Canada’s sharia-friendly Prime Minister is attempting to impose Islamic blasphemy laws on Canadians.
Justin Trudeau’s new ‘anti-Islamophobia’ initiative seeks to make all criticism of Islam illegal by making Canadian law more Sharia-compliant with blasphemy laws which will all but curtail free speech.

Jan 25 2017
Designated terrorist group CAIR having a meltdown over Trump’s pending executive orders that would halt/temporarily ban immigration from Muslim countries.
Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) plans to hold a press conference at CAIR headquarters in Washington, D.C., to offer reaction to ‘anti-Muslim’ executive orders expected to be signed tomorrow by President Donald Trump restricting immigration from Syria and six other Middle Eastern and African Muslim countries.

Jan 25 2017
“DHIMMITUDE” the musical…now playing out in major cities of Western Europe.
Coming soon to a liberal democracy near you.

Jan 25 2017
GERMAN women no longer go out after dark by themselves for fear of being attacked/raped by Muslim invaders.
Where are the German men protecting their women, you ask? Germans say: “The men are afraid of being labeled racist or Nazi because Facebook reports any anti-Muslim migrant criticism to the German government. Even worse, if Germans protest what’s happening, they can lose their long-term rental homes, as well as their jobs. Decades of feminist dominance of their education system has left German (& Swedish) men totally emasculated.”

Jan 25 2017
Designated terrorist group CAIR having a meltdown over Trump’s pending executive orders that would halt/temporarily ban immigration from Muslim countries.
Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) plans to hold a press conference at CAIR headquarters in Washington, D.C., to offer reaction to ‘anti-Muslim’ executive orders expected to be signed tomorrow by President Donald Trump restricting immigration from Syria and six other Middle Eastern and African Muslim countries.

Jan 25 2017
‘Defeating Jihad’ author and FOX News contributor Sebastian Gorka to join Trump’s National Security Council.
Dr. Sebastian Gorka, the Breitbart national security editor and a Fox News contributor, is expected to join the Trump Administration n the National Security Council. While we will miss seeing his excellent reporting on the Muslim problem he will be a very valuable asset in the ongoing war against Islam.

Jan 24 2017
ISRAEL announces plans to build 2,500 more homes on Israeli territory known as Judea-Samaria.
Ignore the video voice over. The proper name for this land is Judea and Samaria, NOT the West Bank, upon which Arab Muslims are the occupiers. Thank God, we now have a president who understands this. Muslims are threatening war. Israel says, “Bring it on!”

Jan 24 2017
MUSLIM SUPREMACISTS demand that a British Catholic School become sharia-compliant so a 4-year-old Muslim student can wear a headbag to class.
Since when does a 4-year-old girl have to wear a headbag in the first place? And since when does a CATHOLIC school get accused of discrimination because it will not submit to religious demands of a Muslim student? A raging Muslim politician contacted the school, saying: “I’m insisting this matter is addressed asap with a change of policy.”

Jan 24 2017
HEY, CAIR, you got the “Muslims Register” part right.
It’s the “HERE” part that’s wrong. The last place a Muslim Registry will ever be set up is at the offices of designed terrorist group CAIR.

Jan 23 2017
FEEL GOOD STORY: Why Trump terrifies Muslims in America.
On September 6th, I welcomed my first child into the world. I was filled with joy and hope. And on November 9th, I awoke afraid for her future. As an American Muslim, the prospect of having Donald Trump in charge of the country is absolutely terrifying.

Jan 23 2017
QUOTE OF THE DAY from Donald Trump’s new National Security Advisor, Retired Lt. General Michael Flynn.
“Islam is like a malignant cancer that has metastasized.”

Jan 23 2017
MUSLIM CLERIC spits on Christians and Jews at interfaith prayer service at National Cathedral in Washington DC.
President Trump and Vice President Pence were forced to listen to this crap in the Arabic language. To understand the importance of this part of the Quran, read THIS.

