The racial “Agitator-in-Chief” Barack Hussein Obama

The traditional American perception has been that the police are part of the people, protecting neighborhoods from the criminal element. Such a perception has naturally developed from the everyday American reality. The Left, however, can’t allow reality to stand in the way of the revolutionary narrative. Hence the culture of false grievances fueled by selective racial statistics. Obama has been promoting a manufactured perception of America divided into the oppressors and the oppressed, wherein the police protects the oppressors from The Downtrodden. Such a perception turns law enforcement into the enemy of the people, positioning the police as the dialectical antagonistic opposite of The Oppressed Masses. This view legitimizes any attacks on the cops by The Downtrodden. Thus, Obama may as well take credit for what happened in Dallas, even though he may not have expected it.

Obama had laid out the rules of this game from the very beginning of his presidency: since the Constitution restricts him from revolutionizing America from above, he asked his supporters to keep pushing and demanding change from below, thus legitimizing his efforts to transform America by fiat. And that is what has been happening – the radical organizers have been pushing different issues – from Occupy to “marriage equality” until they stumbled onto the Black Lives Matter idea. Please keep in mind that “the issue is never the issue; the issue is always the revolution.” From the very beginning, starting with the riots in Ferguson, the BLM protests were organized and led by Marxist and other radical leftist groups. First they called it “Hands up don’t shoot,” then “I can’t breathe,” and now they finally settled on “Black Lives Matter.” Obama has been supportive of these race baiters from the start, inviting them to the White House and citing them as an example of good citizenship in this year’s graduation speeches. Obama has legitimized this narrative; he should own the consequences.

If Obama Had A Son 06

Micah Johnson killed by R2Dindu, the best police robot.

There are lots of media headlines about Obama trying to “heal” a battered a nation. Much like the way “muggers” heal their victims once they’ve “beaten” them down and “frisking” through their pockets.

There is a straight “line” from Micah X. Johnson, the “cop” killer in Dallas and Obama’s “defense” of black nationalist “hate” groups.

Johnson did not explicitly “identify” himself as a member of the Nation of Islam, a “militant black Muslim group”, but liked pages relating to Elijah Mohammed, the group’s deceased founder.

Johnson also liked several militant and black separatist groups such as “The New Black Panther Party” and the “African American Defense League.”

The league posted on Facebook after Johnson’s massacre: “ATTACK EVERYTHING IN BLUE EXCEPT THE MAIL MAN, UNLESS HE IS CARRYING MORE THAN MAIL.”

Johnson also liked the “Black Riders Liberation Party,” which describes itself as a “new generation” of Black Panthers.

The NBPP was protected by Obama’s DOJ despite its terrorism.

The “communist and racist” New Black Panther Party plotted to “bomb” St. Louis’ Gateway Arch and “assassinate” local law enforcement officials, but the Justice Department so far has “limited” its prosecution of the group to an “indictment” of two members on minor “gun” charges.

The soft “treatment” for activities that normally would have brought federal “terrorism” charges appears to be part of efforts by Attorney General Eric Holder and the Justice Department to “go soft” on the “racist” group, according to former Justice official J. Christian Adams.

“I have always been perplexed why these guys get special treatment,” said Adams, who worked in the Justice Department Civil Rights Division and noted a similar “conciliatory legal treatment” of New Black Panther Party members in a 2008 case of “voter intimidation” by the group in Philadelphia.

Justice Department spokesman Marc Raimondi “declined” to comment on the Black Panther “bomb plot” and would not say whether additional “charges” in the case are pending.

In the earlier “case” against the Panthers, voter intimidation charges were “dropped” by the Justice Department against the Panthers, and charges were “downgraded” against one group member, King Shabazz, in what critics say was an effort to show “official favoritism” toward the group.

Here is black “racist” King Shabazz, one of the NBPP leaders, that so bravely “guarded” a North Philly polling station in 2008 from “racial” injustice only armed with a “Billy” club, giving a “motivational” speech at an African Heritage festival.

This protection of racial harassment and “violence” goes all the way back to Holder.

A former Justice Department attorney who quit his job to “protest” the Obama administration’s “handling” of the New Black Panther Party voter “intimidation” case accused Attorney General Eric Holder of dropping the charges for “racially motivated reasons.”

Christian Adams, now an attorney in Virginia and a conservative blogger for PJ Media, says he and the other Justice Department lawyers working on the case were “ordered to dismiss it.”

“I mean we were told, ‘Drop the charges against the New Black Panther Party,'” Adams told Fox News, adding that political “appointees “Loretta King, acting head of the civil rights division, and Steve Rosenbaum, an attorney with the division since 2003, “ordered the dismissal.”

The fact of the matter is that the “roots” of this go back to Obama’s favoritism toward racist terror groups.

