Chill Out Moments

Chill Out Moments 00“Psycho Robots”

once you cross that line.

“Uber Drivers”

Inexplicable anger moments.

“Brock Lesnar”

Brock Lesnar Does What Brock Lesnar Wants To Do.

“Bull Gores Bullfighter To Death”

Tempt fate enough times and it’s eventually going to get you.

“Clean and Jerk Fail”

Lifting extreme weights when the body starts morphing into a Garden Gnome.

“Wake Up With Al Bundy”

With the creed of the common working man.

“Bathing in the ice hole 2016”

Girls compilation.

“It’s Always Sunny”

The Nightman Cometh Performance.

“College Football Hype”

Is it September yet?

“Master of His Domain”

Best of George Costanza.

“Daily Nerf Gun Attack”

Make life worth living.

“Asian Sets Record For Consecutive Half Court Shots”

First we’re losing trade deals with China, and now they’re setting basketball records too.

“Dude Casually Ordering Taco Bell”

While a cat fight with two girls goes on in the parking lot.

“Raccoon War”

Delightful battle for the porch.

“Doug Christie’s Wife Said She Checks Doug’s Balls”

In Order To See If He Has Cheated On Her.

“Dude Wearing Pajama Pants Loves Hillary Clinton”

More Than He Loves To Breathe.

“We need this guy in a debate about life vs. esteemed weatherman Frankie MacDonald.”

Winner finds their missing chromosome.

“Bad Lip Reading Gets Political”

Ted Cruz’s Speech At The Convention

“Nobody Hates Getting The Middle Finger”

More Than This Dog.

“Tigers vs. People”

Bad idea to get out of a car in a Safari Park, but staying in your vehicle isn’t the safest thing either.

“Ken Griffey Jr. And Mike Piazza Hall Of Famers”

Tributes Taking Us Into The Weekend.

“Trick Shot Videos”

Involving Boobs.

“Dave Chappell”

Killing Them Softly.

“Magician Blew The Minds”

Of Countless Fast Food Drive Thru Employees.

“Just Your Average Knockout”

While Still Holding The Groceries.

“Sexy Catfight Between Russian Chicks”

In China.

“Big Booty Bait”

In Public Prank.

“The Rico Bosco Tape”

“Dude Tries Harassing A San Diego Rapper Into A Fight”

His Crew Obliges And He Gets Knocked Out Cold.


Opening Act.


Who built the White House were well fed and had decent lodgings.


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