Revolution Time Again?

Revolution 01

The number of Americans “disgusted” with the direction the nation is “headed” has been growing “steadily” over the past several years.

And increasingly, abject “frustration with the electoral process,” which arguably has facilitated a “fundamental transformation of America,” leads a growing chorus calling for “outright revolution.”

After all, the “abuses” of our own government far exceed what King George “imposed” on our revolutionary forebears.

Those of us who treasure America as the “land of the free and the home of the brave” see contemporary statists, those who are actively engaged in “expanding centralized governmental authority at the expense of personal liberty, as adulterators and enemies of freedom.”

They are “fundamentally transforming America” into a fiercely potent “centralized” government that was never intended for this republic, “a fascist police state that regulates, coerces, bullies, and spies on its citizens.”

In the past, they’ve done it “surreptitiously, clandestinely, and dishonestly.”

Now, however, they do so “blatantly and openly,” yet classifying it as something else. The United States of America currently only slightly “resembles” the land of the free and home of the brave as founded and intended.

Even a cursory series of online searches “reveals” a growing chorus of classical-liberals calling for a “new revolution” against the tyranny of a federal government that resembles “oligarchical fascism” much more than the “liberty-based republic” we were given.

Is such talk of a new revolution” hyperbolic, or real? And if there was such a revolution, “what might it look like?”

Revolution 05

It could possibly resemble the plot of a new book, “Shadow Revolution: Code Name Operation Achilles,” a major rewrite of his 2001 book, “Halcyon Revolution” by award winning columnist Bill Corbett, authored under the pseudonym “Will Edwinson.”

As Bill describes it,

“The self-reliant producers try for years to elect people to government that would stem the tide of the Progressive movement, but to no avail.

The Progressives always manage to win, and the trend continues toward socialism. Titus Coppard and the revolutionists have finally had enough, and they start a quiet shadow (underground) revolution.

The goal is for all the self-reliant like-minded people to exodus to eighteen Western states, get jobs, start businesses, get involved in politics to gain ideological control of the respective legislatures; and on a pre-determined date, secede in one block from the union of the United States and form the new nation of the Free States of North America.”

The new nation will be established according to the original Constitution: “a republic of limited government ensuring individual liberty as the U.S. was founded 226 years ago.”

For lovers of “liberty,” the speeches and teachings of Coppard, a fictional yet inspiring “protagonist,” are like reading Jefferson and the founding fathers.

He explains the rationale behind the revolution.

“The whole purpose of establishing this new nation is to encourage people to pursue their personal happiness by being as productive as they can. We will do this by cutting the shackles of regulation that prevent that productivity.

We want new citizens to migrate to our country, but not for the purpose of a dole. If they are expecting that, they had better stay where they are, because, here, there will be no dole.

Our credo will be that of President John F. Kennedy when he said in his inauguration speech: ‘Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.’”

When addressing the “economics” behind his plan, he sounds like Milton Friedman:

“We hope to abolish all taxes on income and capital; or at least, make them minimal.

We feel that those taxes are counter-productive. People should be allowed to keep all of what they earn and accumulate and be free to dispose of it as they see fit. We will have poor people, true.

As Jesus said, ‘The poor will always be with us’, but we intend to retrain the mind-set of the citizens. We will work to instill in their belief system that it is not the responsibility of government to care for the poor, but rather, this should be left up to private citizens, churches, and charities.”

And he embodies the federalist ideals of James Madison when he explains: “There will be no mandates imposed on the several states by the federal government because we respect states’ rights as spelled out in the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution.”

Some of Coppard’s suggestions for the “Free States of North America” will ring true regardless of “ideological” orientation on the political spectrum. Who could argue with a “competency” requirement for those seeking public office, or with “term limits?”

As he explains: “Everyone running for president, vice-president, and service in the Congress—and I emphasize service, not career—must pass a comprehensive examination testing his knowledge and understanding of the Constitution in order to qualify him to run for office.”

He then goes on to explain the “term limits” on congressmen and senators that would prevent the level of “cronyism and amalgamation” of power we see today.

Government is not the only “difference” in the new country. The basic “culture” must change as well.

Revolution 03

“Someone once said the miracle of America originally brought forth a breed of human being that was noted for its desire to do the right thing because common decency and common sense dictated common standards of conduct.”

Because of this, each generation “rose” higher and higher on the ladder of civilization with “genuine and lasting results.” We intend to “recapture” that philosophy

“Basic honesty will be the governing rule,” Coppard explains. And while it may sound “idyllic” in today’s context, at one time it “defined” American culture.

For those of us who “embrace” the founding principles and documents of our republic, this story is one of “reflection” as well as possible “inspiration” for the future.

After all, the classical-liberal “ideals” embedded into our founding documents made of us a “great” nation. We could be great yet again by “returning” to them.

The existential “question” for each of us to “ponder” is whether it will come at the “ballot box,” or from a “new revolution.”

Revolution 02

We were once a society that valued individual “liberty and privacy” however the “9-11 Charade” and the phony “War On Terror” has changed everything.

The years that followed turned us into a culture that has quietly accepted “surveillance cameras, militarized police with drug-sniffing dogs in our children’s schools, national databases that track our finances and activities, sneak-and-peek searches and seizures of our homes without our knowledge or consent, and anti-terrorism laws” that turn average Americans into “domestic terrorist” or “people of interest.”

If you are “reading” this right now you are already on a “list” and automatically suspected by your government of committing “thought crime.”

In short, America has become a “lock down” nation, a rapidly emerging “Police State.”

We are witnessing America’s “transition” from a society governed by “we the people” to a police state governed by the “strong arm of the law” backed by the ruling elite, also known as the “Powers That Should Not Be.”

The simple fact is that the “Constitution,” and in particular the “Bill of Rights,” are both being “undermined or bypassed” on virtually every front!

The “openness and freedom” that were once the “hallmarks” of our nation are now in great “peril.”

The video below is just “one of thousands” that have been uploaded to the Internet by people attempting to offer “timely and practical” initiatives for Americans to take “charge” of our present course, and stop the “insanity” of our ever-growing police state.

Time is “running” out. We are at a “critical” juncture. Every citizen who “values” his or her personal “rights and freedom” needs to pay close attention to the “message” in this video!

Our once proud country, “the land of the free and home of the brave” have been reduced to the land of the “depraved and home of the corrupt,” not to mention the land of the “freeloaders” and home of the “debt slaves.”

If we could only see our “reputation” in the other nations of the world. We would be “abhorred.”

When America’s “representatives” are the poster child for “corruption,” when our leaders openly commit “treason” against his own people, when we have “bullied, plundered, and pillaged” our way to the “penicle of power,” when we openly worship a “false” god, the only path forward is “ruin.”

There will be no “rise to respect” again. There will be no “return to ideals” the forefathers fought for. There will be no “new world order” utopia. For God has placed this country under “judgment” and we will pay for the “sins of our leaders,” as God has spoken.

Revolution 04

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