#NeverTrump People

#NeverTrump People 01

Trump’s “problems” are much larger than a group of “violent” protesters on the left.

He is facing a “huge” upward battle against the “elites in power,” who will try to keep him “out of office” at all costs.

Donald Trump’s views on “trade,” a border “wall” with Mexico, America“first” policies, and “protectionist” positions place him in direct “opposition” with the plan for a North American Union and ultimately “New World Order.”

#NeverTrump People 02

Trump is a vocal proponent of “the Wall” and threatening to change “trade relations” with Mexico, which Trump has alleged have been “unfair” which is factually “correct.”

They have been “extremely” unfair.

The last “four” presidents in particular have been working to build the “North American Union” (NAU) through a series of “secret” agreements like the “Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America” (SPP) led by George W. Bush with Mexico’s Vicente Fox and Canada’s Stephen Harper.

The SPP was met with “opposition” in both United States and Canada.

Obama has done his part in the creation of the NAU, by opening “relations” with Cuba. Many people believe this is a “good” thing, but others believe this “signifies” that the final “piece” has been put in place: “Cuba has been brought in to the Union.”

A map printed in 1941-1942 reveals that a plan was concocted to “divide” the world into approximately “10 regions.”

One of these regions is a “North American Union,” while there is an “African Union” and “Union of South American States.”

#NeverTrump People 04

Clearly, this map shows an agenda to “divide” the world into 10 regions under 1 “centralized” government, an “agenda” that has been “regurgitated” in the elite’s “Agenda 21.”

George H.W. Bush was the U.S. signer of “Agenda 21” and the push toward “North American Union.”

In a 1990 speech, George H.W. Bush clearly calls for open borders and open trade and praised European unity.

He also said that the year 2000 would mark turning point.

#NeverTrump People 05

It “did” when his son, George W. Bush led the “signing” of the SPP which “dissolved Canadian and U.S. sovereignty.”

In 2005 Bush signed a secret “North American Union” agreement. The ongoing “border” crisis is much more than just a flood of “illegal” immigrants searching for “amnesty and a better life.”

It is a crisis that is threatening America’s “national security,” and even its very “existence” as we know it, as “deadly diseases, drugs, weapons, and terrorists” are being smuggled into the country, with “doctors and agents” being threatened to stay “silent” about it.

The RINOS are fully “supportive” of the NAU, and this is why they “hate” Trump. Trump’s presidency would create a huge “obstacle to their ambitions.”

#NeverTrump People 03

As we heard on the delusional “Glenn Beck” radio show, author Brad Thor mentions that a “patriot” should step up to take Trump “down” and suggests that it’s because of Trump’s “protectionist” policies.

Did Brad Thor just “reveal” why the elites “hate” him so much? Many think so.

It is well known that “protests” against Trump are being “organized” by groups like the “Open Society Foundation” and the “Daily Kos,” which are both “funded” by Nazi George Soros.

These groups have created large “protests” against Trump, but they are merely being used to accomplish the “agenda” of Soros, Rockefeller, George Will, William Crystal, Ross Douthat, and Glenn Beck.

They want to “stop” the Republican nominee at all costs, even if that means “taking him out.”

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