Les Deplorables


#JeSuisDeplorable…are you?

Hillary hating half of America is a diagnosed psychological condition known as “Deploraphobia”.#BasketOfDeplorables – #JeSuisDeplorable — Deplorable Mike (@HBwriterMike) September 11, 2016

#Deplorables I’ve been called worse by better. @realDonaldTrump keep showing that class Mr Trump. Je Suis Deplorable#jesuisdeplorable — BILL REYNOLDS (@pwreynolds007) September 12, 2016


Here’s some more Deplorable white racist, sexist, homophobe, islamophobes. #BasketOfDeplorables #JeSuisDeplorable pic.twitter.com/8e4mSvKv5A — Deplorable Mike (@HBwriterMike) September 11, 2016

#JeSuisDeplorable I’m a proud @realDonaldTrump Deplorable! — Tea Party Aussie (@TeaPartyAussie) September 10, 2016


.@HillaryClinton How do I tell if I am in the #BasketOfDeplorables or the other basket. Thanks in advance for your reply!#JeSuisDéplorable — Je suis déplorable (@MichaelBarger1) September 10, 2016

.@mike_pence on @HillaryClinton’s “basket of deplorables” comment: “The simple fact is she didn’t apologize for this.” #SpecialReport — Fox News (@FoxNews) September 12, 2016


.@GovChristie: @HillaryClinton “says she’s going to bring the country together, yet she says half of Trump supporters are ‘deplorables.’” — Megyn Kelly (@megynkelly) September 13, 2016

“Working families, Middle Class to tell Left to Go to Hell: Clinton’s deplorables & Obama’s clingers” https://t.co/f0hFOhZhYn #MAGA #Dobbs — Lou Dobbs (@LouDobbs) September 12, 2016


About the “basket of deplorables” https://t.co/uGja7LnAxt via @nytopinion pic.twitter.com/ebWOzG5J81 — The New York Times (@nytimes) September 12, 2016

Clinton stands by “deplorables,” but walks back the basket size a bit https://t.co/4Tqzd4HKVP pic.twitter.com/XsNwMH8EHp — HuffPost Politics (@HuffPostPol) September 11, 2016


Kaine: Clinton “deplorables” comment doesn’t warrant an apology https://t.co/ibrmierumW pic.twitter.com/1WqbcFl7u3 — The Hill (@thehill) September 11, 2016

Phares to Elaph “The so called deplorables will win the election” Quoted in liberal Pan Arab Elaph journal Dr… https://t.co/2z67Ip6AqG — Walid Phares (@WalidPhares) September 11, 2016


MUST SEE VIDEO. AMAZING! Trump Invites Supporters on Stage to Respond to Hillary’s “Deplorables” Statement pic.twitter.com/iRVn0vTX3u — Deplorable Patriot (@ThePatriot143) September 13, 2016


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