Person Of The Year 2016


President-elect Donald Trump was “gracious” about being named Time magazine’s “Person of the Year.”

“I was blessed enough to receive the Time Person of the Year,” Trump said in Des Moines, Iowa, during the third rally on his “Thank You” victory tour.

He then took “exception” to Time magazine’s cover headline: “Donald Trump: President of the Divided States of America” brushing off any responsibility for “divisions” in America citing the fact that he “hasn’t taken office yet.”

“They give me this honor and then they have to go a little bit nasty,” Trump said making a “jabbing” motion with his fist.


“I haven’t been president. I haven’t run anything. What are you saying that for? But you know what, we’re going to bring our nation together,” he said.

He also wasn’t “happy” with the title. He wanted something more “masculine,” believing the gender neutral “person” is just Time’s attempt at being “politically correct.”

As “The Donald” continued his “thank you” tour around the country, he “referenced at several stops how the “honor” used to be called “Man of the Year.”

In Baton Rouge, Trump “polled” the rally audience about which “title” was better, and the crowd’s “answer” was loud and clear.


“It used to be called the Man of the Year, and now it’s called the Person of the Year, and that’s good, they’re politically correct,” he told the crowd, who shared “audible” boos.

He then asked, “Who would rather have it be Man of the Year?” and many people began to “cheer and wave” their arms in the air.

Trump even “noticed” the amount of women who “cheered” at his suggestion.

“For years, it was Man of the Year, and I think, even if a woman was named, it was Man of the Year, which is a little bit shaky,” explained Trump.

He then put it to a “vote,” asking again who would prefer “Person of the Year.” Not one cheer of “approval” could be heard from the crowd, only several “boos.”

“I got a lot of women here, what about the women?” asked Trump, before saying, “Let’s do it again.”


He asked a “second” time, and a few cheers were “heard this time,” which Trump acknowledged by saying, “OK, a couple of people.”

When Trump asked who preferred “Man of the Year,” however, the crowd “erupted.”

“That could be why the magazine business isn’t so great, right?” he said, appearing somewhat “shocked” by the overwhelming winner.

“Think about it, even all of the women want it to be the Man of the Year.”


Unlike the US election, this “crowning” was less of a surprise.

Trump’s “ability” to command headlines with “controversy and provocation” is unmatched, and recognized by Time:

“reminding America that demagoguery feeds on despair, that truth is only as powerful as the trust in those who speak it, for empowering a hidden electorate by mainstreaming its furies, live-streaming its fears, and for framing tomorrow’s political culture by demolishing yesterday’s.”



You might think Trump “is or isn’t” a lot of things but he definitely “is” an alpha. He’s got that “alpha” mentality. Being “person” of the year isn’t “enough” for him.

Too soft. Too inclusive. He needs “Man” of the year and he needs it now. Being “person” of the year means you’re “looped” in with all those hysterical “women and snowflakes.”

The Donald doesn’t want that. “This is a man’s game,” to take a quote from Pat Maroon.

A lesser person might think Trump would be “pumped” about this honor, “bragging and patting” himself on the back. But “nope,” not the Donald.


Never “satisfied.” Never “settles.” Political “correctness” and the “unfair!” media may have stolen the “Man of the Year” honor from Trump, but “nobody “can take away his “victory tours.”

Donald Trump: Macho Man of 2016


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