Liberal Minority Plantations

Liberal Minority Plantations 00

Democrats are creating liberal “plantations” for minorities in poor “neighborhoods” with no jobs.

This way they can keep them “unemployed and welfare-dependent,” which means Democrats are “guaranteed” of getting their votes.

The fact that “crime” rates soar wherever these minority plantations “arise” is of no concern to Democrats, as we all know.

New Black Panther party leader comes out in “support” of Donald Trump because Democrats have been “exploiting” black votes and giving them “nothing” in return.

Quanell X, leader of the New Black Panther Party in Houston, Texas, said on a local news program that black Americans should “truly examine” Donald Trump’s outreach to the black community and “reexamine the relationship” that black voters have with the Democratic Party.

“I want to say and encourage the brothers and sisters. Barack Obama, our president, served two terms. But did our condition get better? Did financially, politically, academically, with education in our community, did things get better? Are our young people working more than what is was before he came into office? The condition got worse. America’s in trouble. And I want to say to black and white people, only a fool fights in a burning house. This house is on fire.”

Liberal Minority Plantations 03

With the help of her over-worked “voice” coach Hillary Clinton called Donald Trump a racist in uncharacteristically well modulated diction.

Crooked “liar and racist bigot” Hillary Clinton started the day by releasing a video that featured “Ku Klux Klan members and white supremacists” touting Trump’s candidacy, then gave an afternoon speech “condemning” Trump’s racially inflammatory remarks and support within the “alt-right,” which she described as an “emerging racist ideology.”

Liberal Minority Plantations 04

The only thing is you can’t really “believe” anything crooked liar Hillary says.

Liberal Minority Plantations 01

“They are not just gangs of kids anymore,” Clinton warned the public at the time. “They are often the kinds of kids that are called ‘super-predators.’ No conscience, no empathy. We can talk about why they ended up that way, but first we need to bring them to heel.

Liberal Minority Plantations 05

Diamond and Silk go all in about the black “pundits” that don’t want to tell the “truth” about the black community.

“Hillary don’t own black people. Black people are coming off of that Democratic plantation. She don’t get to calm the waters and tell black people not to listen to Donald J Trump. Donald J. Trump is telling the truth” stated Diamond

“And Trump needs to keep speaking it. Keep speaking it. Because black people are listening. And what’s happening is the left is scared. Hillary Clinton is scared. But she is not our slave master. She don’t own black people and we can vote for whoever we want to vote for.”

Diamond and Silk are “fed up” with people feeling like others are suppose to give them part of their “hard earn money.” As usual the ladies get straight to the point because some people got it twisted.

Liberal Minority Plantations 02

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