Hacking Democracy

Hacking Democracy 01

The disturbingly “shocking” HBO documentary “Hacking Democracy” bravely tangles with our nation’s “ills” at the heart of democracy.

The film “politicians” do not want you to see, this “revelatory” journey follows “tenacious” Seattle grandmother Bev Harris and her band of extraordinary “citizen-activists” as they set out to ask one simple question: “How does America count its votes?”

From Florida and California to Ohio and Washington State, filmmakers Simon Ardizzone, Robert Cohen, and Russell Michaels starkly reveal a “broken system riddled with secrecy, incompetent election officials, and electronic voting machines that can be programmed to steal elections.”

Equipped only with a powerful “sense of righteous outrage,” the activists take on voting machine industry, exposing alarming “security” holes in America’s trusted “voting” machines.

They even go “dumpster” diving at a county election official’s office in Florida, uncovering “incendiary” evidence of “miscounted” votes.

But proving our votes can be “stolen without a trace” culminates in a duel between “Diebold voting machines and a computer hacker from Finland”—with America’s democracy at stake.

Hacking Democracy 02

Ahamo 2016 Winner/ Excellence in Documentary Film


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