Chill Out Moments

Chill Out Moments 00“It’s Good To See Jeff Hardy”

still going ridiculous stunts.

“Special Needs Student Opening Her College Acceptance Letter”

I Got In.

“Lingerie Football League Is Back”

Absolutely love the passion

“Chinese Bulldozer Fights”

Are the closest we’re ever gonna get to see Transformers.

“Little More Arnold Schwarzenegger”

Join the Lifting Movement.

“A White Guy On BET”

History in the making.

”Animation Of The Titanic Sinking”

Fascinating but eerie.

“Women of San Antonio”

They got great fans down there…they just big.

“EatDatPussy445’s Calm Reaction To The Eagles Trade”

While blowing some arteries and sweating gravy.

“Clinton and Putin”

Barking vs. Laughing.

“The man, The myth, The legend”

Patrick Kane.

“Bill Burr Destroying Yoko Ono”

Classic Bill Burr.

“Flag Javelins”

Javelin violence.

“Bill Burr On Wrestling”

It’s almost attempted murder and hilarious at the same time.

“Michael Falk interviews Prison Inmate”

and becomes spellbound by the repetitive monotony of daily prison life.

“Boyfriend and Girlfriend”

 Pool WWE Workout.

“Eat Corn Using A Power Drill”

What not to do.

“All About Hockey Hair”

Hockey Hair is more than just a fashion style, it’s a life style.

“Violent Tornado”

The up close Colorado footage is insanity.

“Watermelon Facial”

Perfect game to be played on the White House Lawn.

“Gennady Golovkin”

Some highlights to get your blood pumping.

“Yoga Smoke”

Pretzel Walk.

“Tostitos Tyler, legendary Hollywood Hover Boarder”

Loses his cool at 5:00 AM at the Gas Station.

“Stair Workout”

Only in yoga pants like a Greek Goddess.

“Bozo Body Slam”

Enjoy the show folks, and fear those Clowns!

“Dildo In The Suitcase Prank”

Sir, you can keep the device, but the water bottle’s gotta go.

“Bill Belichick”

Worth to watch.

“Jim Carrey’s Inspirational Commencement Speech”

Now go out there college grads and ask the universe to help in your quest to do what you love.

“Little Hockey Excitement”

“Bar Rafaeli Swimsuit Commercial”

You don’t know what you’ve missed till it’s gone.

“Most Athletic Move In Women’s Softball History”

Chick literally leaping over the head of the catcher.

“Funny And Mind Bottling Videos”

Now take the rest of the day off to think about what it all means

“Seagull Robs Café”

Like A Gangsta Ass Nigga.


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