Chill Out Moments

Chill Out Moments 00“Derby Day 2016 High Point University”

Hot Ass North Carolina sorority girls.

“Mike Tyson Highlights”

Destroyer In Prime Time

“Hawk Throws Live Snake At Family During Picnic”

Reptilian drone strike.

“Russian Road Rage”

Only in The Motherland.

“Porn Is For Losers”

So says Pamela Anderson.

“How To Handle Hecklers”

Almost poetic.

“Tennis Hardo”

There’s a new trend that is taking Tennis by storm.

“Obese Modeling”

Gross and Stupid.

“Beer Commercial”

Bud Light Sucks.

“Drunk Irish Twosome”

Trying to put together an IKEA shelf.

“Dad’s of the Year”

Your Pop’s got the best of you.

“Woman On The Subway”

Melts Down After Realizing She’s Fat.

“Cliff Jumping Fails”

Idiotic Cliff Jump.

“Top 10 Oasis Songs”

In Honor Of The Upcoming Oasis Documentary.

“Seinfeld – The Heart Attack”

That’s gonna beat cancer.

“Go Pro  100+ MPH Street Luge”

Batshit to the extreme.

“Born In The USA”

Boss’s 67th Birthday.

“Hobo Cum”

Love is Love.

“Dumb and Dumber”

One of the greats.

“The Sexy Sax Man”

A classic that’ll live through the end of time.


Here We Go.


Maniac going down mountain slopes.

“Trading Places”

Praise Jesus , I can see. Is there a problem officers?

“Signs Hockey Is Back”

Preseason Brawl

“A Chick Wanted Some Advice On Blowjobs”

So She Had Her Grandma Empty The Vault With Her Tips.

“Air Sex Show”

Making love to nothing.

“Donald & Hillary”

Are The Best Things To Ever Happen To SNL.

“Slap Contests”

Bare and Vulnerable.

“Ask a Porn Star”

You may be a whore, but at least have some respect for yourself.


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