The Leash


There are people who think that Trump is a monster, like that out-of-control animal terrorizing your otherwise peaceful neighborhood.

I could point out that his “reputation” has been unfairly attacked by his opponents, but many people I know simply do not “like him – or trust him.”

For those people, I offer this “simple” thought.

Let us say Trump “really” is a monster. Hillary is just as bad – “actually, much worse.

Let us “concede,” then, that no matter who “wins” in November, the White House will be “occupied” by a monster.


Our only hope, then, is a “strong leash” – a system of “constraints” that will “limit” the damage the monster can do.

With Trump, there will be a “leash.” The media will “oppose” him at every turn. So will the “opposition” party. Members of his “own party” are already standing up to him.

But with Hillary, there will be “no leash. The media will “not constrain” her – and neither will any “members” of her own party. She has “violated” many laws, and instead of “investigating and prosecuting,” those who should indict her are “spearheading” the cover-up.

If Hillary becomes president, they will turn a “blind eye” to her abuses, and they will “cheer” her on as she “terrorizes” the neighborhood.

We have a “choice” in this election.

If you see little “difference” between the two “monsters,” then look at “the leash.”

Vote for the one who will be “kept on the leash.”


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