Religion of Peaceful Killing

Religion of Peaceful Killing 01

Islamic State is executing its own leaders with attack dogs, the latest example of “gruesome” methods designed to keep “members in line.”

Hasan Khala Hasan, a Peshmerga commander, “relayed” the new execution method to the “AhlulBayt” news agency.

According to the commander, ISIS deployed the “attack dogs” because several leaders failed to “fulfill their duties.”

Religion of Peaceful Killing 02

ISIS “tied” these leaders to trees. The dogs proceeded to “tear” them to pieces.

“IS uses any members who are thought to be of no use, for the organization to frighten other members,” a Kurdish sociologist told the AhlulBayt news agency.

ISIS has pioneered “strange and bizarre” methods of execution to project a “message of fierceness,” both to its own members, who often abandon the group “due to disillusionment,” and foreign powers abroad “challenging its supremacy” in Iraq and Syria.

Religion of Peaceful Killing 04

Aside from using “attack dogs,” the group recently started “dipping” civilians in “nitric acid” who were apparently “engaged in spying” operations.

The civilians were “lowered” into barrels full of acid until their organs dissolved.

Previously, ISIS “tied” prisoners down and “ran over” them with tanks. It “burned” a pilot alive “locked” in a cage. It locked reported “spies” in a cage and “drowned” them.

ISIS has also “thrown” homosexuals off buildings. ISIS forces have “beheaded” Western prisoners.

Thieves who’ve been “caught” have had massive concrete blocks dropped on their heads. Children have even joined in by “shooting” people in the back of the head.

Religion of Peaceful Killing 05

The group is almost “desperate” to come up with new, creative ways to “shock and horrify” Kurds and the Iraqi army, even as the Iraqis are slowly “advancing” to take more and more territory.

The operation to take back Fallujah just started.

While the Iraqi army has “urged” civilians to leave the city, ISIS has already “refused” to let any escape and is preparing to use civilians as “human shields.”

Meanwhile, the U.S. is “hoping” the operation in Fallujah moves “quickly and smoothly” so the Iraqis can “refocus” their efforts on Mosul, which the U.S. views as a “top priority.”

Religion of Peaceful Killing 06

Just when you thought the Religion of Peace could not get any weirder,

ISIS executes three Iraqi civilians in Raqqa on charges of ‘apostasy’
Syrian young man executed, crucified for three days by ISIS militants in Manbij
ISIS executes 25 people by nitric acid in Iraq’s Mosul
3 Taliban militants executed by ISIS in Afghanistan
ISIS Using Civilians as Human Shields in Fallujah
Three Bomb Blast in Baghdad kill 14, mostly Shiite pilgrims
Young ISIS Children Beheading People


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