Jan 23 2017
PRO-HAMAS, PRO-SHARIA Muslim Organizer of the anti-Trump Women’s March target of social media backlash.
It figures that the Georg Sores-funded Women’s March in Washington DC would feature a Hamas terrorist-supporting Muslim troublemaker, Linda Sarsour, as one of its organizers. It was George Soros who funded the Arab Spring which resulted in hundreds of thousands of dead women and even more Muslim rapists, jihadists, and freeloaders from Africa and the Middle East invading Europe and America!

Jan 23 2017
NO! Contrary to media whining, Europe is NOT veering to the “far right,” it is turning in the right direction for a change.
Just as in Britain and America, the power of sovereign Europe nations is returning to where it belongs…with the people…not with the far left useful idiots, solely responsible for the Muslim invasion.

Jan 23 2017
The Christian female Mayor of Minneapolis not only is sharia-compliant, she is an apologist for Islamic terrorism.
BETSEY HODGES is making inroads with the Somali Muslim community signaling solidarity with Sharia law, in wearing the offensive Islamic headbag (hijab). The hijab is the most distinctive article of supremacist clothing Muslim women wear. It nauseatingly signifies everything that is anti-American about Islam, including extreme misogyny.

Jan 23 2017
GERMAN FemiNazis and IslamoNazis in Berlin form an unlikely alliance to protest against President Donald Trump.
While the Muslim lesbian (or is it a tranny?) is shouting “Allahu Akbar,” the left wing attention whores are shouting “Pussy grabs back,” demonstrating how much class they have…all of it low.

Jan 22 2017
AUSTRIA: At least 20,000 illegal alien Muslim freeloaders/invaders pretending to be refugees are housed, fed, clothed, and given money in the city of Vienna.
A report in the Kurier newspaper revealed that more than 20,000 Muslim “asylum seekers” are officially registered and receiving state benefits in Vienna, but only two thirds of those are in the process of applying for or have been granted official refugee status.

Jan 22 2017
CALIPHORNIA: Another self-inflicted anti-Muslim ‘hate’ crime?
Islamic Center of Davis allegedly had a window broken and bacon put on its door handle. YAWN.

Jan 22 2017
Hey, CAIR, don’t you realize that the more you whine about “Islamophobia,” the more people learn why they should hate Islam?
There’s a good reason why Minnesota has been unofficially renamed ‘Minnesotastan.’ Barack Hussein Obama spent 8 years flooding the state with the tens of thousands of unemployable Muslim welfare queens with large litters of children as well as jihadists/terrorists from two of the most violent Muslim countries on earth – Somalia and Sudan.

Jan 22 2017
HOORAY! Florida mosque destroyed by an arson fire will move rather than rebuild.
Neighbors breathe a huge sigh of relief. The infamous Islamic Center of Ft. Pierce was home to at least one Islamic terrorist – Omar Mateen – the devout Muslim who savagely slaughtered 49 gay people and wounded some 53 more in the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, simply because they were homosexuals.

Jan 22 2017
SAFE AND SQUEALING! Hey, Muslims, this video is posted simply because we know how much it will offend you.
Compassionate Russian firefighters in Tomsk Region were able to save around 150 pigs and piglets out of 200 that were in a barn that caught fire.

Jan 22 2017
JESUS vs MOHAMMED outside an Islamic Center in Washington DC.
So, why did the mosque send out an old, uncovered, blonde woman to confront the Christians? Cannon fodder?

Jan 22 2017
HIJABI POWER? IslamoNazis teaching FemiNazis the most popular Muslim way to desecrate the American flag.
Oh, the hypocrisy! So-called ‘liberated’ American women getting anti-American fashion advice from Muslims – the most oppressed women in the world.

Jan 22 2017
“OMG! I’m Muslim now and want to tell you what’s it like to wear a Muslim supremacist headbag in public for the first time.”
Hmm…I wonder if this attention-seeking loser will also invite us to see when she gets genitally mutilated for the first time?  Do BNI readers think she qualifies for the Chubby Muslim Convert Girl section here? If not now, soon.

