Muslim Orlando Response

Ahmed 30

Here is what is “being said” in Arabic by many Muslims in “response” to the Orlando “massacre” which the mainstream “media” will never show you.

Ahmed 01

Ahmed 02

Ahmed 03

Ahmed 04

Ahmed 05

Ahmed 06

Ahmed 07

Ahmed 08

Ahmed 09

Ahmed 10

Ahmed 11

Ahmed 12

Ahmed 13

Ahmed 14

Ahmed 15

Ahmed 16

Ahmed 17

Ahmed 18

Ahmed 19

Ahmed 20

Ahmed 21

Ahmed 22

Ahmed 23

Ahmed 25

Ahmed 26

Ahmed 27

Ahmed 31

Ahmed 32

Ahmed 33

Ahmed 34

Ahmed 35

Ahmed 24

Ahmed 36

If you run into any CAIR “Jihadists” or “Moderate” Muslims talking about “solidarity” between Muslims and non-Muslim show them these comments.


The “blood” spilled for every American citizens “murdered” by a Muslim, yesterday, today or tomorrow is the “sole” responsibility of Mullah Barack Hussein Obama and Muslima Corrupt Hillary Clinton.

If you are an undecided “voter” it’s not too late to “right the ship…”

Ahmed 29

Ahmed 28


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