If I Had A Sledgehammer



If i had a “sledgehammer”… I’d “sledgehammer” in the morning, I’d “sledgehammer” in the evening, I’d “sledgehammer” all over this land.

Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was “destroyed” by an idealistic “revolutionary” who identified himself as Jamie Otis, dressed as a “city construction worker” wielding a “sledgehammer and pick-ax.”

The attack on the embedded, “five-pointed terrazzo brass star” took place at 5:45 am on a “deserted” Hollywood Boulevard.

Usually one of the most “crowded” spots in L.A. during daytime, there was no “LAPD” presence in the normally “well-patrolled” tourist spot in the pre-dawn hours as the “vandalizer” attacked Trump’s star.


Moving quickly in the “chilly” morning air wearing a “mask,” the defacer attracted little attention except from one “lonely” soul who was waiting expectantly to “film” the demolition.

You can see the “camera man” at one point in the video.

Otis told reporters he was merely trying to “steal” the Trump star to auction it off next month in New York to “raise” money to help those women Donald Trump has “oppressed” throughout the years.

At a rally earlier, Trump told supporters the “accusers” were not telling the truth and that he would “sue” them after the November 8 election.

Here’s the “image” of Trump’s star after it was “smashed”:


This isn’t the “first” time someone has “vandalized” Trump’s star since he “announced” his White House bid in summer 2015.

The most “extreme” measure was a reverse “swastika” being sprayed on the star at 6801 Hollywood Blvd in late January.


In June this summer, a “mute symbol” was painted on Trump’s star in a seemingly protest against the “antagonistic” language and policies Trump “revealed” during the campaign.

In both cases, Trump’s star was quickly “cleaned and back as new” within a day.


In July, an L.A. street artist “surrounded” the Trump star with a “tiny wall topped by tiny razor wire” to knock the candidate’s much-repeated plan “to build a wall” between the U.S. and Mexico if elected.


Like the other “designs” on the Trump star, the little “wall” was soon removed.


The more than “2,500” stars up and down the boulevard are “maintained” by the Hollywood Historic Trust and “chosen” by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.

Despite a petition to “remove” the Trump star from Hollywood Blvd, the Chamber of Commerce has said it’s “staying  and will be repaired.”

Man Who Destroyed Trump’s Hollywood Star Releases Video Confession


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