Stalking YouTubers Weekly

Black Lives Jihad…

…assassination of American lawmen, a new low for the left and the beginnings of open jihad on Americans.


Ban The Burka


United States of Hate: Muslims Under Attack…

The Sharia-compliant BBC “mockumentary” wants you to think that rising anti-Muslim sentiment by concerned American citizens is totally without justification.


Killing for a Cause…

Sharia Law & Civilization Jihad



…what a different world we would live in if voices like Whittle’s were heard every night..


The New Black Panther…

Black racist, King Samir Shabazz, spouting his racist hate speech. If it was a white person saying these things the MSM and the Dems would be throwing a fit, but because it’s a black man, they don’t say a word.


Picture of the Week…



Fear of Muslims is rational…

…the truth fears no questions.


Breitbart Senior Editor and rising star Milo Yiannopoulos speaks on the ISIS Terrorist attack at the gay nightclub Pulse in Orlando, FL.

‘Milo’ as he’s known to his cult gives a frank and honest assessment of the ISIS inspired terrorist attack in Orlando, FL.

Milo names the enemy who did this attack, their Islamic ideological motivations, without all the politically correct filters that defines our media today.

Milo is a gay conservative whose views are causing concern in the primarily liberal Democratic leaning gay community. Milo’s message is resonating with a large number of conservative and liberal gays who are shifting their support to conservative politicians and Donald Trump.

Sit down and enjoy one of the most impassioned warnings to America you will ever hear.


Hillary Clinton version of classic Apple “1984”’ commercial…


Joey Boots provoked a Michael Jackson Impersonator…

…and the Impersonator wants to fight.


C’mon everybody, Join Islam Now…

…just do it.


Don’t blame the Whites, Africa ain’t my home, why y’all mad?

…telling it like it is.


These Videos Will Explain Black Lives Matter…

…Alex breaks down the simple plan of the globalists to divide and conquer with a potential race war so that they can further their Agenda and enslave humanity.


Hillary Clinton losing her mind…

…and hopefully the Election.


Picture of the Now…

De-evolution 01—————————————————————————————————————————

Hillary Clinton cried…

…after Donald Trump release photos of her and Obama.


Hillary & Barack…

…what difference does it make.


Donald Trump catching up to Clinton…

…as Americans catch on to Hillary.


The Political Side of Hijabs…

…Most people see the hijab as religious or cultural, but the hijab is a symbol of the Sharia and has a very political meaning.


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