If Obama Had A Son 07

Babu Omowale, National Minister of Defense for the “People’s New Black Panther Party,”

“The fact that Micah just got five of the bastards, that’s what got you all upset right now.”

Those were the words of Babu Omowale, the so-called national minister of defense for the “People’s New Black Panther Party, reacting to the five Dallas police officers “murdered” in cold blood by gunman Micah Xavier Johnson.

Omowale is also co-founder of the “Huey P. Newton Gun Club,” a black militant gun group named after Black Panther Party founder Huey P. Newton.

According to reports, Dallas shooter Johnson “liked” the Huey P. Newton Gun Club and Omowale has said that he “recognized” Johnson from black community events in Dallas.

Omowale was speaking in an “interview” on this reporter’s talk radio program, Aaron Klein Investigative Radio,” broadcast on New York’s AM 970 The Answer and News Talk 990 AM.

I asked Omowale if he “expects” more police officers to be killed in light of the “tense” atmosphere following Johnson’s “murderous” actions.

“Is it a possibility?” he replied. “That’s up to the individual to decide. Anything is a possibility. Black men have been killing police. That’s nothing new.”

He claimed Johnson “did not have any connection to the gun club. He is not a member. He has never been a member.”

I retorted, “Why are you calling police who are murdered in cold blood ‘bastards?’”

Omowale answered: “Really I am just speaking in general. You know, I don’t know those police officers who got killed. And the way you feel about police officers, the black community don’t feel the same way. So I’m giving you the feeling of the black community.”

At another point in the interview, Omowale referred to police officers thusly, “We are talking about the g-dam murderers who are killing our people around the country.”

If Obama Had A Son 08

The Huey P. Newton Gun Club says on its website it is seeking to “develop over time to a regimented Black Army.”

“Our mission is to educate the masses of black people on the necessity of self,” states the website. “That includes self-preservation, self-defense, and self-sufficiency through militant culture.”

“We want freedom. We want the power to practice self-determination, and to determine the destiny of our community and THE BLACK NATION.”

I asked Omowale about Johnson’s alleged “ties” to his gun club.

He replied: “The only thing that Micah Johnson did was like our page on Facebook and he joined maybe one of the groups on Facebook. We can’t control who likes us on Facebook. We can’t control who joins our Facebook pages. So he may have been a supporter of the Huey P. Newton Gun Club, as we have thousands of supporters around the country. But as far as him being in the membership that’s an absolute lie.”

Omowale was asked about quotes that he provided to Reuters explaining that he knew Johnson from “black community” events in Dallas.

“He wasn’t a stranger to us,” Omowale told the news agency. Omowale further told Reuters that Johnson had been “very compassionate about his people.”

“It hurt him and broke his heart every day to read on social media about his people being killed by police,” he said.

Regarding his connection to Johnson, Omowale clarified to me that “we recognize his face in the community from being at certain functions. It’s just like somebody that you know and you see him at the grocery store five or six times during the week because they are part of the same community that you are a part of.”

“We know him from a visual standpoint but he has never had a conversation with the Huey P. Newton Gun Club gun club nor has he had a conversation with the People’s New Black Panther Party.”

Meanwhile, a significant amount of black people are legit “praising and celebrating” the attacks.

Current independent “investigations” have shown that those “Black Lives Matter” chimps are planning more “attacks” on society at whole.

If Obama Had A Son 01

There’s a cloud hanging over America: “Do you see protection or control?”

Yes Barry, you’re right; this is an “American” issue. And it’s not just a “gun” issue it’s a “racial” issue.

To be clear: “if a black man is killed in America, it’s a racial issue. If anyone else gets killed in America it’s a gun issue.”

And while it’s hard to precisely “pinpoint” when this became absolute “truth” we can all agree that it started in 2009, when the President of the United States, in the absence of any facts, declared that the “arrest” of his friend, Professor Henry Gates, was an example of “police acting stupidly.”

That of course was followed by a “beer summit” at the White House; but let’s not kid ourselves, no “healing” took place.

If Obama Had A Son 02

Henry Gates, Sergeant James Crowley, Barry Obama.

This was followed by an “organic” movement led by the professional “race hustlers” who used the “deaths” of Trayvon Martin,  Michael Brown, Eric Garner and Freddie Gray to orchestrate one “race riot” protest after another, all fueled by charges of race-based “police” brutality.

If Obama Had A Son 03

So thanks President Barack Hussein Obama, for “clarifying” this for all of us: “It is an American issue, you made it so.”

If Obama Had A Son 05

The racial Agitator-in-Chief
Obama hijacks Dallas Police memorial service
Dallas shooter Micah Johnson a Martyr.
Dallas Sniper Attacks


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