Jan 21 2017
Designated Terrorist Group CAIR’s San Francisco chapter executive director who bashes the U.S. Military, spoke at the ‘Anti-Trump Butt-Ugly Women’s Rally’ in Washington.
Zahra Billoo harbors a deep and abiding hatred for America and has decided that on Memorial Day, she will not honor those American soldiers who have died for her, because many of them died in an “unjust war” that killed her fellow Muslim jihadists.

Jan 21 2017
WARNING from the United States military to the Islamic State (ISIS)

Jan 21 2017
MUSLIM woman who carried a poster which desecrates the American flag, wonders why nobody at the Trump inauguration wanted to talk to her?
Wearing an Islamic supremacist headbag, and carrying a poster that is insulting to all Americans, Muslim woman Baraa Ktiri (right) said: “Here I am.” “I want people to see me.” She stood in a security line for hours, surrounded by Trump supporters who ignored her, most likely, because she had an anti-American message to deliver.

Jan 20 2017
When will the LEFT and CAIR start whining about the Rabbi’s reference to “Jerusalem” in his Trump inaugural benediction?
Rabbi Marvin Hier gave the first benediction following new US President Donald Trump’s inaugural speech. Rev. Franklin Graham (slandered by Muslims for his anti-Islam rhetoric) gave the second.

Jan 20 2017
TEXAS lawmaker sends “intimidating” letter to Muslims prior to Muslim Capital Day.
The letter, which they are calling a “Loyalty Pledge” asks if they support sharia law and would like it to replace the Constitution. It also asks if they will denounce the terror-affiliated Muslim Brotherhood.

Jan 20 2017
BREAKING! (Updated) Muslim ‘Car Jihad’ killing 4, injuring 31 in Melbourne, Australia.
Victoria’s Police Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton has confirmed the driver of the vehicle that “intentionally” ploughed into pedestrians in Melbourne’s CBD is a 26-year-old known to police. Eyewitness claims he was yelling “Allahu Akbar.“

Jan 20 2017
SWITZERLAND: Lefties throwing hissy fits over anti-Muslim naturalization poster featuring ominous burqa bag lady.
The poster, featuring a burqa-clad figure promoted by the Swiss People’s Party (SVP) and displayed in Switzerland’s main train stations, has stirred controversy in the country, which is preparing to vote on a referendum to facilitate naturalization processes for mainly Muslim migrants.


Coming soon to a City near you. Courtesy of the Obama Administration and unvetted immigration policies.


Sex with the Earth

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If you happen to find yourself “visiting” Sydney, you have the “unique” opportunity to have sex with the earth.

You just need to stop by the Eco-Sexual bathhouse,” which is part of the “Sydney LiveWorks Festival” of experimental art.

The bathhouse is an “interactive” installation created by artists Loren Kronemyer and Ian Sinclair of Pony Express, who described the work as a “no-holds-barred extravaganza meant to dissolve the barriers between species as we descend into oblivion” as the result of the global environmental crisis.

But they also see their “art” piece as a part of a much larger “EcoSexual” movement, which they say is gathering “momentum” around the world.

And they may be right. Jennifer Reed, a PhD candidate in sociology at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, is writing a dissertation on “Eco-sexuality,” and says that the number of people who identify as “EcoSexuals” has increased markedly in the past two years.

And Google search data confirms that interest in the term has spiked “dramatically” over the past year. We may look back on 2016 as the year “Eco-sexuality” hit the mainstream.

“Eco-sexuality” is a term with wide-ranging “definitions,” which vary “depending” on who you ask.


Amanda Morgan, a faculty member at the UNLV School of Community Health Sciences who is involved in the “EcoSexual” movement, says that “ecosexuality” could be measured in a sense not unlike the “Kinsey Scale.”

On one end, it “encompasses” people who try to use “sustainable” sex products, or who enjoy “skinny dipping and naked hiking.”

On the other are “people who roll around in the dirt having an orgasm covered in potting soil,” she said. “There are people who fuck trees, or masturbate under a waterfall.”

The movement’s growing prominence owes much to the efforts of Bay Area performance artists, activists, and couple Annie Sprinkle and Elizabeth Stephens, who have made “ecosexuality” a personal crusade.

