Crisis of Character

Crisis of Character 01

Just in time for your reading pleasure, a “Clinton Secret Service agent” is publishing a tell-all book about his years “guarding” the Oval Office.

Knowing what has conveniently happened to “enemies” of the Clintons in the past, this is a “brave” act on the part of Gary Byrne.

No doubt the book will “confirm” what most already know; that the Clintons have “zero” character.

Crisis of Character 02

Gary Byrne, who was one of the agents who complained about Monica Lewinsky’s behavior, says he wants voters to see the “real” Hillary before they head to the poll.

What promises to be a “blockbuster” book, “Crisis of Character” details the “disgraceful” behavior of Bill and Hillary Clinton in the White House, which will be published June 28.

According to Drudge, specific “details” of the book are being kept under a “tight” embargo.

Crisis of Character: “A White House Secret Service Officer Discloses His Firsthand Experience with Hillary, Bill, and How They Operate” by Gary J. Byrne is available for pre-order on Amazon and elsewhere.

On Amazon you can read the first few pages (click here), including Chapter One, “The Vase,” about the incident in which a “loud argument” between the First Couple resulted in a “vase” being thrown at Bill by Hillary.


Chapter 1 – The Vase
Chapter 2 – The Air Force Security Police
Chapter 3 – Club Fed
Chapter 4 – To The White House
Chapter 5 – Meet The New Boss
Chapter 6 – The Boy From Hope, Arkansas
Chapter 7 – Billary
Chapter 8 – Clinton World
Chapter 9 – Oklahoma City
Chapter 10 – Mole
Chapter 11 – Wild Bill
Chapter 12 – USSS Work Environment
Chapter 13 – Tours And JJRTC
Chapter 14 – Mud Drag: Part 1
Chapter 15 – Mud Drag: Part 2
Chapter 16 – Commerce Firing
Chapter 17 – New Skies
Chapter 18 – Cyprus
(Source: Drudge Report)

At the bottom, click “Surprise Me” to read random excerpts. Here is a small sample…

“I witnessed her obscenity-laced tirades, her shifting of blame, how she berated Vince Foster until he could take it no more, how minor incidents involving blue gloves and botched invitations sent her into a tizzy.

FBI agents confided in me about her emerging Filegate scandal; they were just as frustrated with Hillary’s methods as we were.

I saw how the Clinton Machine’s appalling leadership style endangered law enforcement officers, the military, and the American people in general. And with Hillary Clinton’s latest rise I realized that her own leadership style – volcanic, impulsive, enabled by sycophants, and disdainful of the rules set for everyone else – hasn’t changed a bit.

Byrne also covers the previously reported story about Hillary throwing a vase at Bill and giving him a black eye.

These revelations are bound to add to the narrative that Hillary cannot be trusted, that her temper is legendary and that she has contempt for those she considers beneath her.”

Gary Byrne’s expose is causing deep “concern” in the White House, according to Drudge Report, and its release comes as Hillary “etches” within touching distance of “securing” the Democratic nomination.

Donald Trump has “already” put in a pre-order himself and will “throw” everything at her.

It would certainly “enliven” the first Presidential debate between the two, assuming this book does not “torpedo” her nomination along the FBI “criminal” investigation and other “assorted” scandals.

The book will be a perfect “gift” for those friends of yours who are on the “fence” about their presidential choice.

Although Clinton “voters,” especially women, really don’t seem to“care” about the Clinton’s  “lack of character.”

One can only “hope” it reaches enough folks to show them who they “really” are and how bad an “idea” it is for Hillary to be President.

Troopergate Returns: Bill Clinton’s Alleged Misuse of State Guards to Handle His Sexual Targets

Hillary Clinton NO 2016

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