Clinton Advertisements

The following Hillary ad has been circulating the Internet…

Hillary ad 01

The model in the ad is also the face of Portland’s syphilis problem…

Hillary ad 02

The Hillary campaign now is denying that this was an official advertisement.

Hillary ad 03

I think the Hillary campaign found its Pajama Boy…

Hillary ad 04

A volunteer from the Hillary campaign also release Bill Clinton’s ad in Harrison, MI

Hillary ad 05

“Miceli’s Corner, an adult entertainment spot in Harrison, located in Clare County, recently updated its street sign to say “Now hiring Class of 2016″ with its phone number, encouraging young women from the graduating Class of 2016 to apply.”

According to a report from WNEM 5 out of the Tri-Cities area (Saginaw/Bay City/Midland), many residents are asking Miceli’s Corner to change the sign.

“Children fresh out of high school shouldn’t be taking their clothes off for money,” resident Lisa Dickerson told WNEM. “I think it’s sickening.”

“If you’re a graduate you want to go to college,” said Lisa Mulholland. “Young girls at that age should be buried in their studies, not slinking around a pole.

Hillary Ready 01

It looks like the “Clinton Campaign” is getting “desperate for votes.”


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