Muslim Bacon Smuggler

Muslim Bacon Smuggler 00

Customs officers at the Hamad International Airport, in the Qatari capital of Doha, have “arrested” a Yemeni man attempting to “smuggle” more than 12 kilograms (27 lbs) of sliced bacon hidden in his anal cavity into the country.

53-year old Muslim Abd al Rahman Shamoun, was “spotted” by a specially trained “sniffer” police dog, looking for “drugs or pork meat” on passengers and in their luggage.

Muslim Bacon Smuggler 01

Abd al Rahman Shamoun, Muslim bacon smuggler.

He appeared visibly “nervous and sweaty,” so the customs officer took him in a separate office for a more thorough “search and investigation.”

The search revealed 4 large “condoms” hidden in his anal “cavity,” each containing more than 3 kilograms of “bacon.”

People “ingesting or inserting” illegal drugs, money, jewelry, or weapons in “various” cavities, is a rather common “practice” and airports around the world are used to “dealing” with such cases.

This is the “first” time, however, that “bacon” is discovered during a “cavity” search in a “Muslim” man.

Muslim Bacon Smuggler 02

Due to Qatar’s strict laws regarding “pork” meat and other food that isn’t “permissible” or “allowed” in Islam, Shamoun faces some very serious “criminal” charges.

Accused of “possession of controlled substances”, “trafficking controlled substances” and “illegal importation of controlled substances”, he could now face the “death penalty”, with a minimum of “50 lashes” and “15 years in prison.”

Muslim Bacon Smuggler 03

Muslims “protested” to KFC that sandwiches with bacon were “offensive.” KFC promptly “removed” bacon from their menus. Case closed, right? Not even close. Here’s what happened when an “unsuspecting” customer asked for “bacon” on her chicken sandwich.

This “proves” once and for all that Muslim indeed “love” Bacon.

Muslim Bacon Smuggler 04


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