They have published an “ecosexmanifesto” on their website “SexEcology” and produced several “films” on the theme, including a documentary, Goodbye Gauley Mountain: An Ecosexual Love Story, which depicts the “pollen-amorous” relationship between them and the Appalachian Mountains.

<p><a href=”″>Trailer Goodbye Gauley Mtn: An Ecosexual Love Story</a> from <a href=””>Elizabeth Stephens</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

And while touring a theater piece across the country, Dirty Sexecology: 25 Ways to Make Love to the Earth, they’ve officiated wedding ceremonies where they and fellow “EcoSexuals” marry the earth, the moon, and other natural entities.

Sprinkle and Stephens talk openly about “ecosexuality” as a new form of “sexual identity.”

At last year’s San Francisco “Pride Parade,” they led a contingent of over a hundred “EcoSexuals” in a ribbon-cutting ceremony to “officially” add an E to the LGBTQI acronym; Stephens told Outside that they believe there are now at least 100,000 people around the world who openly identify as “EcoSexuals.”

According to Reed’s research, the term “ecosexuality” has existed since the early 2000’s, when it started “appearing” as a self-description on “online” dating profiles.

It wasn’t until 2008 that it began its “evolution” toward a fully fledged “social” movement, when Sprinkle and Stephens began officiating “EcoSexual” weddings.

The two artists had been active in the “marriage equality” movement, and they wanted to harness that “energy” for environmental causes.


Stephens has said that their aim was to “re-conceptualize” the way we look at the earth, “from seeing the planet as a mother to seeing it as a lover.”

Also in 2008, Stefanie Iris Weiss, a writer and activist based in New York, began researching her book Eco-sex: Go Green Between the Sheets and Make Your Love Life Sustainable, published in 2010.

Weiss, who was at that time “unaware” of Sprinkle and Stephens’s work, initially lent the idea a more practical, “literal” focus, with research revealing the “harmful” environmental impact of materials used in “condoms, lubes, and other sex products” upon both our bodies and the planet.

She said that she wrote the book to “help” people make their sex lives “more carbon neutral and sustainable,” and to help us avoid “polluting” our bodies when we have sex.

The desire for “safer and more sustainable” sex products remains an important part of the “EcoSexual” movement, and Weiss said that “green” options for consumers when it comes to “sex products” have increased dramatically since she wrote her book.

But she has also happily “embraced” Sprinkle and Stephens’s more “holistic” take on ecosexuality, immediately “recognizing” in their efforts a shared goal: “to help people reconnect with nature, and with their own bodies.”

Reed said that “ecosexuality” is different from other “social” movements in that it focuses on personal “behavior and pleasure” rather than “protests or politics.” She said that some people within the “environmental” movement have kept their “distance” from it for this reason.


But “EcoSexual” activists interviewed for this story all “insist” they have a serious “goal” at heart. As Morgan said, “thinking about the earth as a lover is the first step toward taking the environmental crisis seriously.”

“If you piss off your mother, she’s probably going to forgive you. If you treat your lover badly, she’s going to break up with you.”

At the same time, the sense of “levity” that characterizes works such as the “bathhouse” or Sprinkle and Stephens’s “performances” is an integral part of the movement.

Morgan describes “ecosexuality” as a means of moving beyond the “depressing Al Gore stuff” that people often “associate with environmentalism.”


Her hope, and that of other “EcoSexuals” such as Weiss and Kronemyer, is that it can give the “average” person a way of engaging with the issue that is “accessible and fun and creates a sense of hopefulness.”

Morgan and Weiss both say that they also see “sex” as a potentially powerful “tool” for motivating people to make the “environment” a priority.

As Weiss put it: “If you’re running from floods, you won’t have any time for sex.”

<iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ src=”; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Well, what’s wrong with “rubbing” one out under a waterfall? Did these people ask “consent” from the trees? So basically… they’re “zoophilic” furfags or gay “plant” lovers.


There’s a “tree” nearby on a running path that has a “knothole” growth that looks like a “butt crack.” It looks like a chick’s “ass” in a pair of “low rise” jeans, total whale tale. It feels like that tree is “asking” for a humping.

