Powerful Detergent

White Wash 01

“Qiaobi” detergent is so strong it’ll wash the “black right off!”

Such is the case with a recent funny advertisement for Qiaobi-brand laundry detergent that has been running on “Chinese TV,” across “Wanda Cinema” movie screens and “WeChat” apps according to the Shanghaiist blog.

In the video, a “paint-splattered” black man walks into the room, “whistling” at and start “flirting” with a Chinese woman.

She seductively “lures” him over and as he “leans” in for a kiss she pushes a “detergent” packet in his mouth and “stuffs” him in the washing machine.

Once the wash “cycle” is done, out pops a “pristine” young Chinese man, as “clean” as can be.

White Wash 03

This shouldn’t come as too much of a “surprise” considering the country’s “traditional beauty standards valuing white skin.”

The Chinese video is actually a “copy” of a series of Italian laundry detergent ads that were “aired” in Italy almost a decade ago.

In that “campaign,” however, the tagline was ““color is better.”

Many Chinese people have a well-established “phobia of dark skin” which unfortunately also occasionally breeds racist attitudes towards people of African descent, who are viewed by some as “dirty” simply because of their skin tone.

As an American, “living” in China, I am amply acquainted with the “daily” hilarious differences in “racial” sensitivities where 99.5 % of the people are Asian, versus my own country which is far more racially “diverse,” and subjected to decades of soul-searching over historical “racism, segregation, and slavery.”

China, a relative newcomer to “globalism,” is not acculturated to the “racial taboos” to nearly the same level.

As any foreigner who has ever lived in China can attest, attitudes regarding “race and skin color” are often quite different here from back home.

White Wash 02

Virtually everyone above a certain age who traveled around Asia remembers “Darkie Toothpaste,” sold in Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, and a few other countries as a “brand” of the Colgate-Palmolive Company.

Sometime in the late 1970s, it was replaced by “Darlie Toothpaste,” but retained the image of a “grinning black man in minstrel-like garb.”

White Wash 04

Last year, a Chinese “promotional” poster for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” was widely criticized by fans as being “racist” with the character played by “black” actor John Boyega being deleted.

Still even with “prior” experience, sometimes China can leave you “completely and utterly dumbfounded.”

Chinese company issues statement apologizing for racist laundry ad
Other Chinese Hollywood-Level White Washings


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