Witch Hillary IS Dead


This morning when I got up and heard that “witch” Hillary with the “gaping” mouth feigning “fake” pseudo-enthusiasm “smiles” was dead I felt great.





Thank God, it’s “over.” In many ways I guess it’s just the beginning.

It has been “extremely” interesting following this “election cycle” and very “entertaining.”

Will the members of the “GOP” side of the House and Senate continue to “Hear The People Sing?”

If they don’t, and “treat” President Trump the same way the “RINO’s” did before the victory, the “fight” and “humping” continues!


Let’s pray our “progressive” allies in the senate and congress will continue “advancing” the revolution.


The salty “tears” of all the pollsters, the RINO’s, the globalists, the Saudi princes, the media moguls, the big corporate leaders, the European Bureaucrats and FBI director Comey are causing “severe flooding” in many parts of the USA and most of the “social and mainstream” media.

As I went to “work” this morning I came across many “despondent” Hillary supporters.

What had been “perky” and unnaturally “cheery” people the day before now looked “haggard and drawn.”

They were in “shock” as they enumerated their losses: “ObamaCare might get repealed. Gun control was a dead issue. The Supreme Court would be packed with conservatives…they might even overturn Obergefell vs. Hodges.”

They looked so “dejected”, so “pathetic,” with tears “streaming” down their faces.

As I stood there, with my “handkerchief “ watching them grieve…“I felt great relive and sorrow.”

Especially for Miley Cyrus. She “shed” some genuine crocodile “tears” upon hearing about Trump’s “victory.”

She looked like a little “child” who has just realized that the “out-of-control” party is over, adults are “now in charge,” and she reluctantly “accepts” it, while saying a tearful good-bye to her “extended” childhood.

Miley also “promise” to move her happy “ass” out of the country if Donald Trump won?

I’m sure the President will “sleep” better knowing that he is “now” accepted by this psychological “basement dweller” basket case and that she will be “leaving” soon.

President Trump has “pledged” to divert some of his “swamp-draining tools” towards the affected areas to help “drain” these oceans of tears.

If all those “I’ll -leave -the- USA -if -Trump- wins” morons looking for a “place to go,” I recommend some Parisian “multicultural” suburbs since the Canadian Immigration Website crashed as Trump “piled up” state victories

Onwards! “Rejoice” according to your ability, or “Despair” according to your need!

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