Heartless Hillary

Heartless Hillary 01

Presumptive Republican presidential “nominee” Donald Trump linked “rival” Hillary Clinton’s “soft-on-crime” policies to President Barack Obama’s ongoing “release” of many federal prison inmates, slamming her as “Heartless Hillary.”

Clinton wants to strip “law-abiding” Americans of their right to “bear arms,” while also freeing “dangerous” felons who will “victimize” more people, Trump said.

“Hillary wants to disarm vulnerable Americans in high-crime neighborhoods: Whether it’s a young single mom in Florida, or a grandmother in Ohio, Hillary wants them to be defenseless,” Trump said at the National Rifle Association’s NRA-ILA Leadership Forum where the gun rights organization endorsed him for president.

Heartless Hillary 04

She wants, he said,

“Wants them to take away any chance they have of survival. And by the way, you have men and women sitting in an apartment, and there’s tremendous crime, crime of all kinds, and they need to be protected. And you know the only way they’re going to be able to protect themselves — and if you take that gun away from them, it’s going to be a very unfair situation.”

“And that’s why we’re going to call her Heartless Hillary” he said.

“Americans use guns to defend themselves against violent crime more than a million times a year,” Trump continued. “More than a million times a year. And they want to take them away.”

“Heartless hypocrites like the Clintons want to take this and they want to get rid of guns, and yet they have bodyguards that have guns. So I think that in addition to calling for them to name Supreme Court judges, we’ll also call them and let their bodyguards immediately disarm,” he said as the audience applauded.

They should immediately “disarm.” And let’s see how “good” they do. Let’s see how good they “feel” walking around without their “guns” on their bodyguards. In the meantime, “nobody else can have the guns, right?”

Heartless Hillary 02

Trump also “criticized” the Obama administration’s rush to “reduce” sentences for criminals:

“Obama and his appointees are seeking to release as many as 70,000 federal prisoners without approval from Congress, according to GOP critics, including Sen. Tom Cotton. That number is roughly one-third of all federal inmates.

President Obama also tried to take the guns from Americans and yet reduced prosecutions of violent criminals who use guns,” he said.

“President Obama is even releasing violent criminals from the jails, including drug dealers and those with gun crimes. And they’re being let go by the thousands. By the thousands.”

Many of these are also—I’m sure you’re not going to be surprised to hear this—“illegal immigrants.”

President Obama pushed for changes to “sentencing” laws that released thousands of “dangerous, drug-trafficking felons and gang members” who prey on civilians.

“This is Hillary Clinton’s agenda, too,” he added later in the speech.

“To release the violent criminals from jail. She wants them all released. She wants people released that you wouldn’t want to walk on the street with, you wouldn’t want to look at. And whether it’s Kate in San Francisco—you see what happened there—and Jamiel. I’ve become great friends with his father. Jamiel was shot in the face three times by somebody that wasn’t supposed to be here.”

“Or, and I always say this, because this was tragic, a 65-year-old veteran, a woman who was a great woman, raped, sodomized, and killed by an illegal immigrant,” Trump said, referring to the torture-murder of Air Force veteran Marilyn Pharis in a California “sanctuary” county last July.

“We’re going to straighten it out,” Trump said.

Heartless Hillary 03

Clinton is putting the most “vulnerable” Americans at risk with her “soft-on-crime” and “open border” policies, Trump said.

“This is a risk we can no longer afford. We’ve had enough. I think we’ve had enough.”

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