Children Execute Prisoners


ISIS recently released a “chilling” new nine-minute video showing a “number of rounds” of executions.

Particularly “gruesome” was the part that involved five “child executors,” most likely close to the ages of 12-13.

The “child executioners” are each thought to be from a “different” countries: the United Kingdom, Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia and Uzbekistan.

In the video, the children can be seen with “handguns” poised to shoot Kurdish prisoners “point-blank” into the “back of their heads.”


While one reads off “threats” to the Kurdish people, “sneering” that their Western allies are “incapable” of helping them, the others stand ready to “pull the triggers,” which eventually each does.

The clip” from the video of the “children” executing the Kurdish prisoners is “extremely graphic.”

The “executions,”which most likely took place in “Raqqa,” the Islamic State’s de facto headquarter, were “preceded and followed” by other executions.


The first set, carried out by “masked” men in brown uniforms, shows the “beheadings” of four men of the Syrian “opposition” and one shooting.


The last set of “executions” are carried out by “elderly” people on Syrian “government officials,” who are “killed” by gunshot.

Islamic State Latest Massacre – 70 Army Recruits


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