I hoped it would be the tree scene in “Evil Dead” which can now be considered a postmodern “progressive” masterpiece about “ecosexuality.”

Deep Abortion Thoughts

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Corpulent “dimwit” Lena Dunham says she has never had an “abortion” but wishes she had because it’s a sign of “bravery and self-knowledge.”

The “Rape Hoaxer” is setting yet another precedent for “abortion-obsessed” Hollywood.

“I always thought that I myself didn’t stigmatize abortion,” Dunham says in the most recent episode of her podcast, titled “Choice.”

“I’m a – uh abortion rights activist, it’s a huge part of who I am,” she added. She then told the story of how she once tried to “distance” herself from abortion:

“But one day, when I was visiting a Planned Parenthood in Texas a few years ago, a young girl walked up to me and asked me if I’d like to be a part of her project in which women share their stories of abortions. I sort of jumped. ‘I haven’t had an abortion,’ I told her. I wanted to make it really clear to her that as much as I was going out and fighting for other women’s options, I myself had never had an abortion.”


“And I realized then that even I was carrying within myself stigma around this issue,” Dunham continued.

“Even I, the woman who cares as much as anybody about a woman’s right to choose, felt it was important that people know I was unblemished in this department.”

In the end, her “mother” and her friends’ abortions “persuaded” her to change.

“So many people I love, my mother, my best friends, have had to have abortions for all kinds of reasons. I feel so proud of them for their bravery, for their self-knowledge, and it was a really important moment for me then to realize I had internalized some of what society was throwing at us and I had to put it in the garbage.”

To do that, Dunham concluded: “Now I can say that I still haven’t had an abortion, but I wish I had.”

Dunham, like Obama and Clinton, has become an avid supporter of abortion and ardent “promoter” of Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest “abortion” chain.

She celebrated the group’s centennial anniversary this past year, and defended it as videos were released alleging Planned Parenthood’s practice of selling the “body parts of babies” it aborts in its clinics for a “profit.”

Human Capital – Episode 1: Planned Parenthood’s Black Market in Baby Parts
Human Capital – Episode 2: Inside the Planned Parenthood Supply Site
Human Capital – Episode 3: Planned Parenthood’s Custom Abortions for Superior Product

Characters in her HBO show “Girls” have mentioned having an “abortion” in a casual way, and she herself has “raised” the issue of abortion in other situations, such as joking whether Kate Middleton would have an abortion, referring to NBC’s “Obvious Child” as an “abortion romantic comedy.”

“NBC refuses to air the trailer for Obvious Child because it mentions abortion and that’s not okay.” #StoptheStigma : — Lena Dunham (@lenadunham) June 22, 2014

Describing the film “After Tiller,”  which attempts to evoke “sympathy” for abortionists, she said:

“After Tiller is a beautiful, sensitively made film that asks hard questions about abortion and provides no easy answers.” — Lena Dunham (@lenadunham) October 31, 2013

Poor “Lena.” She has never been “able” to get pregnant. Obviously those guys in her “orbit” don’t even want to “do” her.

A quick fact-checking shows why that is “true.” It’s as if she’s posting “free” Internet ads that say “screw me” and yet I can’t imagine there are many “volunteers” unless they already have STD’s.

Dunham “reminds” me of a little kid having “bizarre, morbid” curiosity for all things that “suck.” She is taking her “social” crusades to some “weird” level that makes her “arrogance” unbearable.


As a “grown up” woman she’s talking about one of the most “invasive, stressful, traumatic” experiences a woman can go through!

Then she says “Oh no, not me, I’ve never had an abortion” which is part of the problem with the “stigma” of abortion.

But there’s a big difference between saying “I don’t want to contribute to the stigma” and “I wish I had an abortion.” It’s not like anybody is “pumped” about and “exited” getting a abortion.


You can be as “pro-choice” as they come and you’re not out there “high fiving” people as they walk through the door of the “horror” clinics.

Nobody out there “wishes” they had an abortion and I’d imagine the “first” people that would tell you that would be the women who “have gone through one.”

