Trust Betrayed

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Ex-Navy SEAL sniper Scott Taylor “served” his country for eight years. Taylor finally came home after he was “injured” during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Years later, he became “outraged” when he discovered that the Obama administration was “leaking” sensitive intelligence information for “political” gain.

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Now Scott Taylor is “speaking” out. Having served as a “sniper” in the same region of Iraq as “American Sniper” author Chris Kyle, Taylor knows first-hand how “high” the stakes are.

From the “bungling” of Benghazi to the “rise” of ISIS, the White House has “betrayed” the trust of American forces. It’s “time” President Obama and his administration were finally “held” accountable.

When America’s “Special Operations” forces take on America’s most “dangerous” enemies in the most “high risk” missions, they expect the “American government” that sent them into “harm’s way” to have their back. With the Obama administration and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, they “would be wrong.”

Obama and Clinton love to bask in the “glory” of Special Operations successes, even as their administration “leaks” national security secrets—most famously about the SEAL Team 6 “raid” that killed Osama bin Laden—that undermine the success of “future” operations, and put American “lives” at risk.

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Scott Taylor, a former Navy SEAL sniper, Iraq War veteran, foreign policy commentator and elected Congressman finally had “enough” of the administration’s reckless “disregard” for America’s national “security” and decided to do something about it.

Part of that something is the book “Trust Betrayed”—a searing “condemnation” of a foreign policy driven by “ignorance and ideology” that puts America’s status in the world at “serious” risk.

In “Trust Betrayed” you’ll learn:

How the Obama administration has been a fountain of damaging national security leaks—for transparently political reasons
How top Obama political operatives routinely leak classified information, while low-level whistle blowers are harassed and prosecuted
How Hillary Clinton’s support for the radical Muslim Brotherhood alienated even our Muslim allies
How the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff—and the president himself—called out veterans for exercising their First Amendment rights
How the much-touted House Intelligence Committee’s report on Benghazi was a whitewash, contradicting the testimony of the men who actually fought there
BONUS: responses of the CIA contractors who were on the ground in Benghazi to the November 21, 2014, House Intelligence Committee Report about the Benghazi attacks

If you want the “real” story about Benghazi and the other foreign policy “disasters” on President Obama and Hillary Clinton’s watch from a “national security expert” who has seen the results “firsthand,” then you need to read “Trust Betrayed.”

Book Reviews:

“Former Navy SEAL Scott Taylor brings a critical perspective to the public policy debate. He speaks from the experience that he and his brothers in arms have gained in dangerous corners of the world where only strength and resolve keep the world’s bad actors at bay. And he understands that American power—especially when you consider the alternatives—is good not just for Americans, but for the world. In Trust Betrayed Taylor exposes the Obama administration leaks that have endangered our special forces, and he makes the case for a foreign policy based on U.S. national interests, not grandiose ambitions or wishful thinking. This is an important book.”
John Bolton, former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations

“As Barack Obama has moved the US ever farther away from a foreign policy that actually safeguarded US national security, it has become increasingly difficult for patriotic politicians—and ordinary Americans—to see what can and must be done to get us out of this current mess, and restore America’s strength and security before it’s too late. But in Trust Betrayed, former Navy SEAL Scott Taylor analyzes the contemporary situation with the keen eye of a man who has seen the disastrous effects of Obama’s policies up close, and provides a reasonable and realistic path back to national sanity. Not only should all candidates for national office be required to read this book—they should be required to report on it, and explain how they intend to implement its recommendations.” 
Robert Spencer, author of the New York Times bestsellers The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam® (and the Crusades) and The Truth About Muhammad

“Former Navy SEAL Scott Taylor does his country another valuable service. Trust Betrayed brings the valuable perspective of a boots-on-the-ground veteran to the foreign policy disasters under Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, from America’s botched response to the Egyptian Revolution, to Benghazi, to the ‘red line’ debacle in Syria, to the renewed war in Iraq. Read this book to learn how America’s role in the world has been jeopardized—and what can be done to restore it.” 
Erick Stakelbeck, host of CBN’s The Watchman with Erick Stakelbeck and author of The Terrorist Next Door, The Brotherhood, and Inside ISIS

“Trust Betrayed is must reading. Former Navy SEAL Scott Taylor lays out in gripping detail exactly how the Obama administration has abused our Special Operations Forces for political gain. Taylor dishes out the blame the politicians richly deserve for appropriating the heroism of those who serve—and then leaking classified information that puts them and their families at risk. And if you didn’t already know exactly why a Hillary Clinton presidency would be a disaster for America, you’ll find out in this book.”  
Bill Cowan, Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.), U.S. Marine Corps, former Intelligence Support Activity operative, and expert in counter terrorism and hostage rescue

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