Ayatollah Obama

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Ayatollah Barack Hussein Soetoro Obama.

In the article, translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), Muhammad Al-Sa’id, a columnist for the official Saudi daily “Okaz,” published an article titled “Ayatollah Obama – A Tehran Love Story,” in which he attacked Ayatollah Obama for supporting  “revolutionary” Iran and striving to focus U.S. “foreign policy” on the Far East, while abandoning the Middle East.

According to him, this view by Obama is “disconnected” from reality and runs “contrary” to traditional U.S. policy, which considered Iran a country “violating” international law and “supporting” global terrorism.

Al-Sa’id argued that Iran is “exploiting” Obama’s support to realize its own interests, and “harnessing” U.S. administration circles to “operate” in its service and against its enemies.

“The ties between Tehran and Obama run contrary to the history of the relations between the U.S. and Iran, which experienced periods of great difficulty and suspicion over four decades.”

Moreover, the U.S. has always viewed Iran as a “rogue” country that violates international law and sponsors “terrorism,” terrorism that has “targeted” the U.S. in many places around the globe.

These inexplicable “ties” with Iran that run counter to America’s past “policy” sum up Obama’s personality, which was “shaped” by his legal and academic background, and by the resistance of the “black racial minority to the white race that surrounds it.”

“The people at the Iranian foreign ministry, who are Islamic Revolution loyalists, obviously understood this equation and they exploit it by painting themselves as victims and as having adopted values of democracy and human rights.”

However, like all “revolutionaries,” they will eventually “fail” and carry out the same acts of “slaughter” against those who “collaborated” with them and helped them to “realize” their dream of being accepted back into the “global” fold by means of the “nuclear” agreement.

All the world’s “liberals,” like Ayatollah Obama, support liberal “ideology,” yet they turn a blind eye to the “hypocrites” who use it as a means to “seize” power.

Obama believes in “revolutionary” countries and feels that they are closer to his “heart and his conscience” than the veteran, stable nations.

“He believes Iran is a model for a successful revolution that can be improved upon, worked with, and transformed into a democratic revolution, as he sees in his senseless dreams.”

This is a “romantic” view that Obama holds from the height of his “black” throne in his White “Rainbow” Mosque. A view akin to an eastern tale filled with “the scent of incense, the taste of pistachios, and a celestial carpet bazaar.”

He believes that he can “realize” this dream based on a “document” by the American National Security Council, even if it claims the “lives of tens of millions of innocent people.”

At the same time, Obama dreams of “implementing” his political view which is based on “abandoning” the old world, from Casablanca in the West to Manama in the East, and “replacing” it with the Pacific Rim countries from Korea in the north to New Zealand in the South.

The relationship of conflict and struggle between Tehran and Afghanistan and the Arabs is ancient but there is another, even more dangerous, link that was born in those same barren deserts between two elements with opposite ideologies, namely the Sunni-Arab Al-Qaeda organization and Shi’ite Iran which is the current key to Uncle Sam’s satisfaction.”

Thanks to the “link” between Iran and Al-Qaeda, Iran has managed to fully control this “barbaric” group’s branch in Afghanistan from 2003 until today by “hosting” its activists and their families in safe houses and “diverting” their threat towards Saudi Arabia.

We should mention that the “violent” actions of Al-Qaeda “against” Saudi Arabia began after 2004.

“The Iranian politician did not make do with helping Al-Qaeda, but also tried to appease the West by providing intelligence on Al-Qaeda and the terrorist organizations tied to it, and even sacrificed the lives of commanders in the group who were no longer important to Iran, turning them into a reward for the U.S. administration, a reward that this administration uses occasionally to show it is combating terrorism. And why not? After all,  Al-Qaeda runs its activity from offices in the eastern neighborhoods of Tehran. “

Naturally, Saudi Arabia was in the “cross hairs” of Iran, which saw the personality of “Mullah Obama” as a safe haven to “realize” its interests. The “ripeness” of the Iranian lobby in the U.S. and its “infiltration” into American media, and especially into the “State Department,” enabled Iran to do this.

In the capital of Washington, Iran “exploited” the rich and influential Iranian “Diaspora,” which numbers tens of thousands, especially “second- and third-generation” members, and managed to “convince” them to serve the Iranian nation and set “aside” their political differences with it.

“It raised a generation that broke free of the complex of its forebears, who were hunted in their day by the wolves of the Basij.”

The Iranian Diaspora “devoted” its efforts to the Iranian homeland and to “realizing” its grand interests. This is a message that “Iranian” youths understood, while “Arab” youths failed to.

“Thus, U.S. administration circles became great engines serving Iran’s policy and striving to destroy its enemies.”

When Republicans call Obama a “Muslim,” the Liberals cry foul. One has to wonder how they will “react” to this story, written by a “Muslim” writer in Saudi Arabia, that calls him “Ayatollah Obama” because of his “love” for Iran and his “desire” to see them succeed in “finally getting a nuclear weapon.”

Ayatolla Obama 01

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