Santa Isn’t Real


Santa is “everywhere” you look during the “Christmas” season, and that can be “confusing” for children.

Seeing so many Santa’s “inevitably” brings up the question, “Is Santa real? And if Santa is real, which Santa is real?”

No parent wants to “lie” to his or her child. And no parent wants to burst the “magical bubble” that makes the Santa season so “precious.”


So, Texas Pastor Dave Grisham “decided” to take it up himself to telling kids the “truth” at a mall.

I can live with “hardcore” religious zealots convincing themselves that “dinosaurs” never existed or that “evolution” is a farce.

I sometimes “catch” myself believing that “stuff “whenever I watch Mac’s “rant” against science in “Always Sunny”

Butt there is no way I can “understand” somebody telling a bunch of “kids” at a mall that Santa is “fake” but Jesus is “real.”


Even the most “soulless” Grinch thinks that it is “harsh” to steal the “Santa” story from those “alien looking elves.”

The minute you find out that Santa is a “fake” your psychological clock to “becoming” an adult without “hopes & dreams” begins.


As someone who “had” his hopes and dreams “crushed” eons ago, we need to make “sure” that kids get to cherish “fantasy” life for as long as “humanly” possible, at least until “elementary” school.

Many parents “refrain” from telling their kids the Santa “myth” at all because they don’t want to “lie.”

Here are a some great “ways” to explain Santa to your children without “destroying” the magic of the season.

The Sweetest Way to Tell Your Kids the Truth About Santa
Santa Allegedly Fat Shames 9-Year-Old Boy
Eight Santa’s Who Deserve a Serious Raise
The Redneck Theologian

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