The Waco Massacre

The Waco Massacre 01

If you think you know all about the “Waco Massacre” think again!

This well made “documentary” will most definitely “boggle your mind!”

At the very minimum, it proves “beyond any doubt” that there is absolutely “no limit” how far our own government will go to “cover up” their crimes against their own American “citizens,” and everything the government-sponsored, “controlled” American main stream “media” reported about the tragedy “was nothing but lies!”

They had, and still have to this day, “no problem murdering people, forcing innocent children to burn alive and insure there are no witnesses to their endless atrocities!”

If this film does not “boil your blood,”quite frankly nothing will. It must be “shared” with as many “people as possible.”

The “Waco Massacre” was an American “abomination” in every aspect.

Hillary Clinton and the Chain of Command at Waco
Buried Clinton impeachment documents must be devastating

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