War Criminal as Security Guard

War Criminal Security Guard 01

Yusuf Abdi Ali, also known as Col. Tukeh, who is accused of committing “atrocities” while he was a “military commander” during Somalia’s “brutal” civil war, has been living “quietly” near the nation’s capital for the last 20 years working “security” at Dulles International Airport in Washington DC.

He is just “one of more” than 1,000 accused “war criminals” living and working in the United States.

War Criminal Security Guard 04

Yusuf Abdi Ali served as a “commander” in the Barre regime and is accused of “terrorizing” the Isaaq people, “torturing” clan members, “burning” villages and conducting “mass executions.”

He is at the heart of a “lawsuit” in the U.S. where he is being “sued” for war crimes in Somalia, specifically for allegations brought forward by “Farhan Warfaa”, who says he was the target of a “brutal interrogation” by Ali in December 1987.

Ali “was in the room directing the questioning while Warfa was tortured and violently beaten,” said Tara Lee, Warfa’s lawyer.

“At the conclusion of the torture and beating, Ali shot him five times at point blank range while he was chained and restrained.”

Several villagers “described” these atrocities in a “documentary” that aired on the Canadian network CBC in 1992.

One witness claimed Ali “captured and killed” a family member. “He tied my brother to military vehicle and dragged him behind. He said to us if you’ve got enough power, get him back,” the villager said.

“He shredded him into pieces. That’s how he died.”

“He oversaw some of the most incredible violence that you can mention,” said Kathy Roberts, an attorney for the “Center for Justice and Accountability” (CJA), which is leading the civil suit.

“He tortured people personally; he oversaw torture.”

War Criminal Security Guard 03

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials “declined” to comment on Ali’s case, or on other alleged “war criminals,” but they did confirm that he was “known to the agency.”

In a statement ICE wrote: “Yusuf Ali came to the attention of investigators and attorneys within the former Immigration and Naturalization Service, ICE’s legacy agency, based upon allegations that he had been involved in human rights violations.”

However, ICE officials would not “clarify” why Ali has been allowed to “remain” in the U.S., nor why he was able to work as a “security guard” at Dulles International Airport in Washington DC.

As a result of CNN’s investigation, Ali has been placed on “administrative leave.”

Ali’s employer “Master Security” has a contract with the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) to provide “unarmed” security services.

Ali passed a “full, federally mandated vetting process” that included an “FBI” background check and a “TSA” assessment.

However, when CNN “initially” asked Master Security about Ali, the company said it was “unaware of the pending litigation.”

In light of the “very serious nature of the allegations,” Ali is on administrative leave, and the company is reviewing the case, according to Chief Executive Rick Cucina.

Ali’s airport “access” has also been “withdrawn.”

Before the war, Ali was a “graduate” of the Pentagon’s program for foreign officers. At the time of the “armed uprising” against Siad Barre in the late 1980s, America was “braced” by the Cold War and, in an effort to keep Somalia away from Soviet “influence,” it was willing to “support and arm” Somalia’s military “dictatorship,” despite its blatant “disregard” for human rights.

The U.S. military “selected” and trained the “best and brightest” of its allies — “Ali being one of them.”

The “case” involving Ali is now with the “4th Circuit Court of Appeals” in Virginia and a decision is expected soon.

Only in the U.S. is it possible for “war criminals to work security”  at one of the busiest airport in the nation.


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