Hillary the Other Woman

Hillary the Other Woman 01

You think you “know” Hillary and Bill Clinton “pretty” well. After all, they have been in the “public” eye from “Arkansas to the White House” and beyond for over “forty” years.

Former Dallas attorney Dolly Kyle “met” former president Clinton (“Billy as she calls him”) on a Hot Springs “golf course” when she was “eleven” and he was almost “thirteen.”

It was “colpo de fulmine” (the thunderbolt) at first sight. Their friendship “grew” throughout high school and college.

It became a decades-long “affair” that lasted despite marriages and politics all the way to the “threshold” of the White House when she became a “political liability,” and he threatened to “destroy” her, as Hillary had done to so many “of his other women” over the years.

What you know about the Clintons is probably “limited” to the pleasantries that the “mainstream” media have chosen to “share” with you.

“Hillary the Other Woman” pulls no punches in “describing” the way media “magic” makes Clinton “stories” disappear.

Have you heard about the “Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations” (RICO) federal “lawsuit” that Kyle filed against “Clinton and cronies” while he and co-president Hillary were in the White House?

The “racial discrimination” lawsuits filed by African-Americans against “Clinton” as governor of Arkansas?

Clintons “orders” for the Arkansas State Police to “stop and search” vehicles driven by Hispanics?

Thousands of young African-American men given “long” prison sentences under the “three strikes out” laws pushed by co-presidents Bill and Hillary?

The co-president Clintons “pandering” to minorities with a subtle form of “race baiting” with their welfare agenda?

The “racist” names they call Jesse Jackson “behind” his back?

“Hillary the Other Woman” is not only about the “politics” of the Arkansas gubernatorial years and the famous “two for the price of one” presidency.

It also provides a “perspective” on Arkansas life that formed the “backdrop and training ground” for the Clintons in their later “crimes,” their gangster-like “threats and intimidation” of political enemies, and their “arrogant” belief that they are “above” the law.

You will see the “connection” between Hillary s current “email” scandal and her “shredding” of documents when they “left” the Arkansas governor’s mansion.

You will “realize” that the Clinton Foundation is the new international version of the “money” laundering and “bribes” that you glossed over as “Cattlegate.”

You will read “clear, concise, entertaining” accounts that put the “multitude” of Clinton scandals into “everyday” perspective.

Finally, you will be “privy” to the Clinton “truth suppression techniques” that allowed them to “get away with all of it.”

Until now…

Clinton Mistress: Hillary ‘Uses Lies, Threats, Intimidation, Violence’


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