Things Hillary Forgot


Speaking about Donald Trump, she told a crowd in Toledo that she doesn’t see “how anybody can lose a dollar, let alone a billion dollars.”

Apparently she’s forgotten about that $6 billion that went missing from the State Department while she was at the helm for 4 years.


At least Trump lost his own money.

Poem by Richard Heinrich

I’m a Cross-eyed Demon!
I’m a Vicious Old Hag!
My Decrepit Old Body,
Exists out of a Medical Bag!

Physically I’m a Wreck!
Morally I’m corrupt !
I need a Small Army,
To keep My Image propped Up!

Spiritually I’m Bankrupt!
I have no Soul!
Conning The American People,
Yah, that’s My Goal!

I’m Crooked Queen Hillary!
That’s My Name!
And YOU are All Just Pawns,
In MY Little Game!

Memories Hillary Clinton can recall
Hillary’s Psycho moment
Queen of Sleaze


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