Muslim Migrants

Muslim Migrants 02

On assignment in Europe, Rebel Media’s Lauren Southern went to the dirtiest, most dangerous “refugee” camp in all of Europe: “the infamous Jungle of Calais, France.”

The word “refugee” is in quotes, because as Lauren saw first-hand, “none of them are real refugees.”

Muslim Migrants 04

Lauren literally spoke with 160 men — “there are 99% men in the Jungle” — and found only a “single migrant” who was from Syria.

It’s a “free-for-all,” as opportunists from Sudan to Afghanistan to Ethiopia take advantage of Europe’s “open borders” to rush in.

They’re all “squatting” in this dirty shantytown as they try to “smuggle” themselves into trucks crossing over the English Channel to the U.K.

It’s like a giant, “open-air prison” without any prison guards in this “lawless” Muslim enclave, packed with makeshift “mosques” and young men “scheming” their next move on their cell-phones.

Muslim Migrants 01

When the “refugee crisis” began, we were told the “victims” were mostly Syrian refugee “families.” Of course, we’ve since learned that that’s a lie — but how big a lie is it?

Lauren Southern spent many hours in the notorious “Calais Jungle” migrant camp to capture “left-wing” reporters and camera crews in action.

Despite the overwhelming “majority” of the migrant camp’s residents being “adult males,” left-wing media “deliberately” focused on children.

Selecting the “handful” of children living at the “migrant camp” in Calais, France, left-wing media  emotionally “manipulate” their audiences to support the “flow” of millions of Muslims into Europe and the broader West.

“They’re bringing all the kids, the only kids in the camp to go and interview, right now. Literally the only kids I saw in the camp are over there being interviewed,” said Lauren Southern, laughing.

Lauren’s camera “operator” then turned to show the “real” faces of the camp, “grown” men from Afghanistan and Sudan.

“My entire time I was here, I was walking through for hours and hour, I saw probably 4 kids. 4 kids, and only six women.”

Here are “additional videos of Lauren Southern “assignment” in Europe…

Part 1: The journey begins:

Part 2: “You must leave now!” Hunting for “lizard people” at the Bilderberg’s Dresden hotel:

Part 3: Journalists — including me — harassed by police at Bilderberg conference:

Part 4: The “antifa” movement: It’s anti-German racism, done by Germans:

Part 5: Outside Bilderberg meeting, “I’m surrounded by people I’d normally laugh at, but their free speech is being denied”:

Part 6: “If you change your religion, they get you” — An Iranian Christian refugee to Germany tells his story:

Part 7: Asking about gay rights and sharia on the streets of Molenbeek, Belgium’s Muslim enclave:

Muslim Migrants 03

Muslim invaders in Calais shouting “Fuck the UK” hurl rocks at British motorists in a desperate attempt to illegally break into the UK


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