Dishonorable Disclosures

dishonorable-disclosures 01

Intelligence and Special Operations forces are “furious” and “frustrated” at how President Obama and those in positions of authority have “exploited” their service for “political” advantage.

Countless “leaks, interviews and decisions” by the Obama Administration and other government officials have “undermined” the success of our “Intelligence and Special Operations” forces and put “future” missions and personnel at “risk.”

dishonorable-disclosures 02

The unwarranted and dangerous “public disclosure” of Special Forces Operations is so “serious”  that for the first time ever, former operators have agreed to “risk” their reputations and go “on the record” in a special documentary titled “Dishonorable Disclosures.”

World Leaders Arrive South Korea To Attend 2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit

Its goal is to “educate” America about serious “breaches of security” and prevent them from “ever” happening again.

“Tell on Me: The ballad of US agents” is a song produced by Latma, Israel’s premiere satire group and dedicated to Obama, the “Leaker-in-Chief,” from America’s friends, based on the immortal song of Ben E. King, “Stand by Me.”

OPSEC ad titled “Bump In The Road” hits the Obama Administration for not telling the “truth” about the attacks in Libya that “cost” the U.S. Ambassador, two former SEAL’s and another U.S. diplomat their “lives” while also having politicized the “raid” that killed Osama bin Laden.

dishonorable-disclosures 04

“President Obama wanted credit after our military killed bin Laden. Highly classified secrets were leaked, endangering real heroes and their families. But when terrorists killed SEAL’s and diplomats in Libya, this administration does not tell the truth about what happened,” says Scott Taylor, former Navy SEAL and president of OPSEC, in narrating the ad.

dishonorable-disclosures 05

In a detailed report on the “Benghazi” attack, OPSEC reveals that Hillary Clinton bears “major” responsibility for the “catastrophic failure” that resulted in the “death” of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other American personnel.

We’ve uncovered Hillary Clinton’s full “involvement” in Benghazi and this report is nothing short of “incriminating” for Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton NO 2016

Dishonorable Disclosure sends message to Obama


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