Ramadan 2016

Ramadan 2016 01

Ramadan is the Islamic “holy” month when Muslims from the “Religion of Peace” fast and try to perform good “deeds” rewarded by Allah.

“Charity and generosity” are especially urged during Ramadan. Muslim learn to “give,” and not to “take.”

The deprivation of “fasting” (a.k.a. skipping lunch) makes Muslim “sympathize” with the suffering of others, making them remember the “blessings” of life which they normally “take for granted.”

The person fasting is not supposed to “eat” before iftar (breaking the fast with dates), or “lie, speak wrong about anyone behind their backs or do anything that is morally incorrect.”

Killing “infidels” and non-Sharia “compliant” Muslims, of course, is the “exception.”

The “terrorist” attack on the “gay” club in Orlando left 49 dead. It sparked “vigils and outrage” across the globe.

Ramadan 2016 12

Omar Mateen carried out the atrocity pledging “allegiance” to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi of the Islamic State.

This is the second year in row that the “jihadists” have used Islam’s holy month of Ramadan to launch a series of “deadly” assaults.

Within a few days ISIL “struck” again. This time the target was a “military” site at the Yemeni port of Mukalla. There were several attacks. Forty three were “killed” among them soldiers and members of the secret service.

The next day three “suicide” bombers armed with assault rifles “burst” into the Ataturk airport in Istanbul. They “killed” 44 people and injured 150. The attack was attributed to Islamic “militants” by the authorities.

July brought no let up in the “murderous” spree. On the first day of the month ISIL claimed responsibility for a “siege” in a restaurant in Dhaka in Bangladesh in which 35 people were taken “hostage.” Twenty were “killed” including Italian and Japanese.

On July 3, as many people were out shopping in a Shia district of Baghdad when ISIL “struck” again with devastating effect. A bomb in a truck “exploded” which left more than 250 “dead.” It was the deadliest “attack” in 13 years of war and insurgency. The militants claimed the attack against Shiites.

The next day Saudi Arabia was the “target.” The kingdom was struck by “three” attacks. They included one by a “suicide” bomber who detonated his bomb outside the Prophet’s Mosque in the holy city of Medina. One person was “killed.”

Thousands visit the site at the end of Ramadan and it is a place where “violence” is prohibited. The attack caused “outrage” in Sunny and Shiite communities.

“For terrorist groups like ISIL and others, Ramadan is the month of jihad. Some commit their attacks on the 17th of the month of Ramadan. That is the when the battle of Badr took place.”

It was “key” in the early days of Islam and a seen as a “turning” point in Muhammad’s “struggle” with his opponents.

During Ramadan there are more “crowds” gathered in one place and so more victims can be “killed” in one “attack” as happened in Baghdad.

“Finally these are strong messages by the terrorists to show they can strike anywhere despite the security measures as happened in Medina,” explained “EuroNews” correspondent Riad Muasses.

Ramadan 2016 03

Muslims across the world “celebrated” the three day festival of “Eid al-Fitr.” It marks the close of Ramadan and the end of a “month-long fast during daylight hours.”

Ramadan 2016 04

A Syrian man was “sentenced” to death in Raqqa for “mocking” Islam. His execution – “beheading with a massive blade” – was carried out in front of a live “cheering” audience where children were present.

Ramadan 2016 05

Ramadan 2016 06

Ramadan 2016 07

Ramadan 2016 08

ISIS gunmen were photographed “slaughtering” a man who was accused of “pledging allegiance to the infidels,” after his verdict was read out in public.

Ramadan 2016 09

Ramadan 2016 10

Ramadan 2016 11

A Turkish man was “hospitalized” for 9 days after being “sucker” punched by a Muslim who was upset that he was “smoking” during Ramadan fasting hours.

The “victim,” 23-year-old Gökay Çetin, was smoking outside during a “break” in his work as a salesperson at a clothing store.

An unidentified Muslim “assailant” riding a motorbike then pulled up and started to “argue” with him before violently “punching” him in the chin.

City surveillance camera footage “captured” the incident and shows Çetin falling over and “hitting” his head on the curb.

Let’s recap how the “Religion of Peaceful Killing” did this year:

Ramadan 2016 02

Congratulations to everyone who “survived” Ramadan2016 without being “culturally” enriched.

Coming “soon” to a city near you. Get “ready.” Get “armed.” Get concealed “carry.” Be vigilant and ready to “defend” yourself and your family at all times.


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Almost 400 People In 9 Countries Were Killed By Islamic Extremism During Ramadan


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