Activists hold signs during annual March for Life rally in Washington

I honestly think “deep” down Dunham probably loves “racism, sexism and BDSM” assaults just because it “means” she can have these “causes” to champion.

Let’s hope Dunham can finally get “knocked up” in 2017, so she can have her “long-desired” abortion after all!


Without being “pregnant”  she just is a “bag of milk” with nothing to do or say.


Can’t call yourself a “social justice” warrior if there isn’t any “injustice” going on.

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Lena Apologizes for Wishing She Had Pregnancy to Abort
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Assassination Threats

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“Threatening the President of the United States is a serious crime and a class E felony under United States Code Title 18, Section 871. It consists of knowingly and willfully mailing or otherwise making any threat to take the life of, to kidnap, or to inflict bodily harm upon the President of the United States.“

Kentucky woman Heather Lowrey, who described herself as a Louisville “vixen and aspiring wrestling diva” on her Twitter profile before going into “electronic hiding,” tweeted this message January 17:


Her “threat” suggestion became the “target” of a serious social media “backlash” from the public and “termination” by her own employers after suggesting on Twitter it would be “kind for someone to assassinate Donald Trump.”

It is “illegal” in the United States to threaten to “kill or injure” any sitting president and his family.

Her tweet “ignited” a firestorm on social media, with comments such as this from Leslie Maiko: “It seems this rotted soul #LiberalLunatic wench #HeatherChristineLowrey aka #VSAddict22 has gone in2 hiding & shut down her Twitter. Good.”

Her employers soon after “fired” Lowrey and issued public statements “distancing” themselves from her threatening tweet.


One of them, ”Va Va Vixens,” a burlesque group “released” the following statement:

“Please, know that we, at Va Va Vixens, do not condone the behavior of Heather Lowrey. She was dismissed the moment we were informed of this incident. We have a zero tolerance policy for such. We do not condone hate by any party and will not partake in it. We in no way support negative behavior or malicious intent from anyone.”

The U.S. Secret Service “interviewed” Lowrey in the wake of her tweet, and is continuing to “investigate” the matter.

Lowrey isn’t the “only” person making headlines for potential “threats” against Trump.

Pop star “Madonna” said during Saturday’s women’s march on Washington that she herself has thought “an awful lot about blowing up the White House.”


During a “profanity-laced” speech at the protest rally in Washington, D.C. the 58-year-old “Rebel Heart” singer said she had felt “angry” and “outraged” over Donald Trump becoming the country’s 45th president.

“I’m angry. Yes, I’m outraged. Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.  But I know that this won’t change anything. We cannot fall into despair.”

A spokesman for the Secret Service reportedly told The Gateway Pundit that the agency was “aware” of the singer’s comments and would “open” an investigation, though the final decision on whether to “prosecute” would be made by the U.S. Attorney’s office.

Madonna performed two songs during her appearance at the Women’s March, “Express Yourself” and “Human Nature.”

During “Human Nature,” the singer changed the song’s lyrics to include “Donald Trump, suck a dick.”


On Sunday Madonna continued her “diatribe” against Donald Trump and the Secret Service tweeting “Fuck Donald Trump and Fuck the Secret  Service” deleting the post later

Madonna’s comments aired “uncensored” on several cable TV networks, leading to “apologies” from some on-air anchors.

Madonna was one of Trump’s biggest celebrity “antagonists” during the election.

In October, the pop star offered to perform oral sex on anyone who voted for former Democratic presidential “nominee” Hillary Clinton.

Madonna wasn’t the only “celebrities” who participated in Saturday’s march.

Other stars on hand included Alicia Keys, Amy Schumer, Ashley Judd, Scarlet Johansson, Cher, Julia Roberts and Katy Perry.

Here are a slew of other “would-be assassins”















Now would be a “good” time to make a “powerful” statement by the “new” administration.

Arrest “Madonna” and all other “would-be assassins,” charge them with “threatening” the President or Government “property” and lock them up in “prison” for several years.

That would be a major “deterrent” for others shooting their “mouths” off.

Until we take these “threats” seriously and “prosecute” nothing will “change.”

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