Hillary’s 69th Birthday

Hillary's Cabinet 00

Barack Obama:  “Don’t worry Hillary. If you like your neurologist, you can keep your neurologist.”


Comic legend and political pundit Jackie Mason said that the only time Hillary Clinton is not lying “is when her mouth is not moving.”


“And even then, she is probably lying because she’s sitting there thinking of the next lie she is going to tell,” he added.


Mason claimed that Clinton is so “untrustworthy” that she likely couldn’t land a job as an “attendant in the ladies’ room because they would be afraid that she would steal the towels or the napkins. Even the toilet paper wouldn’t be safe from her.”


“Do you think that if she went for any other job besides the presidency that anyone would hire her anywhere? If you saw her resume which is a resume of accomplishing nothing and running from the police three-quarters of her life. She is always either indicted or almost indicted or about to be indicted. Her whole life spent fleeing from the Justice Departments of different countries. Now, this yenta, do you think she would be able to get any other job?”


“Would you think they would hire her as a chambermaid? Do you know what all those sheets and pillowcases are worth? Do you think they would trust her with it? After they found out the history of her life.”

Hillary Broke 03

“Let’s be honest about it, if you went on a vacation would you let her watch your house while you went on vacation? Would you expect to come back and find anything still there? After all she pretty good cleaned out the White House when they left poor, hungry and dead broke.”


Happy Birthday to this future Federal prisoner.



Elmo wants to wish you a Happy Eff-ing 69th Birthday


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