Child Burned Alive

Child Burned Alive 01

A family including a two-year-old girl have been “burned” alive after they tried to “escape” from ISIS savages in Iraq, it has emerged.

The mother and father were “captured” along with their young daughter as they tried to “flee” from Rashad village, south west of Kirkuk in the north of the country.

It comes amid “claims” ISIS fanatics have tasked members with “tracking” down families trying to “run” away from the terror group’s “territories” in the area.

According to Iraqi News, a source in Kirkuk said: ‘This evening, ISIS burned a family of three (father, mother and a two-year-old girl) while they were trying to escape from the organizations grip in Rashad village.”

Child Burned Alive 02

“The family was walking through Hamrin mountains to al-Alam village in Salahaddin province.”

The anonymous source added: “ISIS has deployed members to arrest families that run away from ISIS sites southwest of Kirkuk.”

It is not the first time “reports” have emerged of entire families being “wiped out” by the extremists.

In May, a family including three children were “executed” in the same way as punishment for trying to “flee” from the same area.

The children and their parents were reportedly “set on fire” in public in Riyadh district 25 miles south west of Kirkuk.

They had been “accused” of trying to flee the area amid “fierce” fighting as Iraqi forces were attempting to “retake” Mosul to the city’s north west.

There were reports that the five family members were “doused in fuel” before being set on fire.

Child Burned Alive 03jpg

What’s  happening in Iraq and Syria is not “hyperbole.” The pledges of ISIS must be taken “seriously.” They have carried out every “threat” they have made.

They have shown no “mercy” to children or their mothers. They “revel” in killing and are nothing more than an army of “religious zealots and psychopaths.”

Their numbers are “growing” because nobody in the world is doing “anything” to stop them. Every murderous, “blood-lusting” Muslim who can reach the area is “flocking” to join ISIS and participate in the “killing” spree.

This is no longer an “issue” for Iraq alone to deal with. The entire planet has a “solemn” responsibility to deal “swiftly” with ISIS and to neutralize their “threat” to all civilized people.

That the “world” sits and watches is the “epitome” of shame and an indelible “blight” on humanity.

Iraqi family including 3 children burned alive after trying to flee ISIS …


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