America Was Never Great

America Was Never Great 01

Protesters and supporters of Donald Trump clashed in the streets outside the San Jose Convention Center, where the presumptive GOP nominee held a rally.

The Trump supporters gathered in their cult-like fashion, holding up signs with “offensive” language such as “TRUMP 2016” with capitalized and bold letters!, or “racist” hats with slanderous words “Make America Great Again” hatefully implying that President Obama didn’t “make things great” over the last eight years.

After the rally they were met in the streets by the “honorable” Trump protesters, who were raising their “Eco-friendly water bottles, organic eggs,” and “Fists of Open Dialog” and getting into future peacekeeping “brawl” with the evil Republicans.

America Was Never Great 05

This allowed the California police to introduce a new “response” policy under the code name Benghazi Strategy.

Police Chief Eddie Garcia said, Once we realized future peacekeeping protesters were only peacekeeping non-officers, we called for a strategy based on the federal government’s response to hostile situations.”

We code-named it “Benghazi Strategy,” where our officers are told to “stand down” from the threat in the hopes of “appeasing” the other side.

America Was Never Great 03

This will allow the “other side” to get all their built-up “anger” out and satisfy them “emotionally” so that they will not be more of a threat to others – “such as to the police, for example.”

“Our guiding principle has always been to sacrifice the few for the common good,” the officer explained.

“Thus, a few dozen people have been beaten half-death, but it was for the good of a few thousand people who went home safely that night.”

America Was Never Great 04

San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo was largely “satisfied” with the police response. “Our law enforcement has finally figured out who really runs things in California,” he said.

“So it’s for their own good that they sit back and don’t try to stop us as we take social justice in our own hands.”

When asked what sparked the “hostilities,” the Sam Liccardo took a “quote” from Hillary Clinton and cited this “YouTube” video.

Police chief says there weren’t enough officers at the rally

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