Hillary Drunk


There’s been much “speculation” in the news as to who the “large man” is that’s always by Hillary’s side.

Many have “alleged” that he is a medical professional, a “handler.”

The “implication” being that Hillary is a very “ill” woman in need of constant “medical” observation.

“Nothing could be further from the truth,” Hillary clarified.

“This is Mike. He’s my bartender and the most helpful person I know. He’s been in my employ for years.”


“My bartender is always by my side. He’s the only person that understands me.”

I was beginning to worry about this recent “photo” caught on camera, but Hillary’s clarification “explains” everything.

You can even see the “bartender” by her side, holding her arm like an old “bosom” buddy.


Several “viral” videos have been floating around of Hillary Clinton “appearing” to be intoxicated as she is being “bombarded” by a series of questions by “reporters” in a Bar.

When she “turns” around to answer questions, she“jerks” her head back several times in a “strange” way.

Someone said that this is her just being “silly because of all the people surrounding her.”


But Mike, being “close” to Hillary, said that this was a case of being a little “drunk” again like back in December of 2012 when she “fell and hit her head” on the pavement causing a “concussion and double vision.”


Being “tizzy and drunk” can lead to long lasting “tertiary” behaviors that may be “latent and often hidden” from public.

Prolonged “intoxication” can cause “slurred speech patterns, frequent coughing fits, hysterical laughing episodes and strange animal sound imitations.”

Then there was the “extended” bathroom break at the Democrat debate featuring O’Malley and Sanders, where Mike “alleged” she took the break to “recover” from hangover fatigue.

Not to mention when Hillary “fell down” on her way to the White House and fractured her elbow in 2009, or the blood clot in her brain in 2012, or needing assistance in climbing stairs in 2016, or the famous “fall” while walking “unsteady” up the stairs boarding an air plane in 2011.

Often times when an “elderly” person like Hillary Clinton, who concussed” at age 65, and suffers from “intoxication,” other complications that manifest themselves are “fainting, falling and stumbling,” all symptoms  of alcoholism.”


Mike understands. He’s the best! The only “medicine” Hillary needs is another “scotch and soda.”

Some medical professionals have “reviewed” several videotapes of Hillary’s campaign “appearances” and voiced great concern with her “drinking problems disguised as medical conditions.”

Here’s a video where Bartender Mike “calms” Hillary down and orders her to start “speaking” again…

Here is a video where “intoxicated” Hillary encourages her followers to “have a cold one…”


Being an “alcoholic” should be an automatic “disqualification” from becoming the President.

Why elect someone that won’t be able to fulfill their duties while constantly libated, feeling sleepy, weak and light-headed, can’t walk, needs assistance, can’t think, often forgetful and confused, can’t see, has double vision, is unsteady on her feet, wears long coats to hide her adult diapers, has multiple alcoholic seizures on camera, leaves in the middle of a debate for unexplained reason, calls Donald Trump her husband, has massive coughing fits during speeches, has aggressive and combative moods, uses obscene foul-mouthed language and is always hammered in public.

Literally “unfit” for the Presidency! Whatever the “case” may be, the American people “deserve” better.


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