Chill Out Moments

Chill Out Moments 00

“Passionate about using Condoms”

Shem May scare them Students off sex forever.

“Greg Giraldo’s Stand Up”

RIP to this certified genius.

“Big Casino”

Jimmy Eat World.

“How is Prangent Formed”

How is a Baby formed.

“Dennis Rodman‘s Penis Stories”

Of the three times he broke his dick.

“Long live the Tossed Salad Man”

Incarceration is the sweetest of syrups.

“Dragons Flying Over China”

Dragon or Pterodactyls.

“The Race Card”

Pray it doesn’t ruin Charles Barkley career.

“Period Explosion”

Pretty stupid prank.

“Kabaddi Tag”

Great way going sleeping.

“Campus Brawls”

Flash Teen Mobs.

“Dickhead Gets Slapped Around By Black Belt”

Before getting put to sleep by a woman.

“Vintage Mike Leach”


Classic performances.

“Go Cubs Go Song”

Hope the Cubs win the World Series.

“Tweets about  Barack Obama”

All truthful observations.

“A Girl’s Halloween”

Drunk girls acting out.

“Formation Parody”

Unmitigated Disaster

“Viral Fire Crotch Dancer”

My Vagina Survived.

“How to put Chewing Gum back into Mouth”

Soccer kick juggling does it.

“Huskies Duets”

Singing their balls off.

“Complete History of South Park”

Great Stroll Down Memory Lane.

“Here We Have A Guy In A Wing suit”

Crashing Into A Bunch Of Trees.

“Older Lady Trying A Virtual Reality Headset For The First Time

Is Way More Hilarious Than It Should Be.

“Bull Riders”

If there’s a mechanical bull in the mix, I’m expecting to see something like this.

“A couple letting their freak flag fly”

<iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ src=”; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe

while giving a gaggle of cube monkeys some entertainment.

“Kramer’s 50 Best Moments”

Yo Yo Ma.

“Airing Out Dad For Being Fat”

On National TV. Go Girl.


John Lewis Christmas Advert 2016

“David Blaine Blowing The Minds”

Of Dave Chappell, Steph Curry, and Drake.

“Old Italian Guy Diving”

I love this commercial.

“How To Prepare The Perfect Thanksgiving Feast”

Happy Thanksgiving.

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